It Can’t Happen Here. Think again.

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Posted over at the Shoeleather History Project an excellent article written by Steve Thornton is a great read for this week. As Amerikkka prepares to inaugurate Donald Trump as president we shudder and say, Yes it could happen here and we must, all of us build a united front against the political and religious right in this country.

It Can’t Happen Here, the play by Sinclair Lewis had a run in theaters in 1936.

The Shoeleather History Project’s article opens this way

“On Oct. 27, 1936, Connecticut theater-goers watched  It Can’t Happen Here, performed by the Federal Theater Project, one of the New Deal’s progressive jobs programs. The Nobel prize winner Sinclair Lewis had refashioned his dystopian novel into a dramatic play. It premiered simultaneously in 21 cities across the country, including Hartford and Bridgeport.

Americans in the 1930s were being groomed to accept fascism as a macho solution to the troubles faced by the United States. Lewis’s It Can’t Happen Here was a roadblock to that disturbing movement. A quote attributed to Lewis describes the danger he wanted to capture: “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

The Shoeleather History Project goes on to say this:

“Today, there is a resurgence in fascist ideology dressed as Americanism, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). It is called by many names, but it’s not monolithic and the groups have some ideological differences. They include the Alt-Right movement, neo-Nazis, the Traditional Workers Party, national anarchists, white nationalists, White Lives Matter, and “third position” adherents. They have a racist, anti-Semitic, totalitarian essence in common, heavy on armed resistance (hence their Second Amendment fetish).”

The article ends this way:

“This year, monitors report a spike in far-right activity. If this presidential election cycle teaches us anything, it is that under the right circumstances, the unthinkable can happen anywhere.”

As a queer blog we must say

We Remember………..Never Again



Another article also published on The Shoeleather History Project is Fascism In Fashion, a very good read.

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