A lot more work is required. No giving up, sitting down and letting the regime run all over you.

Posted: March 17, 2017 in a BIG HA HA HA, for your reflection

They almost had us until the last 2 lines.

In from Homophobia Exposed

when I was hungry, you canceled my food stamps
when I was thirsty, you diverted lead & coal into my water
when I was sick, you tripled my insurance rates
when I was naked, you raped me & blamed me because I was naked.
when I was in prison, you enslaved me to corporations
when I was a stranger with brown skin you deported me
from the lonely, YOU took away social programs
from the elderly & disabled, YOU took away meals & medicine
from the workers, YOU took away legal protections
from the young, YOU took away school funding
from the victims, YOU took away shelter
instead of diversity, YOU encourage intolerance
instead of caring, YOU encourage isolation
instead of equity, YOU encourage military excess
when the 1% has ground US into the dust, taken all of OUR money, and let US die for lack of insurance – who will YOU feed upon?

First who ever wrote this please take a real hard listen to this song:

Note from Furbirdsqueerly

Why would any one let it all get this far. Ground US into the dust. NO WAY!!! Take all my hard earned money!  Go Fuck yourself! Let us die for the lack of insurance!  Blast off!! Who will you feed upon! Not us!!

Got to get out from under their thumb.  We would think that by the 6th line of this happening folks would have formed a united front and fought back. Fought back by any means necessary. By all means possible. Over on Homophobia Exposed postings we read these two comments:

Love only wins when you stand up, strap on your armor, and charge into battle for it.”

and this doozy

Karama will get the wicked. The justice will win one day. Tomorrow is only a day away. Love always wins.”

We would like to ask the two who wrote such nonsense, What are we to do why we are waiting for love. Someday peace will come?  For Karma to come crashing in, for love to win? How many will die? How many must suffer at the end of the beating stick. As long as its someone else is not at all appropriate. Give up, give in, sit down and die, wait for a savior from on high to come and save us, someday my prince will come. Bullshit!!!

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