Coming Out Day!!

Posted: October 11, 2017 in for your reflection, PRIDE

Guess I have been out for so long I almost forgot about National Coming Out Day. Greetings to all who are out and come out today. A very big thank you to all of our LGBTQ groups that help guide the way for our young to make the leap OUT! In Hartford we thank the people at True Colors who have worked with our youth since 1992. Robin Mc Halen, Kamora Herrington and others I thank you for your dedication and your guidance all of these years bringing the next generations out of that terrible place of aloneness. One thing we know for certain is that folks will still have to come out both young and old so organizations that help in this process are some of the most important and revolutionary. These times demand that we be out, open and in the faces of those who would rather see us dead than living, breathing and happy.

My coming out story is so different and I wish to share it here. I probably have over the years mentioned it to others. There I was 18 years old back in 1966 standing in my underwear with lots of other guys at the New Haven Induction Center. The war in Vietnam was on and I had already been a part of the protests against it. The big question came up. Are you a homosexual? Lots of things go through ones head when asked that big question. Exp. back then, before Stonewall, before we all knew so much. I could lie like the next guy or take a cue from Randy Newman, (remember that singer, who stood next to me) and said yes. Let’s be honest here. You know Uncle Sam doesn’t like fags and this fag doesn’t like Uncle Sam. I think we called him Scam back then. But you know once you get that 4F it will follow you up until the day you die. They will ask you each time when you apply for a job, WHY? If you say, that’s none of your business, it would put you out of business, being honest back then would not be the best route to take. So what is a young sissy to do? Are you a real homo, or a practicing one? Honey I felt like saying, I don’t need any practice, I certainly know what I am doing and learning all I can. Do you have sex all the time with men? Yes I do. All the time and any time I can find someone I will have sex. I was sent to a doctor who felt my balls and rubbed my dick, I guess trying to get me hard as proof that a man could turn me on. You know young man there are a lot of boys who claim to be a homosexual that aren’t they are just trying to get out of being drafted. Maybe its a passing phase?  Well not me sir, yes I could be polite when I needed to be, no sir not me. I am a homosexual.

So that is the first time that I came out. After that all hell broke loose as to why I didn’t get drafted along with all of the other boys. Why wasn’t I going to kill the commies way over there in Vietnam. Didn’t I think it was my duty, a war was raging and you should be a part of it. Make me proud son, please make me proud. Well it was over at home as quick as I could finish opening my mouth. Out I was fleeing only with the shirt on my back and a comb in my pocket sticking out my thumb headed to the streets of NYC. Coming out back then was just as bad for some of us as it is still today. One thing is for certain, we had very little support back then. But you know that was only the first time in this coming out business. Coming out is over and over again through out ones life but now old me at 70 doesn’t really give a fuck what anyone thinks. I gave up that straight jacket a long time ago. No one is going to force me between the lines or fill in my blanks according to them or ever force me to be quiet.


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