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Posted: March 25, 2017 in *Celebration*, Call to Action, Fight Back, for your reflection, Queer Thoughts, Solidarity

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..and who the hell would want to get married anyway? Do we who seek liberation really want to assimilate? Do we really want the state to have so much control over us?  The black and brown Trans women throwing bottles, coins, paving stones, kicking up their heels, and fighting the cops gave us so much more than that. All of our brave justice and liberation seeking, we are not going to take it no more folks we own them a heck of a lot. Stormie said of Stonewall, “The cop hit me so I hit him back.” Sums up those nights in June 1969 when we were young and in a fighting mood. When saying fuck you to the system was real and before we were lead down the wrong path by the one issue folks who the marriage Gay INC people were descendants of. Those folks who think it is quite okay to play footsies with the democrat party, who become nothing but tools of the ruling class and who will turn out to be very dangerous people. Yes look at how far we have come, but that only depends on where you are coming from.

On to Liberation!!


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