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Family fleeing US bombs, where a US bombing attack killed about 200 civilians, men, women and children in Mosul, Iraq.

Hopefully people will get out in the streets for PEACE. U.S. OUT OF SYRIA/IRAQ NOW!! Everyone has been so preoccupied with what the bad guys are doing to them that many have forgotten what Amerikkka’s beating stick has been doing around the world. Our cries about ACA and other amerikkkan issues are minor to what the regime and former regimes are doing. We are nothing more than cry babies compared to what the family in the above photo is living. They are living what we are allowing this regime to do.

War is not healthy for children and other living things, let’s remember that slogan and go forward putting peace and the end of war on the front burner of our agenda once again.

We must get in the streets and demand an end to this U.S. aggression on the people of Iraq and Syria. We at this site do not support war no matter what any of the powers that be are telling us it is good for. The only thing it is good for is nothing. There is no two ways about it, either one is for their slaughter fest or one is against it. We stand against it. We must be ready to stand against any future wars on North Korea, China, Iran or anywhere else that amerikkka wishes to use its beating stick. NO WAR!!

Check out http://worldbeyondwar.org/who/ they have been active during all of these amerikkan troubles.


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