Guns, guns, guns and more guns. A BIG jerk of the Week!

Posted: December 7, 2016 in jerk of the week

I never met one up close before a gun nut I am referring to. But last night at my job indeed I did. He said he was from New Orleans and was up here to work on a system for one of the companies in the building.  A overweight, teeth missing, bearded stubble drawling mouth redneck if there ever was one. “I love the cold,” he said, “but wouldn’t live up here for anything.” “Oh why?” said I. “Well he said, you guys up here think that a person like me is a terrorist”.  “A terrorist?” “Yes I have guns and you guys don’t like guns. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”  “You have guns?, said Joe. “Yeah all kinds, I have about 50 even an AR-15 and about 12,000 rounds of ammo. (I guess with the AR-15 remark he was trying to get some type of rise out of us being the gun that was used at Sandy Hook Elementary School ) “I can get up a small army in no time.  Name a gun and I bet I have it.” “I always bring a gun with me where-ever I go except up here.” (thank our lucky stars for small favors) You know I just looked at guy, shook my head and said why bother. Either he has been bitten by some type of bug or the heat of New Orleans has gotten to his brain.


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