Air travels and releases. A star comes home.

Posted: November 21, 2017 in art, Ha Ha

Once upon a time, not so many moons ago Goosey Bell was living in Europe and announced plans to travel the continent. Well said May Day, Ritchie Poor, Larry and Moe if that be the case let us in the fine tradition of that great but never late artist Marcel Duchamp send to Goosey Bell a jar of air from the other side of town with the instructions to read, “When in Paris please release this air and capture some Paris air and bring it home to us.” “Okay” said Larry and Moe what kind of jar would be appropriate for capturing air and sending it across the ocean to our favorite artist Goosey Bell?” “Well,” said May Day spying in the kitchen that wasn’t a kitchen, as there was no stove, refrigerator or running water a jar of Maxwell House Instant Coffee “What a lovely jar with a star on top, just right for capturing air and just right for sending it off before Goosey Bell leaves his home turf.” “Let’s do it they all shouted at once.”

Here is a copy of the jar so entered for this piece.

Lovely isn’t it? Just right? Let’s go out on the back porch and capture some air. When the air was all captured the jar was wrapped, boxed and sent off with the instructions to let the air go in Paris and to fill the jar with Paris air May Day went to the local post office. We don’t care where in Paris you get the air from just get us some.

…so up up and away Goosey Bell went to the top of the Eiffel Tower, and let the Other Side of Town air out of the Star Jar and captured a filling of air from Paris.

Bringing the Star Jar out for a walk. Then a trip up on the stairs. 

Up the stairs in Trafalgar square tripped. The Star Jar smashed in hundreds of pieces. Oh me oh my all of the air from Paris escaped and joined the English air.

The cover of the Star Jar was returned to the Other Side of town.

There is a renewed interest in Absurdist art. We had a nice laugh on that one. Well the above piece we think qualifies. It was done around 1973 and has long been one of our favorites. Yes we feel that these times, like those call for either absurdist art or political art. In the coming weeks we will be entering more of our art for your viewing pleasure.

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