We support the Palestinian Prisoners’ Dignity Strike.

Posted: May 1, 2017 in Call to Action, For your information, resistance, Solidarity

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We support the Palestinian Prisoners’ Dignity Strike.

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Palestinian prisoners across Israel’s prisons are on Day 15 of a mass hunger strike centered around 13 Demands. A NYT op-ed piece penned by Marwan Barghouti and titled ‘Why We Are On Hunger Strike in Israel’s Prisons’ was published on April 16, a day before the strike began, offers the reasoning for why such drastic measure have become necessary.

In turn, as Decolonize This Place we have launched an art and action initiative titled ‘Visibility Sustains the Struggle’ so that we can support their Freedom and Dignity Strike. An article about this initiative appeared in Hyperallergic here a week ago.

We write today so that you may participate in any of the ways that make sense for you, including:

  1. Contribute text, media, art or documentation of an intervention or action to lend visibility to the strike by sending image(s) to decolonizethisplace@gmail.com;

  2. Spread the word about the ongoing strike by using the hashtags #dignitystrike and #decolonizethisplace with the artwork attached to this email;

  3. You can donate your Twitter and Facebook accounts (if applicable) to have one message go out on May 11 to thousands of people, by clicking here;

  4. Organize a teach-in about the Dignity Strike and draw connections with other struggles; and

  5. Invite family, friends, colleagues and students to do one or more of the above.

Any contributions received are posted the next day and pushed out on movement media platforms and a community of alternative news outlets working to amplify the struggle.

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