Something inside so strong. Yes we know we are gonna make it.

Posted: January 24, 2017 in Call to Action, for your reflection, Music Series, Solidarity, Uncategorized

This song has long uplifted us here at Furbirds. Something inside so strong was written by Labi Siffre. The song was written in 1984, inspired by a TV documentary on Apartheid South Africa seen by Siffre in which white soldiers were filmed shooting at black civilians in the street. He told the BBC’s Soul Music program in 2014 that the song was also influenced by his experience as a homosexual child, adolescent, and adult.

We want to send it out today to all our readers and tell them take a listen. We as a queer group of people know we are and can be very strong. That we have faced over the years so much and fought our way through it. We as queers know that we are connected to all other struggles and we send this song out to those struggles. To the Black Lives Matter Movement, to the Indingeous peoples fighting for our mother the earth, to the immigrants detained and deported, to our Trans sisters in Familia Trans Queer Movement, to our sisters in the women’s movement, to the Muslim community under threat from the regime in DC, to our young queers struggling on the streets, to the homeless and to those who are becoming homeless due to greed and gentrification of their neighborhoods, to the workers everywhere who fight for justice and to those who remind us that war is not only wrong but unhealthy for our planet, and to the people all around the world who are being pounded daily by war. We remember all of those giants on whose shoulders we stand, those who have come before and paved the way for us to enjoy that which we have today. We promise them we will be strong and we will not give up the fight. Nor will we become hopeless and dishonor them.

We are fully aware that we all will have a fight on our hands and we are fully aware that we can not do this alone and succeed.  Be strong sisters and brothers and as the line in the song Solidarity Forever say, We can bring to birth a new world from the ashes of the old, and we add for together we are strong. Let’s make it happen.


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