You know we were talking yesterday about all the levels that people are on, in this resistance to Trump and his regime and we say great keep it up, bring them all down, but remember that the old saying, “Tip them upside down they’re all the same applies to our government. We are never going to change anything if we keep going back and forth left, then right, left, then right. Mr. Leftie signs an Executive Order and Mr. Righty erases it and back and forth. We must get our heads together and figure out how to change this system not enable it in anyway. We seem to think that those who want to enable it are not on the end of the beating stick. We had a real knock down argument with a woman a few days ago. She said, “We must work for a democrat victory and if you don’t then you are to blame if Trump gets another term. My Goodness! This is why some of us can not be bothered with those way down there on the ladder. How many times over the years have we been told such rubbish? Too many to count. We have been protesting against every president for as long as we can remember. We have been at this for too long to go back now.  Remember it is our right to overthrow and change the government.We do not have to accept a two party system.

Yeah, yeah, yeah says Emma Furbird I would love to do just that but so much is in the way and so much must be done away with and I am old and tired and have been fighting for so many years now. But I suppose I will continue to fight, and maybe just maybe we will create an opening, poke at it until it pops, push and it will get bigger and the ball will start to role, in we will go. Now we just have to figure out how to go up against the man with all of the weapons, the crazy man who won’t give a shit about us and will use them. All ready there is talk coming out of DC that they will once again begin arming the local police with weapons that the pentagon isn’t using. So yes we must struggle for the dawn and know which side we are on even if they are a heck of a lot bigger than all of us and as Bessy Marie just said, “A hell of a lot meaner too, as remember we are full of peace and love.”

Anyway here is a wonderful update of the old Phil Ochs song, Love Me, I’m Liberal by Evan Greer. Listen up.

We also want to enter here a very beautiful song that will help to bring us through. The Good Fight by Evan Greer. Yes we will push beyond that gate.

and a wonderful song by Ryan Harvey. No we are not going to be a part of it.



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