Rosa Clemente has posted something that we feel must be shared with activists in this country.

Rest In Power Edward Crawford!

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Be clear that these are political executions….and do not forget Joshua Williams who is incarcerated for his political actions as well as the many Ferguson fighters who have been taken to trial. Crawford was found shot to death Thursday night in his car, just like activist Darren Seals in 2016 and protester DeAndre Joshua the night of the Ferguson verdict in 2014. The latter two had gunshot wounds to the head and their cars were lit on fire. Crawford, it is believed by police, shot himself in the back seat of his car either in an attempted suicide or by accident.

A dedicated activist Crawford was photographed throwing a tear gas canister during the Ferguson Uprising against racist police and the murder of Michael Brown. In our book Edward Crawford was a liberation warrior of the top degree. Daring to pick up a tear gas canister and throwing it away from a group of children is a hero in our book.  Rest In Power Edward Crawford.

This article is a must read:

Ferguson, Mo., Activists Are Dying and It’s Time to Ask Questions

another article to gain some perspective to what is happening in Ferguson is, Darren Seals Isn’t the Only Ferguson Man to Be Shot and Torched in a Car, which speaks about all of the other warriors who have been murdered in Ferguson. This article was written by Justin Glawe in 2016 the year Darren Seals was murdered and begins like this: “The Ferguson protester who was shot to death and subsequently torched inside a car on Tuesday isn’t the first man from St. Louis County in the last two years to see such a gangland-style fate. He’s the sixth.”




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