From Art With Teeth. Artist unknown. Not our amerikkka.

Posted: February 28, 2017 in art, Call to Action, resistance, We laugh out loud.

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Artist unknown.

YES!!! Now let us hope that we can grab that pitchfork out of that bastard’s hand. He has the drones, the military, the bombs, the police, the tear gas, the pepper spray, the guns, the millions of eye spies everywhere, he’s got the power and he’s got the backup, and some of the most nastiest supporters that have every supported anyone in this country before. and a host of other things to put us down and all of us away. And yes brother and sister this man will use it. Oh we forgot he has the button. That big button that creates on the planet the big last one. KABOOOOOOM!!!!!!! All gone. The end was near and now it is. Foolish radical Christians rejoice as they fly off to meet their maker, hit the blank wall and fall into the burning melting pits of where the earth use to be .


We have love, we have joy, we stand taller than his wall. We have peace that begins with us. We have right and that is our might. We have the hats, we have the signs, we are pretty and we are witty.  We call out Kitty, Kitty, Kitty. We have the pom poms of revolutions and we will use them. Forward!!!!! Onward!!! Now one question is who has god on their side? Who will side with our Moses? Who will smote the waters and open up a pass way for us to go through.

We know in bringing down a tyrant and his fellow travelers that all things and ways are considered.  Let’s put new twists on the words of Malcolm, “By any means necessary!” Let us never question the power of the people to bring down the hateful.


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