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We wish to extend our New Years Greetings to all of our readers, friends and foes. furbirdsqueerly in this incarnation will continue into another year. When we take a look at our readership from all over the world we say, yeah we had better. It always amazes us when we check out the stats at the end of the year to see folks from all sorts of places who came for a visit. We have had people from Zimbabwe, New Caledonia, Uruguay, Vietnam, South Africa, Russia , France, Norway, Japan, Finland, South Korea, Singapore, French Guiana, Chile, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Turkey, Norway, Philippians, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Bolivia, France, Pakistan, Mexico, Cambodia, many more, and of course the United States. We have had people from every continent except Greenland and mainland China. Here is a map from our stats.

So we say to ourselves, what else should we be doing. If someone from Cambodia visits once how can we get that person to come back again? How can we get people from Sweden to come on board? punkpink will be doing a run down of our stats to see what folks who came for a visit looked at. We want that international appeal as well as the next gal.

One thing we like to do at the end of the year is mention furbirdsqueerly’s greatest hits. What type of essays and article drew people to our site during the last year. This is not to say that we will monkey these posts just to keep the momentum going.

So here goes just a few our greatest hits for 2017!

Coming in at number one is an essay that we wrote back in 2008 when we worked with the group Queers Without Borders. It was in response to a local gay magazine The Metroline who wrote that there were no drag queens at Stonewall. (contrary to what everyone else who was there, (he was not) said about that night. The piece “No Drag Queens At Stonewall You Say, We Say Take A Flying Fuck was republished in 2011 on furbirdsqueerly when once again this same question reared its ugly head. This essay continues  to get hits and has links to the Stonewall Veterans Site.

Of course we noticed when we go local folks from this area come over to see what the fuss is about. (yes we love to cause a fuss, upset apple-carts and ruffle the feathers of the enlightened class) One piece a tribute to an artist who we think is tremendous, makes art, no questions asked is the artist Marc Burns. We wrote the essay Marc Burns At Art Space, A Wonderful Art Experience For All Of Us was a review of the artist’s show at a local gallery. Many people noted that our review was the better of the few but most of the people where enamored over a review which to us was flat and dry but was published by a well know critic on a well known web site. Oh well what can we say. Some have soul, some do not, some are afraid to say and we do not. I suppose though in the long run to the top I would rather a review by an art site rather than a little anarchist communist blog sitting in Hartford Ct.

front banner of jeri and us.

Our essays on LGBTQ Pride always get quite a bit attention we notice that folks in Europe really dig reading them. This is a post of 14 essays written over the years. The above photo’s are some of the members of Queers Without Borders attending PRIDE in NYC.

Our latest work J. P. Morgan and the celebrating of misdeeds is gaining readers everyday.  What we enjoy about this one is that folks from not only here but around the world are reading this essay. The lesson that rang true through-out the essay was the words of Anarchist Leon Czolgosz, “Don’t give up the fight, Don’t dare surrender! No War But Class War. No War But Class War!”

Close to home but with resounding all over the country was our essay, Rip It Down Or Let It Stand, an essay on the removal of the Colt Memorial in a local park. In future essays we will be exploring other statues, and memorials that we feel should be removed.  One such statue is a new one of the Rev. Samuel Stone, a rev. from the late 1600’s who tortured and persecuted women who were declared to be witches.

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Our essay Center Church: Is An Apology In Order From The Church For The Persecution of Women continues to gather readers.

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Photo-button worn by furbirdsqueerly R. Nelson, taken by Kerri of Real Hartford.

One essay, a very important one, Greetings To All How Gather Here Today: A Leaflet From Furbirdsqueerly to The LGBTQ Community and Allies. A rallying call against single issue struggle the essay began this way:

“Today as concerned queers we gather with others who oppose the regime in Washington DC. We gather to raise our concerns not only to this nation but to our community the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and allied. Many years ago, when our movement was young we learned that as LGBTQ folks we were here, there and everywhere. We learned that as Queers in the Gay Liberation Front we could not survive unless we formed a united front with others who at that time were under attack. We fully understood that we must not only seek the liberation of our people but of all people and join with the movements around the world in solidarity and in fighting for liberation. Later we learned from the great Black, poet, author, philosopher, teacher Audre Lorde when she said, “There is no such thing as a single issue, as we do not lead a single-issue life.”

Of course many folks visit our main page and archives. (probably wondering what is a furbird anyway.)  So we will be doing more one page articles, photos and other quick readings. The above articles are just a few of our hits from the past year. We will continue to work against this unjust system doing what we can and supporting those who do. So from all of us at furbirdsqueerly    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

A good friend of the blog sent along this article and we thought let’s published a link since we are working in this vein with the J P Morgan essay. The article written by Lucian K. Turscott appears in Salon.

WTF is Wrong With Rich People

The rich are greedy and selfish and off shore schemes make them even richer.

Here are two paragraphs that just about sum it up.

They want us to pay for the roads they drive their Ferraris down, for the schools that educate the people they hire to work in their companies, for the armies that protect their investments here and abroad; and they want your kids to join the Army and fight their wars, so their kids don’t have to, and they want you to pay your taxes, so they don’t have to.

It would be easy to blame the advantages enjoyed by the rich on the capitalist system, but it’s their capitalist system. Rich people built it. It operates by their rules. All of these offshore accounts and limited trusts and pass-through corporate taxes and hedge-funder-carried interest dodges are completely legal because rich people bought and paid for the congress that wrote the laws that created the ways to avoid taxes. What the Paradise Papers show us are the details of the way the system works in this country, and who it works for. It would work for you, too, if you were rich.

Recently in Hartford Ct. the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art held an exhibition, Morgan: Mind of the Collector where they state in their article on the exhibition: “J. Pierpont Morgan (1837–1913) spent over 20 years traveling the globe gathering the largest collection of art and cultural artifacts of his time. Estimated to have exceeded 20,000 works of art, Morgan’s collections represent a broad historical, artistic and geographic range. Acting on his father’s wishes, Morgan’s son donated more than 1,350 works collected by his father to the Wadsworth Atheneum in his native Hartford. Morgan’s story as a collector is not as well known as the story of his business career despite the groundbreaking quantity, scope, and character of his unprecedented collection. His broad acquisitions included sculpture, manuscripts, rare books, prints and drawings, paintings, and decorative arts including silver, porcelain, glass, tapestries, enamels, ivories and bronzes.”

From the exhibition Morgan: Mind of the Collector, Wadsworth Atheneum.

We have always been interested in folks such as Morgan, Colt, Carnegie, Rockefeller, how they amassed their fortunes, how they treated the workers who were responsible for their accumulation of this great wealth and, what they did with their wealth. As we have stated many times we can not change history, we do not seek to do so, but we wish to not only shine a light on the 1 % of yesterday and their misdeeds but remind ourselves and others just what all of this is made of. Many have told us over the years just look, look at all the beautiful objects, the museums, the libiraries, the culture centers that the very wealthy have given us, and without them we would not have such treasures. Well, we would say, those beautiful things came to be on the backs of the workers, the slaves, the exploitation of countries, and the theft of their wealth. Perhaps if we know the past and do not sanitize and glorify it then we can do something about the amassing of great wealth by so many today. These same type of folks are all around us  using all sorts of tricks in and out of the books to work everything for their benefit. With so much support going their way it is hard to believe that in the coming years the people will finally rise up and overthrow this system of injustice and exploitation  and really mean it. That the people will not accept reform, or crumbs thrown their way or shaken from the masters table cloth but real deal all out no holes bared revolution. Its a long time coming but we and others hear that train moving down the track.

J. P. Morgan

To begin with this essay let us read over the words of the Anarchist Congress held in Pittsburgh in 1883. Let these words ring true from this essay and ring out through out the land.

… All laws are directed against the working people. . .. Even the school serves only the purpose of furnishing the offspring of the wealthy with those qualities necessary to uphold their class domination. The children of the poor get scarcely a formal elementary training, and this, too, is mainly directed to such branches as tend to producing prejudices, arrogance, and servility; in short, want of sense. The Church finally seeks to make complete idiots out of the mass and to make them forego the paradise on earth by promising a fictitious heaven. The capitalist press, on the other hand, takes care of the confusion of spirits in public life. . .. The workers can therefore expect no help from any capitalistic party in their struggle against the existing system. They must achieve their liberation by their own efforts. As in former times, a privileged class never surrenders its tyranny, neither can it be expected that the capitalists of this age will give up their rulership without being forced to do it. … ( 1) (1A)

That must be our motto. We must go forth no matter what with those words, never forgetting that the criminal class such as the Morgan, Rockefeller, Carnegie and many others not only back then but today must be dealt with firmly and with a blow that will end their exploitation. There is no hope within the two party system as both parties are beholden to the rich. One party makes no bones about it and the other gives out lip service. Both if pushed in the corner will join together and help to put down any and all that strike out against them. They are Capitalist. There is no kinder and gentler in the world of Capitalism.

Drums of War: Morgan was not averse to using underhanded methods to get what he wanted.

Morgan had escaped military service in the Civil War by paying $300 to a substitute. So did John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Philip Armour, Jay Gould, and James Mellon. Mellon’s father had written to him that “a man may be a patriot without risking his own life or sacrificing his health. There are plenty of lives less valuable.” (this horrible class idea still rears its head today in many ways, the educational system is just one example) Many young people join the military so they can get an education. We like this quote that Queers Against War says, “Some say that we are not considering the fact that working class and poor LGBT people have a right to join the military service in order to go to college. And I say that if we believe that then we uphold centuries of oppression against poor people in stating that only the wealthy are worthy of educating without being asked to risk their very lives to do so.”

J. P. Morgan began his businesses before the Civil War, as the son of a banker selling stocks for the railroads and receiving good commissions. During the Civil War he bought five thousand rifles for $3.50 each from an army arsenal, and sold them to a general in the field for $22 each. The rifles were defective and would shoot off the thumbs of the soldiers using them. A congressional committee noted this in the small print of an obscure report, but a federal judge upheld the deal as the fulfillment of a valid legal contract.  To hell with the soldiers using them. To hell with their thumbs. Whose pocket was the federal judge in?  Maiming those who are fighting for you has got to be a real crime. A crime that should have brought out the crowd with pitchforks and torches. Morgan was 23 years old and this deal was the backbone of his future business. Future businesses brought to fruition by a shrewd and ruthless business man. From this early deal J. P Morgan made over $100,000 ( millions today) which bankrolled his future endeavors. So his start was via murder, maiming and cheating. Hardly a person to look up to. Hardly a person to glorify.


The Panamanian state was originally created to function on behalf of the rich and self-seeking of this world – or rather their antecedents in America – when the 20th century was barely born.
Panama was created by the United States for purely selfish commercial reasons, right on that historical hinge between the demise of Britain as the great global empire, and the rise of the new American power. The writer Ken Silverstein  in an article for Vice magazine two years ago: “In 1903, the administration of Theodore Roosevelt created the country after bullying Colombia into handing over what was then the province of Panama. Roosevelt acted at the behest of various banking groups, among them JP Morgan & Co, which was appointed as the country’s ‘fiscal agent’ in charge of managing $10m in aid that the US had rushed down to the new nation.”

J. P. Morgan led the American banks in gradually turning Panama into a financial center – and a haven for tax evasion and money laundering – as well as a passage for shipping, with which these practices were at first entwined when Panama began to register foreign ships to carry fuel for the Standard Oil company in order for the corporation to avoid US tax liabilities. ( 2 ) The Panama canal begun by the French in 1881  and taken over by the U.S  in 1902 and opened officially in 1914. ( 3 ) Of course as with everything that these types did, strong arm tactics were used to get what they wanted. What they wanted was money and more of it and power, total power to do what they wanted and control, let us control the world and all of its wealth.

Leon Czolgosz

“I am not sorry for my crime. I killed the president because he was the enemy of the good people, the good working people.”

In 1901, President McKinley is shot by Leon Czolgosz, a factory worker who lost his job in a JP Morgan takeover. Czolgosz had joined the growing anarchist movement and McKinley’s big business ties made him a target. Czolgosz worked at the Cleveland Rolling Mill Company, a steel mill in Cleveland Ohio. After the economic crash of 1893, when the factory closed for some time and looked to reduce wages, the workers went on strike, putting Leon and his brothers out of work. The company reached its peak in the late 1890s, at which point it had become a major integrated producer of pig iron, Bessemer steel, and steel products, employing a workforce of over 8,000 people. In 1899 the Cleveland Rolling Mill Company was absorbed into the American Steel and Wire Company of New Jersey, which was in turn merged into J. P. Morgan’s U.S. Steel conglomerate two years later.

The process of creating a monopoly through the elimination of competition and the maximization of profits by slashing the workforce and reducing their wages is named after JP Morgan. But as profits soar, working conditions sink. Pay reduces so that the average worker earns barely a dollar a day, Over 90% of Americans survive on less than $100 per month. Working hours and workplace fatalities increase. In a single year, more men die inside a steel mill than died at the Battle of Gettysburg.” More information on this can be found at HERE.

Morgan was primarily responsible for the creation of U.S. Steel. This company was the first ever to reach $1 billion in value, and went on to dominate the market for a number of years.
Prior to the 1896 election, there was growing outrage at Morgan’s methods, as well as that of his contemporaries. Morganization led to a large number of deaths in the steel mills. In the 1896 presidential election, William McKinley, who was the Republican candidate backed by Morgan and other wealthy businessmen, defeated the Democratic candidate, William Jennings Bryan, who threatened to bring down the “robber barons.”

“The class that has the power to rob on a large scale has also the power to control the government and legalize their robbery”..Eugene Debs.

We must add the words of Karl Marx: “The capitalist state pretends neutrality to maintain order, while serving the interests of the rich. The purpose of the state is to settle upper class disputes peacefully, control lower class rebellion, and adopt policies that would further the long-range stability of the system.”  (1) Below we will see such an idea in practice. (more…)

And the revolution continues… Thank you to all of the young queers who still understand and fight the fight as it should be fought. Compromise and reform are no way to win the battles. As Socialist Feminist Gloria Martin said, “We must change the system. If we do not we will be fighting the same old battles over and over.”

Conference on U.S. Foreign Military Bases
January 12 – 14, 2018, University of Baltimore
Learning Commons Town Hall, Baltimore, Maryland
Organized by: Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases

Fourteen prominent peace, justice and environmental organizations in the United States are collectively organizing a 3-day national conference on U.S. Foreign Military Bases on January 12-14, 2018, at the University of Baltimore, Maryland.

Conference Endorsers: • Alliance for Democracy • Alliance for Global Justice • Bangladesh Bar Council • Black Alliance for Peace • Canadian Peace Congress • CODEPINK • Environmentalists Against War • Gaza Freedom Flotilla Coalition • Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space • Greater Brunswick PeaceWorks • International Action Center • Labor Fightback Network • Liberty Tree Foundation • MLK Justice Coalition • Nuclear Age Peace Foundation • Pax Christi Baltimore • PCUSA • Popular Resistance • United For Peace and Justice (UFPJ) • United National Antiwar Coalition • Upstate (NY) Drone Action • U.S. Peace Council • Veterans For Peace • War Resisters League • Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom—U.S. Section • World Beyond War • World Peace Council

You can join and support this Conference by:
Registering and attending the Conference.
Having your organization endorse the Conference.
Placing an ad or a solidarity message from your group in the Conference Journal.
Click Here for Conference Details, Registration and Endorsement


We support and join in this conference.

For more info see Facebook page HERE.