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Coco Fusco  has this to say in an article on Hyperallergic: Why an art strike? Why Now?

“The time for thinking about how the imminent political shift will impact the lives and livelihoods of artists is upon us. Besides having to listen to a lot of stupid things Trump says and worrying about whether he is going to bring on nuclear war with a midnight tweet, we need to talk about what is going to happen to us as citizens, as inhabitants of an endangered planet and as artists. It is pretty clear that Trump’s brand of politics entails curtailment of civil liberties — which directly affects artists’ ability to function.”

or this what we have been rallying around and about since the early days. Read some of our essays in our Pages:

“What does an anti-Trump agenda look like? For one thing, could we devote some energy to thinking about how art and artists are embedded, whether we like it or not, in economic and social networks that surround and sustain Trump? I don’t mean the neo-Nazi screamers at the rallies (they are an easy target) — I mean the billionaires from Wall Street and the oil industry who are about to take over the government and privatize our public parks, schools, and hospitals, and pollute our air, soil, and water. Ivanka isn’t the only one in the new political establishment with contemporary art on her walls and she isn’t taking those paintings down anyway. The Wall Street financiers who stand to gain from Trump are the same ones who have thrown bundles of cash into art and have driven up New York rents to the point that most artists can’t afford workspace, living space, or decent food. Can anything be done to throw a wrench in that?”


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