Lesbian Community Says NO: Beating the 1970s Grand Jury System.

Posted: June 30, 2017 in for your reflection, Real Food For Thought, resistance, Saying it like it should be said., Solidarity

Steve Thornton has written a very important article over at the Shoe Leather History Project. It is the story about courageous feminist lesbian women who stood their ground and refused to speak to the Grand Jury. This is a part of ourstories that needs to be told and remembered and as Steve says “it could happen again.” Steve begins his article this way.

Lesbian Community Says NO: Beating the 1970s Grand Jury System

In 1970, American students shut down hundreds of schools and universities across the nation after the illegal U.S. bombing of Cambodia and the killings of four young people at Kent State in Ohio and two in Jackson State, Mississippi. The year marked a new decade of war in Vietnam, the FBI targeting of civil rights leaders, and a president who called students bums and drew up an “enemies list.” It also marked a new phase for the growing lesbian and gay liberation movement.
That year, some won’t wait for a mass movement to stop the violence, repression, and imperial excesses of the United States. Hartford native Susan Saxe, Katherine Power and a handful of others decided to rob a Massachusetts bank in 1970 “for the revolution.” A police officer was killed by one man in the group. Saxe and Powers went underground.

To read more of this article go to Shoeleather History Project HERE.



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