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Posted: June 22, 2017 in Be on your guard, Call to Action, Saying it like it should be said.


So much as been posted lately after the shoot out during the republican ball game we thought, fuck man some of these liberals have lost their minds. All acting horriffied that a member of congress was shot at, not killed mind you. Foes in the house who are generally at each others throats were all joining together, swaying and praying acting all lovey dovey. Even the liberal savior Bernnie Sanders got in on the act. Well folks we do have something to say and we are going to say it now. FUCK YOU! You all play games with so many of our lives. Back and forth one year this, one year that. Take away, give, take away, give. Did any of you ever get a notion that maybe we dislike all of you. Why would shooting any of you be so damn important, taking precedent over what the masses face every day? Why should we care about any of you! Think you are so damn important. Think again you are not. Think we all want to wait around while you slowly put us to death with your compromising bull crap? Do what you want but remember that the ball is rolling down the hill fast. Folks are pissed. People are being beat in the streets by right wing goons. Nasty is becoming the name of the game. There is a war brewing outside, and now it shakes your windows. You expect us to remain civil, to remain loving. So many of us are way beyond the cry of, Love Conquers Hate! We do not believe in loving our enemies and blessing those who persecute us. Heavens we all haven’t been hippies for years and know full well we will not get to heaven any faster by playing kiss kiss with those who try to destroy us and our planet.
Yeah you got the cops, you got the military, you got the drones, guns, spies, you have the goons in the street and those behind the burning crosses, you got all the supplies you need to put us down but you won’t. Not going to happen. We are the people and we will win. We are not going to win by showering these folks with love as they will go about doing what they want to do anyway. With the level of attacks on people its a wonder that there aren’t more of these type of attacks on government officials.

“An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us,” Paul Ryan speaker of the House said.  Isn’t this just how many of us feel?  We can only hope so. How do you think the Black community feels when one of their sons is murdered by the police and then a jury fails to convict the killer?
My rant is not insensitive nor is it inappropriate. It is very appropriate. Some say Karma is written all over this shoot out and if you believe in such things well it is. Mr. Scalise supports exactly what happened to him and we will and can say right up front he is no more important than the children at Sandy Hook, than our black sisters and brothers murdered by cops, by folks who the government of the U.S drone attacks and drops bombs on a daily bases. Mr. Scalise has a A+ rating from the NRA and is so bold to boast about it. But you know men like him will not learn anything from this. If a man can stand and criticize pursuing gun control after the Sandy Hook murders of young children than what the heck you can fill in the blanks on the rest.
This is the same guy who stood with trump, pence and the other criminals rejoicing over the House vote to end Obama care. His laughing nasty mug still burns in my mind. This is the man who votes against me, my partner of 40 years and our people. Do not expect me to wish him well, a speedy recovery or anything else. I know my enemies and I am far beyond turning the other cheek. With that dear friends one may end up with a broken jaw or even worse dead. Folks a revolution is happening, the lines are drawn stop the blabbering idiocy and decide which side you are on. Does anyone really believe that by crying love that these bastards will change their minds and do what is right? Cry me a river, fill me an ocean and still they will stand right where they are. What’s in a tidal wave to move them aside and how do we create such a wave? Malcom X once said “By any means necessary.” We add to that by saying “By all means possible.” What is possible we don’t know until we try. 
Why we are at this full rant would someone please anyone, please tell these folks to give us all our full rights, give us health care, stop the drones and bombing of innocent people, stop the rounding up, detaining and deporting of people, stop holding us hostage by the threats to take away health care, meals on wheels, food stamps, disability payments and other safety programs that we need stop the police murder of Black and Brown men and women, stop the degrading of women and minorities. Tell these folks to stop all of the take away that they are doing. Do they realize they are only making things worse for people? Do they care? Hopefully they will remember the chickens will come home to roost. That train is coming down the track, the wheel is still spinning around and around and the smell of trouble fills the land. Get ready folks we are in for a hell of a bumpy ride.
Liberals I guess you will join with Mr. Bernie Sanders and say: “I AM SICKENED BY THIS DESPICABLE ACT. Let me be as clear as I can be: Violence of any kind is unacceptable in our society and I condemn this action in the strongest possible terms.”  — Senator Bernie Sanders comment on the shooting incident in Alexandria VA that wounded a Republican politician and two guards.
But we like what our comrade Mike said:
Sanders, along with his Democratic and Republican pals, has been a lifelong booster of the US military machine.  He has faithfully voted to arm governments like the blood-soaked Saudi regime. He has faithfully voted to fund the endless US war against the working people of the Middle East.
At the same time politicians were denouncing the VA shooting, the United Nations announced that US air strikes have caused “staggering loss of civilian life” in the Syrian northern city of Raqqa.
Since March, over 300 civilians have been slaughtered and 160,000 civilians were forced to flee their homes.
That story was largely ignored by the press.
No denunciations of the US violence that has claimed millions of lives over the years.
Washington lawmakers of both parties gathered in the house chamber in a show of unity for the DC wounded. Paul Ryan received a standing ovation when he stated “we are one House, the people’s House, united in our humanity.”
“More accurately, that would be: one house united against humanity.”
It is really such a shame.
Just a note here: In this country, police kill about a thousand people a year and far-rightists have killed nearly 500 people in the last three decades. In the past decade, the far-right is responsible for 74 percent of the country’s politically extremist murders.

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