Crisis Pregnancy Centers Exposed!

Posted: November 11, 2017 in Call to Action, knowledge is power

“I believe that any person seeking reproductive health care should be able to do so without confusion, deception, or shame.”

What are Crisis Pregnancy Centers?

Crisis pregnancy centers are fake clinics– they are fronts for anti-abortion organizations set up to steer people away from choosing safe and legal abortion.
CPCs do not provide or refer for abortion care, emergency contraception, or birth control, but often try to present themselves as comprehensive reproductive healthcare clinics in order to lure people inside. Once inside, people are often lied to, shamed, and pressured about their reproductive healthcare decisions.
Crisis pregnancy centers are an imminent threat to people seeking reproductive healthcare in Connecticut. Currently, there are about 30 CPCs and only 18 licensed family planning clinics in Connecticut. This website will help you spot the signs of a CPC and direct you to where you can get real (licensed clinic) reproductive healthcare.
At NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut, we believe that people should never be pressured, lied to, or shamed about their healthcare decisions.

For more information go to HERE.  Sign the petition. Spread the word.


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