2 Important Events

Posted: June 2, 2017 in Events

Saturday: June 10 @ 3pm
Marxism and Literature
Please RSVP! 97 Whitney St., Hartford, CT
contact Hutch: 860-967-9836 or reply to this email

Marxism is a theory and practice of historical change, of class struggle and revolution. Is there, then, a relationship between Marxism and literature, or does each exist apart, with separate concerns and separate purpose? If there is a viable Marxist theory of literature, how does it operate?  Would it function at a broad, general level, or is it capable of providing insight into specific literary texts?  Finally, in a class society with all its social ills, why should revolutionaries bother with aesthetic questions when we have a world to win? These are some of the topics to be taken up in a brief talk about Marxism and literature given by a writer and critic for “Socialist Action” newspaper. Prior to the class, it would be helpful if participants could read the first three chapters of Jane Austen’s novel, “Pride and Prejudice.”

Friday June 16 @ 7pm
Dinner and a Movie “Finally Got the News
Elmwood Community Center West Hartford
1106 New Britain Ave (Gain Access Via South Quaker Ln to Burgoyne Street), West Hartford, Connecticut 06110

Finally Got the News – Documentary on The League of Revolutionary Black Workers

$15 suggested donation includes a dinner!
No one turned away for lack of funds

In 1969 Black workers in the Detroit auto industry lead a struggle to organize a political movement for Black Liberation and socialism. The League was formed out of the wildcat strikes against speedups at the Dodge factory in 1968 and demonstrated for a very brief time, the power of workplace organizing.



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