NO Cop Is A Fellow Worker!

Posted: June 17, 2017 in Call to Action, for your reflection, Solidarity

from Industrial Workers of the World Ct. Published in Left Voice we have supported this idea for a long time.

SEIU Caucuses says no to cops in our unions.

The proposal was put forward by Julia Wallace, contributor to Left Voice. She declared that “Cops are not workers, so we need to kick them out of our unions. Right now we are in contract negotiations. If we have to go on strike, the police would play the role to defend the bosses and capital and not the workers. They would arrest us, not join the picket lines.”

Furbirdsqueerly published an essay, The Myth of the Cops As Our Brothers in the Struggle a few years back. This was during the Occupy Hartford days when one of the “leaders” of the movement had made a statement that the cops were workers like us and that we had to educated them. Yeah ok we said, tell that to him when he is hitting you upside of your head.



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