A liberal limp mug left behind. A new one born fighting. We like the new one better.

Posted: April 12, 2017 in a BIG HA HA HA, Call to Action, for your reflection

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Mug from somewhere on facebook that came up on my page. (it might have been those liberal democratic folks in the Women’s March, but not sure)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, more liberal democratic bull shit. More and more coming out daily from those in the mainstream resistance to Trump but loving the democrat side so damn much. You know if that is the best your side has to offer you are rather limp.

Well here are our inspirational women that should be on the mugs.

Persist like Harriet Tubman

Inspire like Dorothy Day

Speak like Sylvia Rivera

Influence like Jeannette Rankin

Defy like Emma Goldman

Fight like Angela Davis

Empower like Shulamith Firestone

Focus like  Lucy Parsons

Rule like Wilma Mankiller

  1. Emma Jean says:

    Defiantly limp. How much more inspiring are the women leaders you folks mentioned. I don’t know where these liberals come up with such BS but they always seem to manage.