All we do not need in these times is love, love, love. Where is the movement leading the flock?

Posted: April 3, 2017 in a story, Be on your guard, Call to Action, for your reflection

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Everyone is talking about love, love will bring this monster down. Love will shake all foundations and a wide awaking will take the place of this regime’s hateful rehotric. Love, love, love through in a bit of music and maybe we can get the monster to twirl around and around and around and around and dance, dance, dance then fall to the ground just like that foul smelling monster Abbie Yo Yo and plunk, plink wave you love, love wand and he will disappear. Really, but what would be our luck if the monster put a ban on our music? I keep hearing and reading over and over about love conquering all, love will trump hate, like everyone is just going to give up their hate and dislike just like that and become loving beings. Those who hate will still hate and there is not one thing we can do about it. You know we tried all you need is love way back in the day. It got us someplace but not to the place where we should be. How much time do we have in order to get the monster to love? How much education will it take? How long, how long, do we have the time? His works are wicked each and every hour with no let up. He thinks love is for hippies, dirty, smelly with flowers in their hair.

Maybe those who cry love are a privileged comfortable lot never going too far, the beating stick isn’t at this time hitting them upside of their head. Not all of us can just sit there and take it. A hit, a hit, a hit, hit hit, hit, hit, hit, hits. Once we heard again from back in the day that the definition of a Yippie was a hippie that got hit by the cops one too many times. We are going to keep watch and each time a group tells us that love will win in the end, we will post about it. We will post about who they are and what they are up too. We will post if they are beholden to the other evil monster, you know the one the one that is nicer and this one but still bombs the hell out of folks and deports. We want to see just who is promoting this idea and why they are. We suppose that we must try it one more time. Take the high road as they say. Take a beating, take a bullet all will be well bye and bye. Don’t expect any pie as they are not serving today. No one is serving pie get over it. No pie in the sky, you wanted it here but no one really knew how to bake it. Where and what is the reward for being love. We pander then to the tools of the ruling class that has convinced the mainstream that anything other than a lovable struggle against them is forbidden. We must stop worrying about what society, the news media or anyone will think. Smash the window, how bad, bad, bad, but realize that those on the other side of the window are committing a bigger crime. A few broken windows here and there are nothing compare to what some of he corporations are doing in their raping and plundering, their murder and genocide, their destruction of our air and water and their all around greed. Say a big fuck you to the cops, awful, thy are nice fellows and ladies who help to escort the children across the street when there are no old ladies to do it. Privileged folks forgetting that those cops kill, nice one second and all off and in your face the next. Folks who wish to cuddle with them had better get the hell out of the way while the wheel in this time and in this age is in spin.

Since the 1960’s we have been culturally conditioned to the promise of love and non-violence and if we use these as tactics we will never lose. If we sit in an get our heads busted so much the better. Picked up and hauled off to jail, now your talking. Stick a flower in a gun barrel love, love, love. Scream at the top of your lungs in the street, get hoarse go home watch yourself on the news from the comfort of your big soft arm chair.  What have we accomplished? Some will say the mainstream, those who didn’t join or couldn’t join with us will know that there is a movement underfoot, that the movement was nice, that the movement didn’t go too far, that the movement was safe for mothers and babies. Underfoot all right under the foot of the state. What does the state care if you are jailed? What does the cop care if he pepper sprays your face? You’re the one with the burning sensation. What higher goal do you think you are serving? God, Jesus, Dr. King, the Mahatma, the high road? We should all realize by now the state is one big monster and that monster will not be moved by love. The monster would be willing to fill the grand canyon with your bodies before he will move aside for love.  We must also realize that the state is declaring war on us and is going to stop at nothing. Meanwhile we are stalled in love, we are stalled in not going too far, in being lead astray from real change and then we fight the same old battles over and over again.

One thing that we know and learned a while back there is all types of repression that we will have to deal with an there will be times when all of this love will not work. We must be prepared to take a more militant stand and create a more militant spirit preparing ourselves for the worse while hoping for the best. We can not wait until full war is declared on us as then it will be too late. The high road will have collapsed, love will be a thing of the past, erased from history and the monster will be happy running all over you. Let us shock them, and force them to tremble in fear. Using any means at our disposal.

Just a few thoughts from Emma O. Furbird, 4/3/2017

  1. Zeek says:

    You really are out of your minds and not very nice people..