And the band played waltzing Matildia. War what is it good for!

Posted: May 6, 2017 in Call to Action, Fight war and war mongers, for your reflection

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So you are not against all war yet? You think its quite okay and I bet you say under your breath, because it isn’t me. We remember it so well. When young men were threatened by the draft thousands of people were protesting. Take away the draft or get a nice young handsome president and what do you have? Who cares that the US is drone attacking and dropping bombs all over the place. It isn’t me out there dressed to kill. They ended the draft and I haven’t got the time. Let those who can’t get a job go fight a war. Good way to lift them out of poverty.

Even though this song is about one war I would gather we can put all of them in the same bucket of shit. I would gather that it is about time that we bum rush those who make war and stop them in their tracks. War what is it good for? What are those who make war good for? Listen to this man in the song. He knows and he is telling. He is telling those who sit in their arm chair, and those who play in the band entertaining the wounded and dead. He is telling those who send their young sons to die and those who send them. And we by our telling are telling anyone who wants to listen.

A haunting song we chose for this weeks music series. And the band played waltzing Matildia. Sung by Eric Bogle.



The Gallipoli Campaign of 1915-16, also known as the Battle of Gallipoli or the Dardanelles Campaign, was an unsuccessful attempt by the Allied Powers to control the sea route from Europe to Russia during World War I. “In all, some 480,000 Allied forces took part in the Gallipoli Campaign, at a cost of more than 250,000 casualties, including some 46,000 dead. On the Turkish side, the campaign also cost an estimated 250,000 casualties, with 65,000 killed.” Source:…



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