Study War No More! Put Peace Back On The Table As A Priority Issue.

Posted: February 22, 2017 in Call to Action, Fight war and war mongers, Peace

Still the same message. Still the same reality. Let’s remember to put peace on this planet back on the table along with all of the other things that the new regime in DC opposes. Let’s not forget when we are out there in the streets that around this world many folks are on the end of amerikkka’s military beating stick and it is up to us oppose it and stop it. Why would anyone think that it matters if we only oppose all of the things that pertain to us personally?  Can we see a world that is beyond Trump and what has to be done for that world to become a reality? Trump is just one small part of the problem remove him and the problem is still there.

War is not healthy for children and other living things. We must remind ourselves of this every day. We must stand up and oppose war no matter what the powers that be tell us. It is not right and has never been right.

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