If you are still fence sitting get the f off the fence.

Posted: July 20, 2017 in Call to Action, Fight Back, Fight war and war mongers

Let it be known that our liberal democrats support this.

Schumer, Gillibrand Co-Sponsor Senate Bill That Would Make Boycotting Israel A Felony

Both of New York’s Senators have signed on to a bill that would criminalize any attempt by Americans to boycott Israel, according to a new report.
According to The Intercept, Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand are among 43 U.S. Senators who have co-sponsored the Anti-Israel Boycott Act, a bill that the ACLU wote is “antithetical to free speech protections enshrined in the First Amendment” in a letter to lawmakers urging them to oppose the bill.
The Senate bill appears to target the Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement that seeks to pressure Israel to end its occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip through economic isolation. Under the terms of the bill, a pair of U.S. laws that prohibit U.S. citizens from supporting a boycott request from a foreign government against an ally of the United States would be updated to specifically prohibit Americans from supporting international boycott efforts against Israel.

To read the full article go to HERE.

To watch a video of the destruction and life in Gaza go to Institute for Middle East Understanding.

Can you say with me that such people as these two should be jailed for war crimes against the people of GAZA.   This blog supports the boycott of Israel in all manners. and stands in support of the people of Palestine and of Gaza.



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