Olga and Bessy Marie do lunch and a flop show art show.

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Sitting around one Saturday after last Bessy Marie said to Olga, “You know we haven’t gone out to lunch for awhile, can’t even remember when we last did as we are always eating at home on a Saturday and then take a nice little nap get up and start again at what seems like another day.” Olga had to agree we need a little break. Let’s go to the art show a town away and then have a nice lunch at that hamburger place that is all the rave. Nice that would be and we would get in not only a bit of lunch but a spiritual uplift from seeing some art. Olga added that one of the top artists in the area curated and some artists we have heard mentioned are showing in. Let’s see what is out there as one of our favorite artists is showing in that show. Off we went and two buses later arrived for lunch in a busy little café that was quickly filling up a half hour before noon.

Lunch in the freezer. Or we might have well be dining outside in Alaska.

We should have gotten up and left but where else was there to go when one has their heart set on a good hamburger. Nowhere around here in this town. Man is it cold in here, don’t they have any heat? The older lady sitting next to us gals said, “I have to eat with my coat on its so cold.” It feels like a terrible breeze coming from the kitchen door every time it opens. I’m glad I have some soup, which is okay to eat first, hopefully it will warm me up and I can get down to eating my traditional burger with Swiss Cheese and onions.” Damn thought Olga I gotta sit here and just about rub elbows with this couple at the next table. What a crowded place this is. Maybe that is where we will get the heat from each other.

Bessy looked around the dining room and notice that over near the corner no one had their coats on but every table was full. Folks must know get here early as soon as a table was empty someone came and sat down. This certainly  popular place let’s hope the food is as good as the crowds are predicting. We must have gotten there at the right time as the place was filling up rather quickly.

Well finally the waitress came, all bubbly and apologizing for the wait. “Okay, we see you are busy as a bubbling bee and cute as a button to boot,” said Bessy we had fun complaining about the cold weather in here and rubbing our toes together to keep warm. Should have worn my fur lined socks and should have brought a blanket for over my lap and a good wrap. Man eating with my coat on is not my idea of a great time.  Bessy Marie remarked, “I bet there is more heat in a Puritan Meeting House. Foot warmer rocks needed here.”

Scanning the menu Bessy Marie decided on a lunch called, I luv Pastrami, “Wow said Bessy what a great sandwich.” It was a delicious burger with nicely cooked pastrami on top ($11.00). A well grilled hard roll with creamy horseradish, lettuce tomato, raw onion and Swiss cheese. Yum, Yum what a tasty sandwich.  Olga being the traditional one in the bunch ordered a Traditional Burger ($9.00). Honey please the lettuce is limper than a old man’s dick. Nice cheese and a well cooked burger. Its funny Olga said that with all the trouble in the food industry that restaurants would still ask people is they want meat rare, medium rare or well done?  What comes with the burger? Just some coleslaw UGH a slimy mystery pile of wilted cabbage with a weak pickle juice sauce. Strangest coleslaw we had ever tried along with a run of the mill limp Dill pickle. No bite no crunch no dill in that pickle causing Olga to wonder, “Is that pickle real?” French fries were an extra charge, only $3.25 and large enough and tasty enough and we shared a basket. Cute little basket it was modeled after a fryer basket. Better than other places were we have tried the French Fries, not greasy and done just right but what a surprise that a lunch didn’t come with the fries. Now what some would call the piece de resistance was the peanut butter pie, more like a brownie. served on a blanket of confectionary sugar a few squirts of chocolate, a nice dollop of whipped cream.  If this has any peanut butter in it I am a monkey’s uncle. Where is the peanut flavor? Maybe if we sing that song, Found a Peanut some flavor will appear?  Now I’m no pie maker but I bet I could make a better pie 10 miles from the kitchen on a rainy day with only a campfire. “Oh your such an exaggerating old coot you don’t even know how to boil water,” Bessy Marie the baker, the cook, the bottle washer and all around Kitchen Queen exclaimed, setting Olga in her place with that one. “Now hold on here that is just the point I am trying to make.”

We never care for a waiter or waitress who every time he or she passes our table says, “How is everything, are you enjoying your meal?” Well snorted Olga as long as I can keep defrosting the icicles that are forming at my nose so they don’t cut into my lip with each bite I will be okay.  Why do they always ask when you have just taken a bite of lunch and are chewing. Not talking with ones mouth full is a rule that one learns way back, most likely in dining at the table 101 for very young people, along with not spitting out your food, talking with your mouth full, farting, eating with your fingers, wiping your mouth with your sleeve and proper cutting into manageable size bites meat. But we loved her anyway. We always take kindly to our working class comrades and always  make sure to give them a great tip. Our little bubbly bee received $15.00 dollars from us and she thought we had made a mistake. Just take the money and run before we change our minds due to you questioning our judgement. Buy your self something nice and we hope you don’t declare the tip, just put it in your pocket and say, “those old gals, didn’t even leave me a penny.”

We are sure that you don’t make all that much due to the crummy laws in this state concerning what a place of business may pay a waiter or waitress. (1) Now if we ruled the place we would make it a law that all workers must start at a wage of $20.00 per hour. Any tips given for a job well done is for just that and one should not need to declare them.  You know honey a waiter or waitress works hard, always running on their feet all the time, serving all types of people, keeping orders straight, smiling, being nice and taking whatever shit a customer gives out. (2)

One thing this place has going for it is the restroom. They didn’t smell which is such a drawback in any restaurant and bar. These were clean. One was not afraid to park there naked butt on the toilet seat with no worry that a bit later, a itch would start and then another or a pimple would break out or a rash on the ass is no joy of living just because one had to pee using a strange toilet.

All in all we will give this restaurant 4.5 stars outta 10.

Overall this isn’t a place we would come back to.

Notes and More Stuff


(1) Here is a bit of info on Ct. tip law. We are not saying that this restaurant follows this law.

State law allows the employer to take a tip credit. Some states allow the employer to count all or part of an employee’s tips towards its minimum wage obligations. Although the employer doesn’t technically “take” the employee’s tips, the employer gets to count some tips as if the employer had paid them directly to the employee. Connecticut allows a tip credit, as explained below.

Restaurant and hotel service wait staff. Employers must pay these employees at least $6.38 an hour in 2017. This means that employers may take a tip credit of $3.72 an hour, as long as the employee makes at least minimum wage with tips. ..  For more information on this see: Connecticut Law For Tipped Employees HERE.

(2) Here is one heck of a nasty from Kentucky. (For some reason that state has its fair share)

We have heard of some waiters and waitress even after doing a great job getting nasty notes left on the check. The other day we read of a waiter who received a homophobic slur on the check. “Sorry I don’t tip faggots, U need Jesus,” she wrote. This message was left at a Buffalo Wings Restaurant in Kentucky.  How can people be so mean to hard working women and men? If anyone needs Jesus it is that women. For more info on this insulting message left for the waiter see HERE.

The art show (all this way for this?)

We stayed at the art show for about 10 mins. at the most. “Jesus,” said Olga, “that was the shortest length of time that I in all my years, some 60 now, of going to exhibitions, being in art shows, going to galleries, studios, museums that I have ever spent looking at art. Man either lunch was sitting heavy somewhere in my stomach, I had gas or I was just not in the mood to even bother.  Boring this bunch of creative types. Nothing to excite, to move us from one place to the next Ho hum would be the idea that would come. You know if we were living in Paris right now we would have to say, “tu m’ emmerde.” Someone needs to say this over and over about so many of these creative types. We know the drill, these  creative types all learned their art lessons well in art school and this is what they make. More of the same, same, same, same just more of the same old shit in the creative art type art world. We would think that the curator would come up with something a bit better than this, top artist that he is. We mostly went to see one of our favorite artists and what this artist had been up to. “I suppose” said Bessy Marie, “if we sat around long enough we would get a great deal of pleasure in looking at these new works.” Well each one as they may as Gertrude Stein did say, the bus was coming and we got to run and maybe I will come back again if only to take a seat, take a look, and try not to take a nap. ( one thing this gallery has going for it is they have nice comfortable chairs around the place.) The blurb from the exhibition has this to say: “These five artists explore the idea of “other worlds” Through paintings, prints and photographs, the work challenges the viewer to see the known in a new and different way” and may we say we were not overly impressed with the  show, we were not challenged and we do not after viewing this show see the known in a new and different way.

Cover photo for Any World That I'm Welcome To exhibition at the Dehn Gallery

For more on this exhibition go to HERE. maybe you will like it.

On stopping off at an antique store.

Well you know boys and girls we are now going to cross this town off the list of towns that are a part of our itinerary. No need to go back there for any reason that we can think of at the moment. We certainly don’t need to visit the antique stores that dot Main Street as we have enough to open up our own shop. “I refuse,” stated Olga, “to pack over 90 boxes when we finally move out of here.” I hope we can call up one of these dealers and have them come over. We will put all that we want to sell on the table and say, “Give us some money and take it away.”  Clean up this place, shut the door and go up North.

  1. Love you Olga and Bessie Marie! My favorite aunts.

    • We love you too. We sleep with a smile on our face thinking of you and all that you do. Would you like to inherit a knick knack or two?

      Love and Kisses
      Auntie Olga & Bessy Marie