We join with those mourning the deaths of our Trans Sisters and Brother.

Posted: January 10, 2017 in for your reflection, In Remembrance, We fight on

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Real sad news for the New Year.

Over at Diana’s Little Corner in The Nutmeg Stage she has posted an article, Not Even A Month Into The New Year that is alarming to all of us who fight for liberation of our people. Yes not even a month into the New Year and 3 Transgender folks have been murdered. And the Death Toll Mounts,  Mesha Campbell, a Trans woman in Mississippi, Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow, a Trans woman in North Dakota, and Sean Hake a Transman in Pennsylvania.

For the full article go to Not Even A Month Into the New Year. For other articles on Diana’s Little Corner go to HERE.

A very interesting article was published today, I Don’t Know If I Would Do It. this article questions If the census asks if you were Trans, would you do it? Check it out and think about it.


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