Ct. Resistance to LGBTQ Discrimination

Posted: February 8, 2017 in Be on your guard, Call to Action, Fight Back, For your information, Queer Thoughts

Ct. Resistance has posted an update on their page. Yes we will continue to monitor initiatives in Washington and Hartford that could roll back or attack LGBTQ rights. Please be sure to join them, like them on facebook and help in the struggle to defend all people who are targets by the new regime in Washington D.C. None of us no none of us are going back. Forward Together!

CT Resistance to LGBTQ Discrimination
CT LGBTQ + Allies Community Update:

It’s been quite a chaotic past few days in the news. As you may already know, the draft executive order that would have permitted discrimination against LGBTQ people under the guise of “religious freedom” was quashed over the weekend by internal politics within the White House leaving the press secretary to minimize it as just one of hundreds of potential executive orders being circulated.

Thanks to everyone who “Liked” this page — over 120 strong! — we were prepared to resist the executive order — on the same day it might have been signed — with a press conference, march and rally in downtown Hartford. Though we are standing down from red alert, we remain ready to take action as we continue to monitor initiatives in Washington and Hartford that could roll back or attack LGBTQ rights. We will use this Facebook page to communicate swiftly any threats to LGBTQ rights along with strategies for resistance. In light of this revised mission, we are renaming this community page “CT Resistance to LGBTQ Discrimination.”

We LGBTQ people are part of every community. We believe, as do all people of conscience, that “no one is free while others are oppressed.” We are saddened by a prevailing stereotype that we are only concerned about single-issue identity politics. As Audre Lorde stated, “There is no such thing as a single issue as we don’t lead single issue lives.” We call upon our community to a) study/reflect/listen/learn, b) continue to participate in resistance to all systems of supremacy and oppression and c) to do so in an LGBTQ-out way such as by carrying/coalescing around a rainbow flag during marches and rallies. Please post announcements of social justice events to this page and share photos of your activism so that we can all be proud of and inspired by our community’s struggle for a country and world free of domination and exploitation.

We remain watchful for discriminatory provisions that may be incorporated in other efforts to discriminate against our communities, such as the “First Amendment Defense Act” which likely will be re-introduced in Congress this year. President Trump has previously indicated he would sign it into law. If you have not already done so, please sign the Credo Action petition against FADA below. Additionally please call your congressional delegation (202-224-3121) and tell them: “We’re counting on you to continue to support LGBTQ rights. Please be vigilant in blocking FADA or any other discriminatory bill.”

Thank you for your activism on the phone, internet and streets. Consider that we all may have been born for times such as these!


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