On Giving my hard earned $ for the resistance.

Posted: December 2, 2016 in a BIG HA HA HA, From us to you

Every day they come, filling my e-mail box and my snail mail box, assaulting my ears on the street corner and outside the store with their ringing of bells and my eyes with their red kettles give to the poor and needy.  Every day another begging plea, help us bring down the current regime, that malevolent bunch of bastards who will be taking center stage come January 20th. I even got one yesterday called “Giving is Resistance.” Hopefully I can still resist even if I don’t give. I often wonder, what else do these groups do beside send out letters of appeals for my hard earned dollars? I even got one that said I had not answered their appeal and didn’t I want to be a part of the resistance to trump? I tore into them and never heard back. As I have stated before I will not give to anyone who sends me a begging letter and doesn’t recognize that the LGBTQ peoples are targets of this regime most foul. I know many are in the trenches everyday folks who have been fighting way before the current situation facing us in our faces, but some just won’t stop begging. Show me what you do besides sending out begging letters and talking. Long live delete and unsubscribe! Tell me what you do and don’t do show me where the money goes as I do enjoy giving as I can not always make the street actions. Yes I do enjoy giving even if I am not a liberal. (Here sing that line from Phil Ochs, “I will give all the money you ask for but don’t ask me to come out along, Love me love me I’m a liberal.”)

Now some folks I know to be quite honest, folks in the streets and working full time for Socialist revolution. I received an appeal from Radical Women and the Freedom Socialist Party to send two of their members to Standing Rock. They asked, they told me and I gave. We have been publishing some of their report backs on this blog. 

I have known and supported Famila Queer Trans Liberation Movement for some time now. My support was solidified when Jennicet Gutierrez stood up and questioned President Obama at the White House while surround by a bunch of white gays and lesbians INCers who booed her. No boys and girls all is not well with quite a number of our people. Not 1 More Deportation!

Come down out of your lofty towers get in the streets with the National Day Laborers Organizing Network. regardless as they say who is president that they must organize. ICE is very real up against these hard working men and women. Help them combat worker abuse and wage theft. Yes you can bet we will be hearing a lot about that in the coming years and one thing is certain the day laborer works their ass off everyday. Leave them the fuck alone.

Just three of the groups that when they send out an appeal I answer. Groups I know that aren’t made up of comfortable class white liberal folks, sitting in their universities and comfortable middle class homes thinking that what they want is what all of us want. (does that ring with a thud as I remember the marriage issue as put forth by the comfortable class Gay INC. folks.

Not only those who are forming a resistance to Trump and nasty homophobic boys and girls he has surrounding him but from art groups too. Please, Please, Please they say. We bring good things to life in some of the worse places. Oh no they don’t say that as that would not be politically correct and no one in their right mind would want to be called out by the liberal arty left. You know guys the right is bad enough then we have to mind our P’s and Q’s around all of you too it gets to be just too damn much. No money will go to them unless they can use every word we are not suppose to say in a paragraph, then some and maybe some will flow out of my pocketbook.

But no, lets not. Bad idea. That is the slogan of those who hate and oppose us. They say they don’t hate us but then want to send our youth to the torture chambers of their devilish conversion therapy. Our answer, send money and we will march right up to our state capitol and change a few minds up there, we hear the demorats are itching for a fight and we’ll get conversion therapy banned from this state. Need we remind folks even in good times, even in times when you think you never had it so good, even while you are making hay while the sun shines, a law is a law. It can be put on the books and it can be taken off the books. Here today gone tomorrow. With the stroke of a pen you are no longer protected.

One thing I do know at my age now and considering all of my years in resistance to all of this crap out of DC is I am going to be very choosy in who and what I align myself with in the coming years. I will applaud all movements to bring down the coming horror but will not join just for the sake of joining.


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