Women Resist: Fighting for Liberation In The Era Of Trump!

Posted: March 1, 2017 in Call to Action, Events, Fight Back

Women Resist!
Fighting For Liberation in the Era of Trump


Saturday March 11, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
The Artist Space
55 Walker Street, New York, New York 10013
N,Q,R,W to Canal St

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Guest Speaker – Gloria La Riva, 2016 PSL Presidential Candidate

Join us on March 11th as we honor the legacy of International Women’s Day with panels, workshops and discussions to build the resistance against the Trump administration, organize ourselves, and be most effective.

Please pre-register today for skill and political focused workshops on this form.

***Childcare will be available***

International Women’s Day is marked around the world with major protests and gatherings to recognize the spirit of struggle for women’s equality and liberation. In the context of increased attacks on women in the United States, IWD is a day to celebrate and review the victories won by our collective militant organization in the past. It is also a time for us to strengthen ourselves to defend those gains and continue the struggle. The Trump program has set its sights on the basic reproductive and health rights of women as well as the rights of immigrants, oppressed communities and workers in general.

In the first weeks of Trump’s presidency, Trump and his team of oligarchs issued executive orders that infringed on women’s ability to access reproductive health services all over the world, placed a hiring freeze on public sector jobs, allowed the building of the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines, as well as pushed an anti-immigrant attack that banned legal residents from seven majority Muslim countries. However, Trump’s presidency has also been marked by mass resistance. Millions of people came out into the street for the Women’s marches, and huge numbers mobilized to reject the recent attacks on Planned Parenthood.

The response of solidarity with immigrants under attack was also quick and massive. In this new political period of mass resistance, we have two paths to choose from. We can either continue taking the lead of the Democratic party elite, which will have us going in circles, or we can forge a new independent women’s movement where we take a bold and militant stance to defend our communities and demand more.

We need to get organized and fight back!

Skills Workshops

  • Speak out! Public Speaking for a Cause
  • Organizing in our schools and workplace
  • Know Your Rights in Trump era

Political Workshops:

  • Understanding the debates over intersectionality and “identity politics”
  • How can we unite the movements against racism and sexism?
  • What causes women’s oppression and how do we end it?

We are also sponsoring the International Women’s Strike on Wednesday, March 8th at 4pm in Washington Square Park. We encourage all people to join actions that day. The strike draws on the long history of women’s collective action at the workplace and in the streets to withhold our labor and fight for change. #womenstrike #IWD2017 #womenresist


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