This is a very important article. It is from Liberation School and a comrade of ours posted it on facebook. A lot has been said about cops and their role in society and this article sums it up quite nicely. Here is the opening paragraph:

Cops: Enforcers for the Capitalist Class.

“For decades, into the 1980s, school districts across the country employed the “Officer Friendly” program that brought local cops into kindergarten and first-grade classrooms. Their point was obvious: to “educate” children with the belief that the police are an indispensable part of society, who not only uphold the law but heroically protect them.
This idealized concept of police has to be pushed upon workers at every turn because so much of their real-life experiences show the truth, which is the opposite: that the police function as an organized instrument of state repression.”

and further in the article this:

Historically the police are always used to break strikes and assault picket lines where workers are struggling for rights and better conditions. The cops repressed workers who fought for the eight-hour workday because it was in the interest of the capitalist class to hold onto the highest rate of exploitation possible. But not only have the police functioned to defend the capitalist’ profits they have also functioned, most importantly, to defend the system itself from being politically challenged and overturned.

These lines certainly rang a bell for us as we fought in the early days of Occupy against the foolish notion that the “cops were our brothers in the struggle.”

“All this shows the error of those liberals who espouse the view that the police can, with a few reforms, somehow cease to be a repressive force against poor and working-class people.
Other activists, particularly in the first weeks of the Occupy movement, suggested the police could switch sides and become a force for positive social change.
Both promote the same view that police are “just like me and you,” workers that are “just doing their jobs.” But their job is precisely the point. While cops work for a wage or salary like other workers, their job is to be on the front lines of class repression. They are invested in this as a career, and this shapes their consciousness and political loyalties.”

and this ending we fully support

Those who want to end police brutality or make a revolution thus have to think seriously and strategically about the nature of the state. If the police are the resolute protectors of the existing system, how can we build up the organizations and institutions to resolutely protect ours? Raising this ideological orientation within the broader movement against police brutality and national oppression points the way towards the need for a new society, and a new state power, based on the collective interests of downtrodden, working class and oppressed.
This means shedding the argument of a “few bad apples” and talking about uprooting the entire tree so we can plant a new one.


Furbirdsqueerly wrote about this very subject and the article can be found in our pages, The Myth of the Cops as Our Brothers in the Struggle during the time of Occupy


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