We always with each year ending like to scan through our hits and see what posts that our readers liked published during the year. Furbirds was shut down for awhile in 2016 due to the visual artist in us acting up and trying hard to once again make some art without the thoughts that have plagued us for many years. Well we found that one can indeed do more than one thing at once so we dropped off of facebook, painted pictures and reopened Furbirdsqaueerly in June. We came back stronger than ever with these words and this song:

“We here will continue to fight war mongers and war, the police in their racist attitudes, the right wing and their anti-Trans agenda and anti-LGBT laws, the ugly choices that they give folks everyday, racism, queerphobia, sexism, xenophobia, and any other shit that tries to keep folks down. Capitalism (need we even say that??), and the move to the right by the candidates for president of the US. (Yeap, this does mean we have to fight harder)

Fully the lines are drawn in the sand and barricades are being erected and soon the big day will come. A long time coming it has been but man what joy it will bring.  The big question now is as once is and has been Which Side Are You On? Yes, this video may be a few years old now but it still speaks and is speaking. Take a listen.”

The times now after the election of Trump what can we say. We know where we stand and which side we are on.

One work that gained quite a bit of attention, (was it because of the anonymous asshole pictured in Part 4 or because folks were very interested in Benny Bean’s life 50 years after graduating from high school. We will never know. The piece in 4 parts generated over 75 hits (had to be that hole that kept them coming back). We see now that there is a lot of interesting information in those 4 pieces.

This essay is in 4 parts.

Part 1 go to HERE

Part 2 go to Here

Part 3 go to Here

Part 4 go to HERE.

One of our favorite artists of all time and one that we have celebrated was finally given her due. Charlotte Moorman Avant grade musician and so much more We were delighted to travel down to the city for this exhibition. Yes Charlotte  we love you and that is forever.

Another piece that keeps on giving out to readers, we had one yesterday from India, two from France and one from Sweden, with six from Amerikkka is Do you hate the rich as much as we do? Here is a line from Part 1:

“I hate them when they take away our homes and confine us to squatting on blankets holding out our hands or sleeping in tent cities or overflowing shelters. We firmly believe housing, like health care, is a human right, that it should not be based on ability to pay, and that any system that doesn’t cover everyone isn’t a success and that system must and has to be abolished. Let us base the struggle on our needs not on the needs of the developers, the business community or the politicians.  No matter how many times these people tell us that we the homeless have done something wrong, that we take drugs, are lazy, that we are losers and should be scorned we must answer them, no it is you that is the problem and it is you that we must unite and fight against. Too many people still are playing Mr. and Mrs. Nice. Isn’t it time we get over that? Playing nice is a tool, a tool used by the rich and the ruling class.”

Part 2 of this essay. 

Of course the conclusion is as obvious as the nose on our faces, NO WAR BUT CLASS WAR!!  and that dear friends will be a challenge that we will be facing in the coming year and in the years to come.

A newer piece has been quite popular. In our city folks are organizing now for a union. Well where we work there is a stool pigeon among us. Runs to the boss with our every move.  Check out the essay, There’s One in Every Bunch. A Stool Pigeon Among Us, Here.

The essay begins this way: “You know as well as I do,” said Mickey to Moe “that there is a stool Pigeon in every bunch of workers. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, sexes and anything else you can imagine. But they have one thing in common they all have that brown on the end of their nose.” “Yeah,” said Moe, “we got one at work that we never expected to be like that. Always on the left side of liberal, seen it all, can call out whats happening in this country with the best of us but loves that boss so much that you can smell the poop if you get too close.” He’s been stooling around, finking and ratting to the boss about us trying hard to form a union, which we as workers so desperately need. We are talking among ourselves about why we would benefit from a union and all the checks are in the box marked YES.

 banner over the balcony

We love it when readers search the archives and read all about it. One piece in two parts that is a dandy among all of the dandies is, A Response to HRC’s Municipal Equality Survery. On these giants shoulders we stand. Check out both essays HERE.  The photo is from a direct action at Hartford’s State Capitol Building.

In November of this past year Gina Petry of Radical Women and Patrick Burns of Freedom Socialist Party went to Standing Rock. They did some excellent report backs and these can be found  in our archive section in the month of November. Check out their reports.

As trump and boys get ready to send folks back to where they came from let us listen to this beautiful song sung by Holly Near and Ronnie Gilbert. Woody’s Pastures of Plenty.  AND HEY Mr. trump and boys, we are gonna fight you.


Quite a number of readers came on and read, Scum at the top of the heap. An essay with photographs of the men in San Francisco, rich men, very rich men who were in support of banning the homeless from erecting tents. We began the article this way:

After reading the Guardian’s article about the sponsors of Proposition Q, the effort to ban tents of the homeless from the sidewalks of San Francisco we thought to ourselves, Hey its a no brainier, lets give out a Scum at the top of the heap award. You know how we here at furbirdsqueerly like to give out awards to those we feel should be so honored. So folks join us in giving a revolutionary holler and good loud war hoop for the following Scums at the top of the heap..  The essay can be found HERE.

A few essays for the New Year continuing from the old.

Judge and exectuioner chicago

We must continue to press onwards to stop the murder of Black and Brown people by racist cops everywhere. We must in the coming year fully support the Black Lives Matter movement.


“Don’t dare surrender, don’t throw away your life. Don’t back the leader’s wars, don’t believe their lies. Dare to struggle, and break off your chains. No War but Class War! No War but Class War!.. Leon Czolgosz

What series of events cause a people to develop this state of anti-Semitic, anti-gypsy, anti-homosexual and anti-disabled hysteria? How do these prejudices and discriminatory practices escalate into a widespread state of violence?


More than 55,000 armed law enforcement officers operate inside of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as the foot soldiers of the mass deportation system. They work as you would expect any police force to operate but without even the semblance of oversight.

Never to late to try and one day we will be able to—


Telling it like it is

so many ruling class. 2

As always we invite folks to scroll around and see what strikes your fancy. We know we will be as busy as ever in the coming year and we know one thing we will do all that we can to block trump and his boys and girls. We here refuse to be targets of such nasty people and if we go down– well you get the picture. I don’t think that I remember a time when I was not fighting the powers that be and suppose I will be fighting until the day that I leave Mother Earth.

So to all of our readers from around the world thanks for joining us. To you we dedicate this blog. We just wish more folks would comment. But then who know maybe the big boys will follow the link and come and get you for being a reader of furbirdsqueerly. We know one thing we’ve been on that old list for so long we just don’t give  one rats ass and going to keep right on keeping on cause as the song from the civil rights day said, Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around.


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