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Steve Thornton has written a very important article over at the Shoe Leather History Project. It is the story about courageous feminist lesbian women who stood their ground and refused to speak to the Grand Jury. This is a part of ourstories that needs to be told and remembered and as Steve says “it could happen again.” Steve begins his article this way.

Lesbian Community Says NO: Beating the 1970s Grand Jury System

In 1970, American students shut down hundreds of schools and universities across the nation after the illegal U.S. bombing of Cambodia and the killings of four young people at Kent State in Ohio and two in Jackson State, Mississippi. The year marked a new decade of war in Vietnam, the FBI targeting of civil rights leaders, and a president who called students bums and drew up an “enemies list.” It also marked a new phase for the growing lesbian and gay liberation movement.
That year, some won’t wait for a mass movement to stop the violence, repression, and imperial excesses of the United States. Hartford native Susan Saxe, Katherine Power and a handful of others decided to rob a Massachusetts bank in 1970 “for the revolution.” A police officer was killed by one man in the group. Saxe and Powers went underground.

To read more of this article go to Shoeleather History Project HERE.



The reactionary attack against the PSL in Albuquerque.

The reactionary attack against the PSL in Albuquerque

The PSL is issuing this report to alert the movement about an attack being conducted against our organization in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
On June 23, our regularly scheduled Friday forum was the target of an assault and pre-planned disruption by a group of individuals who hurled misogynist slurs and threats, banged on windows, and blared sirens. They had created a “Shut Down PSL” Facebook event shortly after we announced the forum topic to commemorate Juneteenth, which marks the end of U.S. chattel slavery. Unable to gain entrance to the event, they verbally attacked our all-women security team to try to provoke a confrontation. Thanks to the discipline and composure of our membership, the protesters did not achieve their announced goal of “shutting down” our event.
The next night — late Saturday — the same windows that this group had been banging on Friday were completely shattered with rocks. A neighbor spotted the second attack on our office around 1:30 a.m. and called one of our organizers. At least four assailants were spotted in a yellow Ford Focus, the driver of which was a woman with blonde hair. Witnesses have told us that it sounded as if they attempted to enter the office as well. The neighbor called the police, who notably never arrived.

Early last year, the PSL was evicted from its previous office because of the non-stop harassment of our landlord at the hands of fascistic elements (the so-called “alt-right.”) They bombarded our office with threatening phone calls after the PSL played a leading role in a mass protest to greet President-elect Trump.

The “Shut Down PSL” Facebook event absurdly claimed to be in opposition to white supremacy. But you only need to look at the scene to see that this was a sham. The meeting being disrupted was of a group of multinational workers — some with small children, some elderly, some with disabilities, and most coming directly from their low-wage jobs — who had gathered together at the PSL forum on a Friday evening. For the record, the majority of the attendees were working class people of color. This is the composition of the Albuquerque PSL branch as well. They have pooled a portion of their wages to open this office after fascists forced the closure of the last one. The PSL Juneteenth forum was chaired and led by a Navajo queer woman, followed by presentations from another queer woman on U.S.-Cuba relations, and an Indian immigrant queer woman about racist police brutality. The event also featured a video by a prominent Black radical Eugene Puryear, the PSL’s 2016 vice-presidential candidate, who has just done a series of lectures in Washington, D.C. on the suppressed history of Juneteenth. This is who and what this reactionary crew came to shut down. Although three of the individuals who called for the “shut down” were Black, the majority of those who showed up to disrupt were white. (more…)

The wonderful site Homophobia Exposed posted this today.

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Pence Calls Gays To Voluntarily Quit Jobs With God-Fearing Employers “So We Can Avoid Laws That Reject Them”

“However, since we have more pressing issues at the moment, given the delicate political situation in the country, it’s less time-consuming for me to simply appeal gay people to resign from their conservative jobs themselves instead of exercising the law upon them. Think of it as the government’s way of being gentle and considerate, mind you, in a situation where we could very easily use a sledgehammer instead of this here scalpel,” Pence added. “We’d prefer gay people to answer this call while they can, because the situation will undoubtedly change in the future. Especially for them.”

To read the full article go to HERE.

Note: and folks over at the published article are stating, Pence is gay, Pence is gay. Well if he is you guys can claim him. We do not care if he is gay or straight by his words we know one thing. The man is a dangerous threat to our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer community. A real threat. So for all of those folks who are wishing that the buffoon trump gets impeached what is waiting in the wings is far more dangerous. Again we say if this community does not build a strong united front with others who are targets of the administration then we will surely lose this war against us. Our issues will be meaningless and our rights just mere words on a piece of paper. Just ask Women, African American, Indigenous Peoples about the words on paper that they have been given by this government.

Yes folks dance the night away but prepare for a battle as the lines are drawn and there is no going back.

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Just change the names at the start of the song. The words still hang in the air. Listen to the words and get ready. For all outside is the ringing of revolution. My only hope is that that the train finally comes and we know its true. This is a call to action. Let us never  allow them to again use their tricks to stop this movement, to fool us into believing their lies. Here to the revolution! All Power To The People!