I don’t volunteer! I don’t work for free!

Posted: December 30, 2016 in for your reflection

I never could really grasp the idea of volunteer work. Yeah I know amerikkka loves its volunteers and even has set aside a special day to say, Good Job! Thank You! Glad you will work for free! Doing what you love and loving what you do. But it grinds on me when I think about all the work 25 % of Amerikkkans do for free. Get that 25% of the Amerikkkans do volunteer work.  Someone said I wonder why more folks don’t volunteer. Well easy to say. One I am not interested in doing any work without being paid. I don’t care what it is. I get no sanctification out of working. Just think if all of us did work for free. Man what a rich man’s dream that would be. John down the hall from me told me, Hey I don’t have any time. I have to work a second job just to get by with my family at my side. Besides when I am not working I need to help out at home with all sorts of things. My wife works too and we got to take care of what is ours before we can branch out into what belongs to someone else.

The vast majority of Americans are overworked, underpaid, struggling and exhausted from the real world and then folks expect us to come out, sweep the streets, clean up the park, paint the little old man’s house, feed the needy, tend the sick and do and do and do all sorts of jobs that don’t give us a penny in return. We are suppose to be happy serving the community. Lifting us up to new heights, making us feel good about ourselves helping others and getting closer to god and all of the angels. Bullshit, I’ll stay right down here doing what I do and doing it when I want to do it.

I don’t need a volunteer job to open my eyes, become a better person or see the world in my neighbors shoes and I certainly don’t want your tee-shirts or your bottles of water. I don’t need to come into your neighborhood with a host of other outsiders, clean up the place and make it shine the way I think it should shine. I am sick and tired of the walk against hunger, (come on folks let’s just end it). wearing pink against breast cancer, running for this and climbing stairs for that. The amount of time folks spend volunteering should be harnessed to force real change. I am in no mood to be a savior, the knight in shinning armor, the person one can thank at expensive dinners that none of the neighbors or volunteers could possibly afford. I really don’t think that on any given day or for a few hours that I can really be of service. I think that I would resent it that others around me were getting paid for doing what I was doing for free.

I wonder who invented this tool of volunteering. It must have been someone who really doesn’t want things to change too radically just another reformist. Just another tool of the ruling class. .


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