***Hate is a Drag. Party on New Year’s Eve.***

Posted: December 30, 2016 in Events, HIGH queer art

Hate is a Drag: A New Year's Eve Drag Party

In the spirit of saying farewell to a year that was kind of a drag, we invite you to a pro-queer, pro-trans, anti-racist, WELCOMING party featuring dance performances and music. We encourage you to dress to transgress against traditional gender norms in your own style. Whether you’re tweaking your gender just a little bit for the first time, or you’re a crowned Drag King or Queen, show us what you got!

To recoup some of our costs we’re asking for a $10-15 cover at the door. We’d like to thank the AdL for sponsoring, and look forward to seeing the radical political collective Queers Without Borders re-emerge after a long absence.


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