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Here is a little dream for you. Then reality snuck in. A talisman perhaps.

And Benny was dreaming up the large mountain to get to the other side. No, he knew he wasn’t the bear that went over the mountain just to see what was on the other side, not Benny. I’ve been up this mountain before. On the top of the mountain was a large tall building but Benny couldn’t see above the 2nd floor that was skinned down to only its girders. Funny place Mr. Johnson is renovating that floor for his new condo. Someone lives up stairs but we only hear them. Benny walked to the back of the building hoping that it was all down hill from there but saw in front of him a large swamp. The swamp is wide and I can not cross over, wish I had wings to fly, that old folks song came in his head. Shit if I did I would be home by now having my dinner in my cozy little cottage. Suddenly Benny’s eyes spied something moving across the swamp, dodging the trees of the forest. It was a wolf, and Benny was afraid not so much of the wolf but about what could have happened if he hadn’t spied the wolf from where he stood and ran smack into its snarling face on the other side of the swamp. Glad I saw it as if I figured out a way to cross this swamp I could very well be the next Little Red Riding Hood’s Grandma. Eaten up by the wolf and no telling how long I would have had to spend in the belly of the wolf before some handsome woodsman came and slit open its belly and let me out.

Handsome Hank the Handy Woodsman

Went up to the 2nd floor, I will stay up here safe from any prowling wolves. They say they come in packs though I have heard of lone wolves before. Maybe there is something to block the door. A boy named Billy tried to find an old door that had been taken off its hinges, or some boards just lying around. Come on now all places should have a board or two to do the trick of blocking the entrance so a wolf couldn’t enter. Others joined us looking out from the floor and then we spied the wolf which had now crossed the swamp and was going south on the path down below. A lone wolf if one ever saw a lone wolf. A woman with us couldn’t see the wolf no matter how hard she tried. No wolf out there I am going out for a walk, she told us. Passing by cubby holes after cubby holes down the ramp and outside she went.

Benny woke from the dream frightened. Wondering out loud are there any packs of wild dogs here in this city? Now I know there isn’t any wolves. Scaring himself more and more thinking about snarling dogs, biting at him, surrounding him and pulling him down to the ground. Hey there can’t be wild dogs around here as I have to go out this morning at 4:15 way before anyone would hear my screams if attacked by a pack of wild dogs. What do I have to protect myself, no gun, no baseball bat, no mace, nothing. I suppose that I could throw ammonia at the dogs and that would chase them away from me. I certainly don’t want to become any dogs meal I would be rather messy if anyone could tell it was me after finding what was left there in the early morning hours. Wild dogs must be hungry with all this snow around and all the furry little animals hiding in their den, not venturing out or maybe not at all able to get out. Hole buried by so much snow. Wild dogs gotta eat.
Well thought Benny the laundry must be done and no fear of a pack of wild dogs is going to bother me and get me to stay home and not do my early Sunday morning job.

Benny left his apartment and out on the side sidewalk he looked down and saw the word wolf. WTF!! WOLF stared back at him. He pick up the round little container and read, Longcut Wintergreen Timber Wolf. Something to protect me on my journey thought Benny. I use to know all about such things back in the day when I was with Harry. What to do with the snuff in the can if any wild dogs come around. Sprinkle it all about and hope for the best. Tune up your fine senses, tune up your eyes, tune up your nose and walk lightly. Remember the old ways.

The wind began to howl and blow so cold. Pssssssssssssssssssssssst- Art comes in many strange ways now doesn’t it.

Benny gave us the can of Timber Wolf Snuff and we promised that if invited to show in the next art show we will show it.


In from Pink and Black Anarchists.


Anyone who reads this blog knows that we have published articles on earthworms off and on. We just love them what can we say. We celebrate the earthworm as our friend, a friend that should be cared for and a friend that we should keep off of fisherman’s hooks and never spray the ground they live in with insecticides which is one of the biggest dangers to the earthworm.  Want to care for the earth then start with the lowly earthworm which does so much for the planets health. We have been busy working on this collage of found interesting facts, pictures, and videos for your viewing pleasure.

Information on The Earthworm. 

“It may be doubted whether there are any other animals which have played so important a part in the history of the world as have these lowly, organized creatures, ” Charles Darwin. (1)

When it is stated that in this vast array of creatures the lowly, segmented earthworm is probably the most important to mankind, the uninitiated might aptly declare that such a statement sounds neither logical nor reasonable.  That little slimy thing, that small creepy thing, good only for fishing bait, and to chop in half and see if they grow themselves back together again. (they don’t). Yet few creatures equal the burrowing earthworm as an essential to better health and greater growth to plant and vegetable life, and, therefore, indirectly is of the utmost importance to man. Now we all need our plants and vegetables, this is true and we need these things without a chemical side dish to worry about. So get up, boys and girls give a salute to the worm, say thank you, thank you. From the small and slimy we get great things.

Earthworms doing their job in the vegetable patch.

The burrowing earthworm is Nature’s own plough, her chemist, her cultivator, her fertilizer, her distributor of plant food. In every way, the earthworm surpasses anything man has yet invented to plough, to cultivate or to fertilize the soil.


Red Worms the best for the job.

Red worms are nature’s waste-renewal units.  They don’t simply consume the waste, they turn it into something far more useful: nutrient-rich compost.  Red worms cut the composting process down to a third of the time it would take without the presence of worms and eliminate the need to turn your compost! (one less thing to do around the farm, take a break at that time.) Got a compost bin get some worms, stick them in, feed them, water them and all the plants you grow will say thanks farmer Abbey.

Can we say it? Yes we can. You know us yes we will.


There is nothing short of a revolution here. Has been for a billion years. Earthworms survived the great calamity that killed off the dinosaurs and been ploughing the earth ever since. We’ve been ploughing the earth for a billion years and we plough the earth still. This unpaid handy worker goes about its business creating a revolution in farming, a revolution in the way we produce our food, a revolution in our health, and a revolution in the way we treat our waste. The worms are like the masses, working together the worm has power, individually they are powerless, but together now they are capable of breaking down and transforming all kind of biodegradables, including perhaps the rot that permeates our society. Take a tip from the earth worm, oh you artists you. Take a tip from the lowly worm. Join the revolution.

What are those tiny little mounds almost like a sandcastle we see on the ground?

These here? Earthworm castings on the dirt.

Earthworm Castings are the excretions left behind by worms after they finish digesting the organic matter that makes up their diet. The process of creating worm castings is probably the most efficient means of recycling kitchen and yard wastes.

Benefits of Worm Castings in the Garden

More than just a great plant fertilizer, castings are also a terrific soil amendment, plant growth enhancer, and the gardener’s ultimate compost. Earthworm castings are clean, odorless, and can be used indoors and outdoors to provide a boost to all of your plants.  Indoors, castings can be added to potting soil or mixed into the containers of established houseplants. (5) Outdoors in the garden spread worm castings and incorporate them into the surface soil levels of your raised beds. Castings can also be added to the bottom of the planting hole when setting out transplants, or scratched into the soil surrounding established flowers and vegetables. Worm castings are loaded with beneficial soil microbes and other soil organisms that will help restore life and health to depleted and worn out garden soils. (more…)



An artist took off flying when the person who was taking him and his art out for a walk fell in a hole and let go of the tethering rope. The artist and his contraption, “Teaching an artist to fly,” took off from a parking lot, flew over a small inlet of water, continued down the street, scaring pedestrians as the artist flew along. The contraption which was attached to the artist and held aloft by 14 weather balloons continued on its merry way before hitting a tree tangling the balloons in its branches. Fortunately for the artist being close to ground level two good Samaritans were able to cut off the contraption and free the artist. The artist took off running leaving the art work contraption behind with the police in hot chase. On examination of the art it was noted by Mary Bellweather the following, 14 weather balloons, 6 fake crows, 3 large pink bows, black cloth, and plastic bubbles made up the flying machine. Everyone shook their heads and pondered the meaning of such a thing having never seen the likes of it before. “Better keep away,” said May, “might be some type of a witchcraft.”

Bill Jones who happened to be in the path of the fleeing artist told the news to amuse reporter that he saw a half naked man running down through the woods, around the inlet of water south on Laurel Street.

The police department attributed the fleeing artist as a very knowledgeable person who knows the layout of the area. They have asked the general public for any information that they may have as the artist is wanted for questioning.

Ponder this.

Posted: November 22, 2017 in for your reflection

“We still name our military helicopter gunships after victims of genocide. Nobody bats an eyelash about that: Blackhawk. Apache. And Comanche. If the Luftwaffe named its military helicopters Jew and Gypsy, I suppose people would notice.” – Noam Chomsky

Many thanks to the Hampton Institute for posting this on FB.

Once upon a time, not so many moons ago Goosey Bell was living in Europe and announced plans to travel the continent. Well said May Day, Ritchie Poor, Larry and Moe if that be the case let us in the fine tradition of that great but never late artist Marcel Duchamp send to Goosey Bell a jar of air from the other side of town with the instructions to read, “When in Paris please release this air and capture some Paris air and bring it home to us.” “Okay” said Larry and Moe what kind of jar would be appropriate for capturing air and sending it across the ocean to our favorite artist Goosey Bell?” “Well,” said May Day spying in the kitchen that wasn’t a kitchen, as there was no stove, refrigerator or running water a jar of Maxwell House Instant Coffee “What a lovely jar with a star on top, just right for capturing air and just right for sending it off before Goosey Bell leaves his home turf.” “Let’s do it they all shouted at once.”

Here is a copy of the jar so entered for this piece.

Lovely isn’t it? Just right? Let’s go out on the back porch and capture some air. When the air was all captured the jar was wrapped, boxed and sent off with the instructions to let the air go in Paris and to fill the jar with Paris air May Day went to the local post office. We don’t care where in Paris you get the air from just get us some.

…so up up and away Goosey Bell went to the top of the Eiffel Tower, and let the Other Side of Town air out of the Star Jar and captured a filling of air from Paris.

Bringing the Star Jar out for a walk. Then a trip up on the stairs. 

Up the stairs in Trafalgar square tripped. The Star Jar smashed in hundreds of pieces. Oh me oh my all of the air from Paris escaped and joined the English air.

The cover of the Star Jar was returned to the Other Side of town.

There is a renewed interest in Absurdist art. We had a nice laugh on that one. Well the above piece we think qualifies. It was done around 1973 and has long been one of our favorites. Yes we feel that these times, like those call for either absurdist art or political art. In the coming weeks we will be entering more of our art for your viewing pleasure.