Are they getting ready for the big one? Weaponized Drones above our streets.

Posted: March 31, 2017 in Be on your guard, Call to Action, Fight Back

You can bet your ass or mine if you want they are. Here is some chilling news. We oppose this. One can hardly trust a cop with a gun what the hell will they do with a weaponized drone? Are they getting ready for the big one? Are they expecting revolution in our streets?

From NBC news

Connecticut lawmakers are considering whether the state should become the first in the country to allow police to use drones outfitted with deadly weapons. The proposal was immediately met with concern by civil rights and liberties advocates.

The state legislature’s Judiciary Committee approved the bill Wednesday and sent it to the House of Representatives.

It would ban the use of weaponized drones but exempt police. The state Police Officer Standards and Training Council would have to approve new rules and train officers before they could use weaponized drones.

North Dakota is the only state that allows police to use weaponized drones, but limits the use to “less lethal” weapons such as stun guns.

Connecticut NAACP President Scot Esdaile opposes the bill and said he worries police will misuse drones.

Source: Bill Would Allow Connecticut Police to Put Weapons on Drones | NBC Connecticut
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