Thank goodness for Scientists who explain these things to us.

Posted: April 30, 2017 in For your information

Thank goodness for Scientists who explain these things to us. Just think what we would get or where it would get us if the right wing Christians told us what this is all about. Honey, they probably would hang all of the rainbow people.

Why it rains spiders in this Australian town.

Providing nightmare fodder for arachnophobes everywhere, millions of spiders floated down from the sky recently in a phenomenon known as “spider rain.”

Pity the poor spider-fearing souls with the misfortune of living in the arachnid-rich town of Goulburn, Australia. Last week, millions, yes millions, of tiny spiders reportedly fell from the sky along with swaths of their silky threads.

“If you look toward the sun there are millions of them and really high up here, like over 100 meters [325 feet] or more up, there is also a cotton like substance coming down that is kinda like spider web but not exactly…” wrote local resident Ian Watson on a Goulburn Community Forum Facebook page.

Cloudy with a chance of spiders. Egad. How in the world do millions of spiders pour down from the heavens? If this doesn’t scream “the end is near,” nothing does.

To read the full and amazing story go to HERE.

Next we have to find out where all of those frogs came from.

The Frog Song

“One morning king Pharaoh woke in his bed 

There were frogs in his bed and frogs on his head

 Frogs on his nose and frogs on his toes

 Frogs here. Frogs there

Frogs just jumping everywhere!”

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