Just thinking. Just saying.

Posted: August 12, 2017 in Call to Action, Fight war and war mongers, for your reflection

I have a better idea. But the code in one of trump’s sons or daughters. He would have no problem killing other people’s children. With such a madman it just isn’t fair that his kids get to be all lovey dovey and stay away from the fight. But you know the best thing about a nuke strike is it gets everyone who is in the vicinity. But I don’t believe that the problem lies with only trump. Everyone of the past presidents have had the same attitude you know the old, mine is bigger than yours and I will use mine. (to put it lightly) against all people who are perceived to be enemies. They love to rattle their sabers. I don’t expect anything to change in my life time but I hope that it will for the children of the world.

Here is a statement that someone posted. It says a lot:

“There’s Only One Rogue Nuclear State, and it’s the USA.  When it comes to threatening the planet with nukes, nobody comes close to the USA. Donald Trump’s despicable threats are nothing new. They are a US tradition. Every president since Harry Truman has menaced the world with unilateral threats of nuclear destruction.”

and that isn’t all that they do and have done.


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