Still looking beyond what the system has to offer. No matter what we are faced with today.

Posted: February 21, 2017 in Fight Back, for your reflection, OH YEAH!!!, Saying it like it should be said., We fight on

Hows this. Let’s not be fooled when we are asked to join with the demo-crats. Let’s remember to look beyond and say No Way No Way. Old boss same as the new boss, been there done that. Here is a little song to ruffle some feathers, scare the horses and upset the apple pie of the amerikkkan dream. We really don’t believe that any of our readers think that we think the republicans are hotsy totsy to them we just gotta say Nazi. Oh and let us not forget President Obama the great deporter in chief go ahead and make up some lines for him..

Recently when just looking around the net I’ve found some interesting songs. I try to save ones that I think will help to illustrate partly the philosophy of this blog. Many times the song works and the visuals don’t. So many folks when doing a you tube video ruin a good song by adding crappy visuals. I prefer either just the words and maybe a picture of the singer. I hate songs with lots of photo’s of the singer in all stages of their career. You know boys the song isn’t about the singer. One of our favorite songs from back in the day, back in the day when we were full of piss and vinegar, when even a strong man couldn’t keep us out of the streets, (he would have a hard time now too) was the song Love Me I’m A Liberal written and sung by Phil Ochs. How we laughed when we first heard the song. Well here it is years later and many young songwriters have re-written the lyrics to the songs for the times we live in now but usually keeping the last lines. Pete Seeger once said, that the test of any good folk song is that it can be adapted, lyrics changed to fit the times and when it still stands we know that it is a good one. Here is one of those songs an adaption of Phil’s song Love Me I’m A Liberal adapted and sung by a man quickly becoming our favorite, (politicks aside, he plays Jill Stein rallies and we do not believe that capitalism can ever be kinder and gentler) Ben Crosscup. Thanks Ben for this song.


  1. JP says:

    Come on guys! This is a terrible song about the democrats. We need them now more than ever. We must unite and get Trump out of office no matter what.