Want a painting removed? Call in a Marine.

Posted: January 7, 2017 in art, Fight Back, For your information, for your reflection, Saying it like it should be said.

Untitled #1, David Pulphus  (1)

A student painting in a Capital Hill art show was taken down from the exhibit by Rep. Duncan Hunter R-Alpine California. The congressman unscrewed the painting from the wall and delivered it to Rep. William Lacy Clay D- Missouri who had sponsored the congressional completion in his state. The painting was a part of the National Congressional Art Competition and was created by David Pulphus and had hung for months in the tunnel that connects the House offices with the U.S. Capitol Building.

Rep. Dave Reichert of Washington said Pulphus’ work “could be a perfect piece of art for them to hang in the city hall of Ferguson for the citizens there to ponder over and try to figure out how did this young man end up with this distorted view of police officers and his impression of what law enforcement looks like rather than having it hang in the national Capitol.”

Hunter, who served as a Marine in Iraq, couldn’t be reached for comment Friday, but earlier had told a news outlet that he had been angered by the painting and wanted it removed.

“I’m in the Marine Corps,” he told FoxNews.com. “If you want it done, just call us.” (2)

WHAT!!! how did this young man come up with this view of the police? Come on Rep. Dave Reichert, please sir come on! You got to be fooling. Where are you on planet 9 out there somewhere. Maybe just maybe, take some time ask the young folks, ask the mothers and fathers about their sons and daughters killed by police. This young man’s art surely speaks to and about these times. Speaks to us about how we as a very large segment of the population feels. Yes, we are old white queers and have to admit that we too have a view of police officers that isn’t very pretty. No Rep. Reichert the painting is a wonderful painting to hang in the tunnel, perhaps if you and the rest of the right sat down and talked this over you would gain some insight into the problems faced by many in america. You would begin to understand.

Just think for a moment if everyone took down art that they found offensive? Where could this lead? Where could this lead if we allow politicians or law enforcement to remove art that was controversial or that they didn’t like?  Well we know where it did lead in times past.

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The Degenerate Art Exhibition (German: Die Ausstellung “Entartete Kunst”) was an art exhibition organized by Adolf Ziegler and the Nazi Party in Munich from 19 July to 30 November 1937. The exhibition presented 650 works of art, confiscated from German museums, and was staged in counterpoint to the concurrent Great German Art Exhibition.[1] The day before the exhibition started, Hitler delivered a speech declaring “merciless war” on cultural disintegration, attacking “chatterboxes, dilettantes and art swindlers”.[1] Degenerate art was defined as works that “insult German feeling, or destroy or confuse natural form or simply reveal an absence of adequate manual and artistic skill”.[1] One million people attended the exhibition in its first six weeks. (2)

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