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Sometime overnight, this statue was vandalized in Columbus Park on the City’s west side.

Telling it like it is in Buffalo.

Save the date

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Sounds good from here.

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I haven’t seen this diaried here, and it hasn’t made it on TV yet, but the St. Louis Post Dispatch, London Independent and Huffington Post are all reporting another hate-motivated ramming of protesters with a vehicle. We saw it Charlottesville and now it has happened in St. Louis.
Last night in St. Louis’ Grove neighborhood, a candlelight vigil was held for a black transgender women, fatally shot the day before by police after police say she’d stabbed two people, including a responding officer. After the vigil, mourners carrying candles and signs began a march to local gay bars and blocked an intersection. A driver approached and, according to witnesses, expressed his displeasure before driving into the crowd, and causing three injuries, characterized as minor.

Witness Elizabeth Gombos of Pocahontas described the incident.
“After we were already in front of the car, he made a point to stop, flip us off with both hands and then he accelerated,” Gombos said. “Once he hit people, that’s when people lost it. Once people realized he was going to hurt people, they started to hit his car. I’m not going to deny they hit his car. They hit it with whatever they had … fist, feet. They were trying to make him stop.”
There are photos and cell-phone videos at the links:

For video go to HERE.

The car drives through the crowd at the 15-minute mark of this video, which shows a chaotic scene immediately afterward.

The vigil has been held to honor Kenny “Kiwi” Herring, whom police said stabbed a neighbor she felt had been threatening her, according to friends and family. Herring also stabbed the arm of a police officer who responded to the incident, and was fatally shot by police.

To read the rest of the article go to HERE.

Minnie Coe, she is a sister of Alice as you may know, sent us a request that we republish a work that she has enjoyed over the years. We said “oh, okay, why not,” we like Minnie, Alice, Mary and Jake friends of ours since the early days when we all ran around Goon City as hippie artists. We looked through our works that she suggested and hit on one that when first published by Queerartist that everyone enjoyed when it was first published.

Here is one of our favorites. Minnie will remember feeding apples to old man Nichole’s cows, teasing the cow with more and running so it would chase us . We hid up a tree until the cow left and then beat it home.

Don’t eat this cow! Save this pancake!

These are the end times and all sorts of end times signs and symbols are popping up. A week or so ago the Virgin Mary was spotted in a Thanksgiving morning pancake, she was seen a month ago in a tree, and then appeared in a fried egg. That gal sure likes to travel. Of course Jesus gets into the act every once in a while and appears in all sorts of odd places. The best was on the screen door. My poor grandmother had just come into the kitchen and low and behold there he was staring back at her. At first she thought it was a hobo who had come up from the railroad track and wanted something to eat, but no she said I have seen that face before staring back at me from the altar of the Swedish church. THATS!!! JESUS! Everyone thought she was crazy except old Ben Jones who bought the screen door from her and put it in his Miracle Museum. Ben charged just a quarter to come in and see some of his miracle collection. Now old Ben Jones has gone on to his great reward, his museum is closed and the items he spent a life time collecting are scattered hither and yon.

Now I don’t know who this is but someone told me its Michael Jackson not the Virgin Mary.

A most blessed event. Someone is watching.

Word was in yesterday that a divine miracle has happened on a farm here in North East. A calf has been born with the sign of the cross on his forehead. Already thousands are making a pilgrimage to the farm to see what wondrous signs have come down from on high. Nobody knows what it all means but by god it must mean something.  I don’t want to make too much fun of this just in case there are any divine creatures flying around out there looking for something to smitten. Not me I will stay a mile away. So enjoy the video of this little Holy Cow. Born a few weeks before Christmas and celebrated as a miracle to some and to others just another cow born on another day, in another week.  Moo Moo Moo.

A cross on the forehead of Moses the calf.


Video Against Fascism


Monday August 28, 2017. 630pm-900pm
Best Video Film and Cultural Center
1042 Whitney Ave. Hamden Ct.
Facebook page HERE.
A collection of videos and trailers to spur discussion on how to oppose fascists  and a tribute to Sacco and Vanzetti on the 90th anniversary of their execution in Massachusetts
Brought to you by Promoting Enduring Peace

Free Admission *** Refreshments on Sale

New Haven vs. The Proud Boys
The Antifascists (new film)
Charlottesville: Heather Heyer, Deandre Harris
Z (Greece)
Killah P I won’t cry, I won’t fear (Greece)
Hell on Earth (new film about Syria)
All You Fascists Bound to Lose (Woody Guthrie)
Here’s to You Nicola and Bart (Joan Baez)
Bella Ciao
and more

How about a little taste:

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Hosted by Industrial Workers of the World – CT

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


266 Grand Ave. New Haven Ct.

Please join the Connecticut membership of the Industrial Workers of the World and our fellow workers for a discussion on the struggles and challenges of union members who seek greater rank-and-file control over their unions. Committed activists will share their experiences, and we’ll talk strategy together in order to revolutionize the labor movement! Speaker bios TBA.

Founded in 1905, the IWW has organized both independently as well as side-by-side with like-minded workers from other unions. Many of our members are “dual carders,” workers who are members of the unions that are present at their jobs, as well as IWW members committed to the vision and task of building the One Big Union to abolish the wage system.

Facebook Page HERE.

Over 40,000 people came out in Boston to protest the “Free Speech” hate speech rally organized by the Alt-right. They numbered some 40 or so people who quickly fled the Common when those standing against the right approached the Commons. We love the above photo found on our facebook page.

Here is a video of today:

A joy to pass each day on my way to work. A bit of an uplift in these troubling times. We dedicate this picture to Heather Heyer. Presente’