This art frees the artist to do something else. Part 1 of where I have been, not where I am going.

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A friend asked if I would write something about the art that I did/do after reading a piece of mine, The Museum Was Closed Today So I Took A Stroll: Some Art in 10 city blocks. My favorite line in that piece which would go under the categories of  “performance, flow, dance, and let’s eat” is, “A thousand ants carry a dead beetle home.” I like that art work, it works well under the series Now You See It, Now You Don’t. It only asks you to use your mind and see it. See the action as it moves across the dirt toward the hole in the ground. I know the ants are artists do they? Does it matter? Can only people be artists? Are they? A person asked me years ago when the piece was first written if I had a photograph to show of this work. I wondered out loud if they had a mind and never heard from the person again.

Another of my happy go lucky works of art in dance is this. Mind it now it is very simple. “Jump Up Create a Space, Go Back Down Space Erased.”  I do hope there isn’t any need to say anymore. Try it on a windy day and see if you get blown over to the next space. Do it again if you do. I also wrote at this time about out sweeping your sidewalk rearranging the dirt and dust. “Dust cloud up in the air, dust it lands down other-where.”

A little revolution in art never hurt a damn person.   A revolution in society leaves many without heads.

I read the other day in an art magazine (gad I hate those things) that now due to the economic times art will get lighter. There it goes see it going, going, gone into outer space. I had a good laugh at the person making that statement. He was answering a question, “Where is art going in these economic depressed times,”  Or the statement from the Dean of Yale Art School when asked with a host of other art worldly conductors had this to say about where art was going. “People who travel light and do things that are contrary and ephemeral are going to have a good moment.” WOW. Is dat me Jesus?  I know that I have always been contrary. In fact I was a contrary in my former life. I love being contrary. My art is contrary to the art system because I think it is full of shit.  Hey I mean the art system not my art. My art is contrary to buying and selling I do neither. My art does not rely on a collector base to support it, my art is neither priced too high or too low, its free, and I don’t have to worry about a dealer selling my art to stay in business. My art doesn’t look good over your sofa but it might sting you in your ass. You will never have to dust my picture frames nor Windex my glass.  I don’t like glamorous, I don’t like to play kissy buttee. I don’t like being cooler than the next gal.

Someone said the other day now that the glitz and glamor in the art world is over maybe we can serve some heads on a stick. You know who buys art won’t touch that with a ten foot pole, as they will be the art. The same miserable bastards that have taken everything for a ride.  Damn wait a second, this type of art making I am now engaging in wasn’t suppose to appear to near the end when I offer the solution on what to do about leftovers if you don’t want to eat them. I have always held that if we are engaging in revolution and smashing capitalism part of that effort by me as an artist is to break down and destroy that which is called and named art, the art market and those who butterfly around it all. If we hate the capitalist pigs why give them comfort, why give them more bragging rights, why give them prestige, why give them anything. A report came across our desk here are the opening lines: A document listing all the contributions to Donald Trump’s $106.7 million inauguration includes the names of quite a few art world power players.” ( 1 ) In these dreadful times our job is to take. Please don’t give me any of your sick sobs about how your glad the rich are supporting art rather than whatever else they could be supporting honey we been over this a million times, they are using the money that they made in supporting whatever it is that they support to support the arts. I once knew of a woman, have written about her before, who was of the DOW Family. You know the folks who brought good things to life like napalm, well she was all over the place buying contemporary art,everybody love her and said, fuck her shady past, fuck all of the folks and forests that were hit with napalm. She gives to the arts and supports us. What bull that type of reasoning is!  All of the rich take and they are taking and taking again and again. This job of smashing, it’s a big job. Thanks our lucky stars that with Trump in office some of our rallying cries are bearing fruit.

I want my art to question people’s actions and assumptions. Rather than continuing what they are doing just because everyone else is doing it or because it is the way it has always been done. Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t give a fuck or a rats ass if everyone and the grandma is making art for the system. Go ahead and do it. I don’t care if there are more artists now than the population of all of Tarnation. If everyone paints lovelies for their walls, or paints their angst for all to see.  Do I care if you make a picture that when one looks at they are transported to a place where they would rather be because of your skills in making it look so real. That looks just like a postcard I have heard someone say one day while I was working in the art museum. Yeah, back in one of my days I surround myself with 5 buildings full of art for 8 hours a day just to make a living. Damn was that something. I finally had to leave when I discovered that I had the whole place memorized. I knew where everything in that place was and could tell you if you asked me. I bet I was better at museuming than all the hotsy totsy curators in the place. Them that only knew theirs and missed out on all of ours. I think that I like politicks better than art anyway.

All of that said I will start by telling you about some of my old art. Art from back in the day. Art from when I traveled light.

art and ME..

So let’s get back to my art. The kind that leaves most of you and me more times then not scratching our heads(any men reading this who want to scratch their balls can do so as long as you think of me) The kind of art that I only do once in a blue moon.

I began to think about the lightness of my art and what form of lightness my art took or has sometime taken. I suppose that I will just type out some art and keep it up and see if we can get somewhere from here that will explain just what it is I did and don’t do now. Maybe I will write a bit on what I find to be of interest lately. I think that I will make this into a new work of art. All this typing and picture finding and inserting has to be good for something. So you can have it, that way as a little work of art on punkpinks blog punkpink is a bandits tip. (punkpink gave up blogging years ago and now lives on a farming commune outside of St. Albans Vt.)

I don’t paint nor do I sculpt. I use to way back in the day. But one day I stuck out my thumb and headed west as a young man. Now a young man heading west can’t carry along paints and canvas not if artist is traveling lightly with knapsack, sleeping bag and little else. So what type of art can artist do that will  get rid of that urge, that need to get it out, that big shit is waiting. My first written art piece was done in 1968 when I went traveling across this land. At that time it didn’t seem like this land was made for me or any of my friends. The country was at war and the bastards in Washington were tearing out the heart, threatening us all and doing a good job at it. What is poor art to do. Someone had told me that art was a reflection of the culture that we lived in and I thought well then, I must become Evil Artist 101. None of this crap I’ll take the high road. Art shall deliver us to a higher plane. Art shall stir men’s souls and enriches ones life. Art is good for business and art and the makers of this godly activity will surely help to clean up a run down area of town. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, tell me a story, once or twice. So what then should evil artist do for art. How contrary can evil artist 101 become. Well now lets make art that would if done be criminal. So in traveling, I came up with let me turn the world around and to make it into a canvas upon which anything could dance. Let me respond to the saying that art was a “criminal activity” so stated by the closet queen Robert Raushenberg.  I wanted to make some art that if actually done it would be criminal. I wanted to feel that criminal in my mind and to convince others that I was. I wanted people to be very leery of me and my work. And they were.

Some of the works in that series were, Before Kansas State Your Name, A early piece in parts. This piece was written while riding through Kansas in the winter. Being surrounded by all that flat white I knew it was time for a change. Within the work was a calling to flat black top Kansas with variations in the depth, color, and composition of the flat black top. What is the music in the stillness of the flat black top? Please buy me 50 silent helicopters. Would you like a tour from the air? From there it became a parking lot where cars spent the day changing places, honking horns, lights flashing on / off, drivers swearing, motors running.  There was a 125 story mirror reflecting tower in the center of Kansas which was the hub of all art appreciation. There are loud speakers to pick up all the sounds from all over Kansas, and view finders on all the floors. There will be an outside deck for your viewing pleasure. Don’t let the wind blow you off the balcony.

At night Kansas was expected to stop and become still. What effect will the stars and the moon have on Kansas? What effect will the earth beneath have on Kansas? What effect will the cooling of the cars have on Kansas? There were 10 other sections of the piece concerning the affairs of Kansas. Some of the questions that were asked in the piece were: To what key does the pressing of the tires on the flat back top belong? When the cars hit a sudden variation in the flat black top how will this effect the smoothness of the piece? Can you tell me all about the drivers? Is there a place to rest, pull off the changing lot, take off ones shoes, sit a spell, take a nap, calm down and then get into the grove of changing all over the place once again. If Kansas does not become a parking lot and remains just as is should we begin to paint Idaho red?

This work was first shown at a small radical gallery in Davenport in a show titled “Nice and Un-Nice.”  The original type written piece is in the collection of  Ready Hammer. Ready collected a lot of my early work and has in his collection the following, Earth Works 1968-1970 of which “A Sudden Raw” is my favorite, 24 Hours for any Town Indiana, Using 69 Square Miles. This piece called forth red, blue, and yellow fog to gather in sections of the 69 Square miles and perform for 8 hours each. The fog did no damage but did scare a few people, Pick a Dangerous Border Piece, STOP WHERE YOU ARE!!, Statement on the Affairs of A Culture. These are the written works that no longer are in my collection boxes so they must be in Ready’s.

Later on I must have found a silver lining in that old dark cloud.

Go With The Flow!

Davenport Iowa, July 10, 1968

Hammer had given me an address of a place where I could stay while visiting Davenport Iowa. It was way down on 3rd Street almost to the plant where a factory burned pig parts. Anyone who tries to say that they didn’t know that flesh was burning in the concentration camps is full of bunk. The smell of burning flesh is overwhelming, it takes a person over, gets in your nose and in your pores, in your apartment, and on your clothes. In two words, IT SMELLS. Close all the windows it still got in. While I was walking down 3rd Street one day I spied ahead of me a very skinny legged woman wearing a swaying fur coat.  She the way she walks down the street, peeing as she goes, sprinkle, tinkle, flowing wetting up the sidewalk. Then the drops, spreads and little puddles began to evaporate. Artist has been here once did a job and left. I opened up a new section of my art called, Only The Dogs Know For Sure.

Changing One’s Name to Fit the art is as easy as changing ones socks to match an outfit.

Hogoos one of the men that I was staying with complained to me one day that he had received 4 rejection letters from a magazine during the past few months.  I wrote this piece for Hogoos under another name: (It was on Blue Paper so in honor of Hogoos I will type it all in Blue.)

What To Do About Those Rejection Letters

by R.V. Jones

After receiving one or any number of rejection letters please write to those concerned as follows-

In all good art I must write to say, “Thank You,” for your letter of rejection. Now here is the telling of what I do with such a letter.

Get a Bowl. A large one will do.

Rip and amount of rejection letters into any sizes pieces.   Flutter into the bowl.

Pour hot wax all over the pieces.   Swish it all around to cover.  Let Set.

When all dry and hard, place bowl into pure boiling water.  Let wax work loose from the bowl. Dump it out on any table. Ponder it.

Bring it outside on a hot sunny day. Place it on hot rocks. If it isn’t a nice day or the sun isn’t shining throw it into a campfire.

While the above is taking place please sing the incantations for the book of Censors, Judges, Juries, The How, When, Why Of It. Please sing from pages 31-69.

I love where that piece takes us.  Just think if the person who opened the letter was a bit superstitious. For this sure sounds like a little piece of witchcraft. Hoogos, Benny and I performed the piece on a day in July. We brought the waxed paper pieces down to the Mississippi River banks and set them out on the rocks.

Art For The Birds.. 1970-2009

Image result for seeds

Seeds as abstract art.

Art For The Birds remain some of my favorite art works. In fact I just did Seeds all lined up as abstract art, as I thought of you right now reading this. The Art For The Birds are / were very simple pieces using bird seed. I loved them for not only did I feel good about making such art since it left nothing behind but some bird poop,(and that dear friends lends to us another possibility for more art) but it saw to it that our fine feathered friends were taking care of. Art for the Birds as the section was called soon became incorporated in series that I called Our Friends. Over the years I have done many of these pieces for the birds and enter here one example.

Art For The Birds (c.) 1970 r nelson

By Late Summer Coaster

How the birds helped make art on this fine summer day. All out on the black top eating away.

Artist has been here once, did a job and left.  Now the birds take over to finish off this piece.

…..10 lbs of Wild Bird Seed will be used to spell the word…….SEEDS.

Artist will work quickly and leave the spot of art and watch from a hidden place.

  1. Do you think that any of the birds that are flying by are able to read?
  2. If you answer is yes, how many do you think went to school?
  3. +++If the above 2 questions are for the birds, please fill in the blank________________________.

A. If you ever wish a take in this piece, get some Choice Wild Bird Seed and mingle it with just plain.

??How many other birds joined the luncheon?  Please list them.

The Following Works Should Be Tested.

1. Draw a big fat cat with seeds.

2. Write a short story about your favorite bird. Hope that it lands and eats it.

3. Any music that you wish to write in seeds.

The above piece is submitted as a way not to clutter up with any more art. Of course it is along the lines of subtracting art and also sees to it our fine feathered friends are taken care of.  Scatter art will also play a Sunday morning. 10 lbs. of Wild Bird Seed will be scattered in the grass. This will be my abstract for the day. Go to a spot not so far away that is hidden. Watch the birds land an eat. What else can you tell me about this piece?

Other works in this series are Mid-Winter Dinner Party, At a Poetry Eating, The Birds Have a Free Lunch As Music Resounds Through Out The Pine Tree Forest, The Magical Empowerment of Pigeons, For the Love of Rock Doves, and With Laughing Hearts and Singing Souls an Arrangement for John Cage and the Birds.

All the above works are written out for performance, have been performed and are now in collections.

Now this piece is a little strange. It was written in 1971, while digesting peyote buttons. A very important visitor came calling. The location was in an area of East Hampton Connecticut called Skinnerville. In 1672 there was an Indian massacre in the area. What possessed me to go into the woods to an old cabin there eat a nice amount of Peyote and see what it all was about. Well here goes what happened.

Image result for blue dot

Artist out under a tree

Searching for a god

Blue Dot

Comes  Zipping in

Speaking in a Foreign Tongue.

A deer walked up to me and said. “Get out of here if you know what is good for you.” I always learned to obey my power animal as they never once lead me astray. Other parts of our conversations are not words that can be spoken to others.

When these lines you see, remember me.

One summer when I lived in Sterling City California and collected food stamps I had to put in so many hours doing work for the city of Paradise where the main Welfare Offices were. There was a big project going on putting in new sewer pipes and they needed a crew to help out. I was sent to meet the head of the project. Now he took a little shining to me, and  he wanted to get in my pants, he did and we both loved it, so he asked if I would like to learn how to mark the roads to let the workers know what was under the flat black top.  I already found out what was under his tight jeans so why not find out what was under the black top. I figured that I could get rid of some of that pent up “I need to make art that was bottled up in me like I need to take a piss or I need to take a good shit. So I sent this piece to Hammer for his collection.

When These Lines You See, Remember Me.

I am learning a new language. It is the language of street marking. For this summer my job will be to spray paint all those wonderful arrows, doo-dads, squiggles and dots that point the way for construction crews.

dig here

pipe there

wires underground.

water, gas, electric.

Please beware of the sewer pipe.

Of course there are very strick  guidelines and one can not let any personal creative urges or artistic instinct to enter onto the blacktop. “No,” little pinks next to the blue, “No,” green where the orange should go, no inventing new marks or dots.

“Stick to our symbols, Colors, and Styles”

“Someone must read what you draw.”

Now this art feels strange. This art of very strict guidelines. This art is almost like color within the lines. In the masters workshop fill in his blanks. Shit I had better take a new name. Hank is filling. I should cut my hair short, grow some muscles, drink beer with the men, and learn to behave myself.

Music on the go!

Now I love some types of music. Here is a little piece that you can enjoy when you are out and about and there is an empty flag pole. You most likely will have to be out at night and under a pole where they take down the flags. Anyway I invite you to try it sometime.







That isn’t a very hard piece to hear. Of course it did throw off some people’s sense of music.

Naming one’s self after one’s art is as easy as changing one’s socks to match one’s outfit. I always love this section of my art.

I loved to name myself after the art that I was doing. Nearing the winter holidays when it was all hustle and bustle and everyone was getting ready to entertain guests in their homes and found themselves with many questions on etiquette, how to get those spots that had been lacking a good cleaning clean, how to cook a scrumptious holiday meal, or just how to be a handy dandy around the house one could call upon Helpful Hannahs Holiday Tip Line. Or to put it more like it was Helpful Hannah would come calling on you out of the blue giving out a little bit of advice on many subjects. That was where the fun was. 10 friends and 5 strangers,found by a game of open and point in the telephone book received these tips. Now Helpful Hannah always addressed the advice as if the receiver had requested it from her tip line, hoping to make the receiver scratch their head just a bit more. Now I don’t have the date on the piece I am entering here but believe that it was in 1989 that it was written and sent out.



Thank you for your recent request for our hot Holiday tip #86, “Ridding Ones Roof of Pigeons.” Pigeons are renowned throughout history for their ability to carry messages but these birds landing on your roof carry nothing but germs and many times let go with a sloppy mess when a visitor or a guest is at your front door. Ridding ones roof of pigeons is a full time job but with a good weeks worth of persistent activity on your part the deed can be accomplished. Before one sets about in this task it would serve you well to ask your boss for a week off from work. Since one never knows exactly when the pigeons will land you your roof you must be ready when they do. To begin find an old corn broom. Cover over the bristles of the broom with a white plastic bag. Keep this broom handy near a window of your porch or attic. You may want to place an easy chair near the window and if the widow doesn’t have a curtain behind which you can hide be sure to hang one. Sit by the window and wait.

Whenever a pigeon lands open the window very quietly. Stick the broom out the window and shake it at the pigeons. It is well worth it to tap hard on the gutters of your home. Pigeons do not like this noise. Keep up this action all day. When dusk begins to settle in, let the pigeons land for their nights rest. After it is a little darker open the window and shake the broom. Tap the gutter loudly. When you see the pigeons circle around and flying lower and lower heading toward your roof shake the broom at them again and again. Don’t let them land. After you have chased the pigeons away leave your spot of attack. Go back to it in one hour. If the pigeons have landed again repeat the process. In a weeks time your roof should be free of pigeons.

Thank you for your request and have a HappyHoliday season.

Hannah K. Helper.

A Work For Judy Dorwin.


We don’t know much about all this killing, about all this war. About this side, and that side, our side, their side, God’s side, or Allah’s side. But we do know a little something about the delicate balance of symbols. So among all this flag waving, among the bombs bursting and all of the terror, among all the cries of holy war, we offer this simple dove of PEACE.

Troubling Times Series: For Judy Dorwin., 2001


Around 2000 The MADA ART PARTY was formed. The idea behind MADA was a combine of ma and da. The MADA ART PARTY dealt mostly with political events they were interested in. The MADA’s found themselves working for the Justice For Janitors campaign, sitting in blocking Main Street, up at the Capitol fighting for a living wage, marching around the Capitol 7 times, then using noise makers loud and clear. NO CUTS FOR THE PEOPLE. Well we didn’t have what ever in us, or the lord must have been out on that day, as the walls of the State Capitol stayed standing. The original leaflet has been lost but the following one has been made to fit the piece.

WHILE THOSE ON THE TOP ROLL AROUND LIKE                                                              PIGS                                             




Joining demo’s and pickets with our brooms in the air we fought along with the working poor. My partner is a member of 32BJ of SEIU and has long been a union steward. During the years of the Justice For Janitors campaign the union fought for decent wages for janitors, raises for the janitors in the suburbs, fought to keep health benefits, fought for a living wage ordinance in the city and the state and sat down in the middle of Main Street one cold rainy day, were arrested and sprung out by night. The demo was held at 4:30 in the afternoon and really messed up rush hour. Oh how did little Miss Buffy and Mr. Muffy complain when they were delayed getting out of the city to their homes in Glastonbury, Avon, Simsbury, and other nice places all because the people who nightly cleaned their mess up had to nerve to block Main Street. You would think that some type of terrorists had landed as Hartford Police brought out a large force of riot police. Riot Police all marching in columns up the street. BOOOOOOO went the crowd. BOOOS filled the air. Have you ever heard a crowd BOOOOOO and mean it? Well our BOOOOS turned to laughter when these riot police marched up to the door of UTC and stood blocking it. No, you can’t go in. No you can’t come out. NO!!! We cheered. Couldn’t have done a better job ourselves. Maria said, “Are they on our side”? Well, I guess that only added to the festivity as other unions, working folk, office workers and just plain old people came out to watch. One by one the workers who had sat down in the street were taken away to the paddy wagon. My partner was arrested along with our friend Mary and around 10 others.  Just the shear number of people out in support must have changed the minds of who ever was holding back the money as things started to move rather quickly in the direction of the workers after that day. A fair wage, health benefits certainly isn’t much to ask of these large corporations.

During the campaign for justice we made trouble at Channel 3-WFSB. The TV station was trying to put out the unionized janitors and hire in a non-union company. We called them out about their feel good, touchy, goody good sponsoring local charities wanting people to believe that they were on their side. Their logo was here, there logo was there their name up in lights so bright all the while trying to get rid of their low paid janitors and hire in janitors that they planned to pay at a lower rate. Fuck that we said and blocked their doors.

The MADA ART PARTY celebrates the cleaners who nightly do the dirty work. Without them these building downtown would be trashed filled, full of germs, and dirty. We believe that they are some of the most important workers in a society and they should be given all the respect and dignity that they deserved. We also made trouble daily at the Candy Cane building but they didn’t budge and still have non-union cleaners for that building and the other buildings in the area including Hartford Square North. (Do those liberal dogs still have their offices and art gallery in there? What a fight some of us had with them trying to get them to support us. Lip service from all  around.) I wonder if non-unionized janitors still clean up their shit every night? I heard at that time a communist ran the place, well to Siberia with her ass. And the former city council woman, all out to protest, never didn’t find one she didn’t like, the darling of the liberals tried to stop us in every manner that she could. Oh, you can’t go up against them, they are a good force in the city. They rent there because the landlord gives them a break? Please let’s give them one too! Nope they kept their left liberal mouths shut. Tighter than the bark on a tree. Didn’t help us in fact tried to smear our names with others on the left.

They used the time worn excuse. We only pay rent here. We do not sign a check nor do we negotiate a contract with janitors. The owner of the building does that. We have no blood on our finger tips. Up against the wall mother fucker was all we could say to them!!!

Our Brooms Are Ready to Sweep Away The Dirt That The Greedy Try To Heap On Us!

George David of UTC you have all heard of him. He and his Swedish Countess wife got a divorce and squabbled over millions. Davis became an enemy of the MADA ART PARTY when he tried to wage war on the working people who clean the UTC building nightly.  Mr. Davis was fighting the new contract for the janitors that amounted to not even peanuts compared to what he was making as CEO. He even had the nerve to say, “some people just can make it and it is not my fault that they can’t.” During this time UTC was sponsoring a pretty picture show at the local art museum and wanted to be seen as a good corporate citizen. I guess Georgie boy didn’t understand that all those dead artists and pretty pictures were not capable of cleaning his toilet. We told him you poo too and someone must clean up your mess.  The janitors got what they wanted finally. As the janitors always do as the pigs that run the corporations know that a strike here in Hartford could spread up and down the east coast as there is power in the union as they song goes. Banging cans outside of the opening was the way to go. Oh how the art in Hartford hated us. How dare we rally outside a pretty picture show. Bad, Bad, Bad. Fuck you said the bold ones, get out of the way you and all of your dead artists, we will get what we want and we did. Hey Miss Bourgie will you speak up for us inside?  Will you tell Mr. George Davis to pay the janitors a fair living wage? A blank stare.


In these trying times it might be good to sing this little ditty from back in the day each and every time you think of it.

“Please don’t drop that A-bomb on me.”

Please don’t drop that A-bomb on me.”

“Please don’t drop that A-bomb on me.”

“If your gonna drop it, drop it on yourself.”

This is a MADA ART PARTY event to charm off and away those who would be reckless with out world.

Other MADA ART PARTY events, leaflets poems and art works where, “Silencing through the ages so very like Rome, so very unlike Jesus,” on the flip side of this leaflet was a leaflet called “Fire and Faggot” that explained what the word faggot was, where it came from, how it was in the middle ages. The leaflet was a copy of one passed out by the Gay Liberation Front,  a blue leaflet passed out in front of City Hall when the rapper Eminem came to town. This was called, MADA ART PARTY Leaflet. We are appalled! That Poetry, Wordplay, Sound, Music, and Song Would Ever Be Used as Vehicles of Hate. The PARTY also did post-its that said, “MAKE MADA ART NOT WAR!” these post-its had a beautiful dove of peace and crossed out bombers. Gee, as I sit here and type this I realize that most of the MADA ART PARTY works are down in the archives as by 2004 the party didn’t want to do it anymore and the making of art under its name was disbanded.

This AM I thought to myself why not do this art explaining in 2 parts. That’s if I feel like it.  I am getting tired of typing out the past and I am sure that spell checking such a long essay will not be an easy job. Anyway I am tired of writing about my old art. I really don’t care for most of it anymore. In 2009 I had a project coming up where helped fellow traveler Mattilda with her public art project called “LOST MISSING.” Who saw around town works called “LOST MISSING” I hope you stopped and took a good look. The project can be found at People from all over worked on this project, wheat pasting Lost Missing works up anywhere they chose, taking a photo and sending it out to Mattilda. The ones of Hartford are somewhere in the number cycle of the work.

So  its time for me to go out and feed my little sparrows, my pigeons and seagulls that hang out around Save-a-Lot Supermarket. While I am here let me put in a plug for Save-a-lot. You can get good things cheap there. Cut down on your food bill a lot. I just have to tell this little story  about how far removed some of these do good liberals are from the people. There is a group here that  are called the Hartford Food System. Once a year they come out with a survey about where is the cheapest place for the working poor to shop. Now we are not talking about the those who can frequent Whole Foods or other health boutiques or weekly Farmer Markets. Many people simply can not afford to shop in those places. REALLY??? I didn’t know. Well let me just say this about the Hartford Food System. They are very removed from the people. The last survey they did didn’t list Save-a-lot and I questioned them on it. The woman I talked to said, “Well a person can’t get real butter there, like they can at Stop and Shop.” Well let me let Missy do good in on a little something. The poor and working poor do not need her or her Food System to tell them where is the best place to shop. They flock to Save-a-Lot, they flock to Price Rite.  In the conversation she made it sound like places like Save-a-lot were putting down the people, that the people deserved real butter and since this store didn’t have it in stock  they were doing a disservice to the people and they wouldn’t consider that market. Make some art on that one Buster!

Many of the poor/working poor in this area walk down there. Hey, Miss Goody take into account that many of the people don’t drive and have to walk to the market. So to end this little story let me say, The Do Gooders who live off of the goodness of some liberals heart and grants haven’t a clue about the population that they want to serve. They haven’t a clue about the lives of the people they so desperately think they are helping. Yeah, Yeah I know we should be very careful about where our food comes from, if it is organic or not and all the rest that those with the time and the money worry about. Damn it many of us can not afford that can of Eden beans with no BP lining for $3.09 when we can get the Goya for 99 cents. How about working for the day when all of our food for both rich and poor is safe to eat?

That is just a real fact of life.  So many have so much more than that to worry themselves sick over. So let it be told far and wide that my advice to the do gooders, if you know so much about much than figure out a way to destroy this dirty rotten system so we all can eat wholesome food. Why we will even let you all do the grocery shopping for us. But for now the message is GET A REAL JOB AND LEAVE US ALONE!! Really though I shouldn’t put them down as I am sure they do some good or so someone will tell me. You know how those liberals are always making excuses, never seeing the real deal picture and afraid to offend with the truth. Oh to be so privileged. Oh to be so correcting. Oh to be so right.

So that’s it. Part one of art that I have done and just a bit of my poli-ticks thrown in. Most of these works were published and the artist book sits on Ready Hammer’s shelf. I still send him new works much to his amusement. I told me when I sent a new Spring Planting work that he was going to send me a copy of the book. Maybe next time I will post about some of the visual art from a series, Lines So High In The Sky No One Can See Them. Well I saw them.

Part 2 well maybe someday. I got a lot more years to fill in.


(1) This is some serious shit: Art Patrons and Museum Patrons are some of the biggest donors to Trumps inauguration.  


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