Marc Burns at Art Space. A wonderful ART experience for all of us.

Posted: April 12, 2017 in art, Real Food For Thought, Thank You, we dig it.

photo courtesy of Marc Burns

tape, chair, rope, boards, plastic and water

He takes the ordinary and makes it un-ordinary by an almost magical arrangement of materials into puzzles’ and questions that don’t need to be answered necessarily. But gosh when we try we have fun. Draped, wrapped, bound, tied, wound around, mysteries under cover that don’t require me to wonder, what’s under that wrap up? Beautiful presents not to be disturbed by questions of what’s inside. As I sit here writing those words I think “what’s underneath the tarps” never crossed my mind.

Photo courtesy of- Thomas Foran

This art opens up so many possibilities. It doesn’t shut anything down. It doesn’t say aren’t I nice because it doesn’t need to. It is there for the learning, for the moving us from here to there from one place to the next. We don’t always know where we will land or what we are landing on but land somewhere we will. Or then just maybe we won’t, maybe we will keep going, going, going. A push that gives out another push, a new invention inventing another invention.  This work doesn’t say “aren’t I nice for over your sofa,” it doesn’t fit in a nice little nice frame, No telling viewers “I am as slick as slick can be.” It can not, repeat and repeat after so many in the art world and say, “My mommy went to art school and this is what she learned.”  It doesn’t behave itself. It can’t, it doesn’t know how, it won’t, just a few reasons we love it. It doesn’t tell me I am “like” art. It boldly says I am art and means it. For all the reasons, in all the art history we know it is true.

Burns floor, green.

Photo courtesy of- Marc Burns


Wound-a Marc Burns give-a-way

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and indoor

Photo.. Courtesy of Marc Burns

This art has a lot to offer us. From the box of feathers with a stick sticking up to the floating box of roots in a ripped painting box boat float, floating on paint splashed tables tied with yellow cord. I’m going back next week to see what I may have missed. There is a lot to see and open we must be to see it.


Burns plastic and boards

These works made the gallery space become one with the art.

Marc was mopping the floor when we came. Water leaked out and I thought, now that is very interesting expanding the space that was given to the beautifully crumpled trap draped so beautifully over a half circle. Where the tarp hit the floor and opened a stick floated in water that had collected as a small pond. The half circle hump went under the plastic wall and became a part of another art work or is this art work escaping from behind the plastic wall installation? Later the word “water” was tapped to the floor where escaping water was wetting the floor.

Later the word


was tapped on the floor.


As Jasper Johns instructed us in 1964, “Take an Object/Do something to it/Do something else to it”… Marc certainly knows how to do that and how to do that beautifully. Tall Bamboo poles with stick and twine form very beautiful ladders. Ladders that one could never climb up on to get over the plastic wall and down the other side and become one with the installation. Sitting down in one of the rows of blue chairs and taking a look at the plastic wall. Instead pull the twine connected to pulleys, and you open a flap of the plastic wall and take a look inside. I kept thinking what would it be like for lights to shine down through the plastic folds. What would be the push that would create a whole new work of art, a stage set perhaps for the extraordinary dancer, choreographer, artistic director, Arien Wilkerson. There is so much happening here that needs to be explored further.

One of the more exciting shows to hit Hartford in a long time. Be sure to check out the paintings/drawings a special delight in their own right.

Marc Burns exhibition will be at Art Space, 555 Asylum Street Hartford Ct. The gallery hours are Tuesday and Thursday 1-5 and Wednesday 4:30-7:30. Also by appointment 860-371-7898.

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  2. Sam says:

    Wonderful show. We loved every second of it. Yes to the art that opens so many possibilities.