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Posted: February 28, 2017 in Call to Action, Fight Back

Stop the Mutilation of Chesapeake Rays!!

  • by: Charli Holland, Deja Davis
  • target: Maryland Governor Larry Hogan; Mark Belton, Secretary, MD DNR; MD General Assembly, Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr., House Speaker Michael E. Busch; Fred’s Sports; Chesapeake Bay Program

Fred’s Sports in Maryland sponsors a cruel and inhumane competition called “the Battle of the Rays.” This competition was held on the Patuxent River (in the Chesapeake Bay watershed), and video taken by an animal rights organization shows cow nose rays (often referred to as stingrays) shot with arrows, gaffed with hooks and then beaten with aluminum baseball bats. The ‘sportsman’ with the heaviest ray won prizes.

Once the brutal competition was over, the dead rays were thrown into the bay like trash. Sadly, many of the rays were pregnant, so not only did they die, but the next generation of cownose rays were also destroyed. Rays, like sharks, give birth to only one pup at a time (after a 10-12 month pregnancy!), so it’s a bad idea to be killing these animals so indiscriminately!

When contacted by news channels the Maryland Department of Natural Resources admitted they don’t know enough about the cownose ray population to tell whether competitions like this are a problem!

Sign our petition to tell the Governor of Maryland, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, the Chesapeake Bay Program, the Maryland General Assembly and Fred’s Sports to put an end to cruel contests like this, and gather more information to manage the ray population more sustainably.

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