Say Her Name: Charleena Lyles

Posted: June 19, 2017 in Call to Action, for your reflection, In Remembrance, We want justice now!

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Charleena Lyles was murdered by Seattle PD on the morning of Sunday, June 18, 2017 after calling them for help, after her home was broken into. She was a mother of 4 – ages ranging from 12 –
1yrs old. Her children were in the home with her when this assault happened. We also know that she was 3 months pregnant. Her family has shared that she suffered from mental illness as well. The assault on Black lives – including Black women – is a continued declaration of state-sanctioned violence against our existence. Again, and again, and again the system refuses to allow us to be human, to be safe, to thrive, to flourish.

We haven’t even processed the fact that #PhilandoCastile will not be getting justice, yet we mourn another life lost at the hands of systemic racism and racist police terror. We will be uplifting Philando’s life and tell the facts of his case at an upcoming People’s Monday.

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