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If you don’t understand why an anarchist would want or need to cover their face, you probably aren’t doing many anarchist things yourself.

Ann Garrison of Black Star News has conducted an excellent interview with Cindy Sheenhan on the upcoming Women’s March on the Pentagon. To find out more about the march go to HERE. We  love what the march says,

To Confront the Bi-Partisan War Machine

In response to the continuing march of military aggression by the USA and to put an antiwar agenda back on the table of activists, we are calling for an Women’s (and allies) March on the Pentagon tentatively sent for the 51st anniversary of the 1967 big antiwar event in DC and subsequent march on the Pentagon that had 50,000 people!

If you don’t like Trump (and who doesn’t), we have something for you too! Just think TRUMP’S BLOATED FINGER IS ON THE NUCLEAR BUTTON!

However, this is NOT, nor will it turn into a Get Out the Vote Rally for the Democrat 1/2 of the War Party. This is a principled call to action against the entire rotten Empire.

This is a clearinghouse for volunteering and putting together the event—it will be updated regularly as more information is added.

The Interview:

Women’s March on the Pentagon: Confronting the Bipartisan War Machine

An Interview with Cindy Sheehan

Ann Garrison: Cindy Sheehan, I understand that you’ve started organizing a Women’s March on the Pentagon. Why?

Cindy Sheehan: Yes, Ann, thank you. I’m beginning to organize a Women’s March on the Pentagon because since 2007, when Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats regained a majority in the House of Representatives, there has been an incomprehensible absence of protesting the USA’s wars and empire. After Obama took over as president, the antiwar movement all but died. Now we have these huge Women’s Marches, Climate Marches, and so forth, but many of us think that one cannot separate the global emancipation of women or the destruction of our planet from the issue of war. I feel that instead of beating our heads against a wall to call on these liberal marches to address the issue, we should do what we can to address it ourselves.

AG: Have you set a date yet?

CS: We haven’t set a date yet, but there are some significant dates coming up. October 7 will be the anniversary of the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 and the Afghanistan War is now the longest running war in US history.

Also, October 21 will be the 51st anniversary of the 1967 March on the Pentagon to Confront the War Makers organized by the National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam.

AG: And what will you do if Rachel Maddow and the rest of the corporate media start shrieking that only Kremlin tools would organize a March on the Pentagon?

CS: Well, considering that Rachel Maddow and the rest of the corporate media are tools of the Pentagon, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did start shrieking about “Kremlin tools” organizing a march on the Pentagon. Of course, these days everything’s Russia’s fault, and I’m sure that the midterm elections in November of this year will create a lot of liberal pushback against this March on the Pentagon. Unlike the previous Climate Marches and Women’s Marches, the Women’s March on the Pentagon will not be a Get-Out-the-Vote Rally for the Democrat half of the war party. But we really need to highlight that war and peace is not a liberal, conservative, or partisan issue; it’s a survival issue. And of course we have to be ready for the slings and arrows of people like Rachel Maddow and the rest of the corporate media because that’s the way it always is, but the more attention we get for our cause the better.

AG: In the current environment, with Twitter, Facebook, and the YouTube all submitting to governmental pressure to curtail dissent and promote Russophobia, do you have a backup social media plan?

CS: Since we are just starting to organize it, I think people should keep on checking Facebook for the Women’s March on the Pentagon. Of course Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox will have information. We’ll probably put a website together. But to circumvent this Twitter, Facebook, Youtube collaboration with the federal government, we have to go back to organizing the old-fashioned way, including e-mail. And when I call e-mail old-fashioned, that shows how far we’ve come. But over 100,000 people got to the March on the Pentagon to Confront the War Makers in 1967, and more than 500,000 people got to the Vietnam Moratorium March on Washington in 1969 without social media or e-mail. The organizers used face-to-face contact. They handed out flyers, went to events, and called friends and family to promote it.

And we will use social media. There are some new ones coming out that are thus far more free of government censorship.

Under the cover of the pre-Winter Olympics thaw between North and South Korea and the momentary lull in the “fire and fury” rhetoric from the Trump White House, there are growing signs that the Pentagon and the CIA are pressing ahead with preparations for a preemptive war against North Korea, including the use of nuclear weapons.

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We Remember Never Again!

Posted: January 27, 2018 in Fight Back


Holocaust Remembrance: We all wear the triangle written by Kittredge Cherry is a must read. Ms. Cherry begins her article this way:

International Holocaust Remembrance Day (Jan. 27) honors the victims of the Nazi era, including the estimated 5,000 to 60,000 sent to concentration camps for homosexuality.
The United Nations set the date as the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest Nazi death camp, in 1945.
Established by the UN in 2005, International Holocaust Remembrance Day recalls the state-sponsored extermination of 6 million Jews and 11 million others deemed inferior by the Nazis, including LGBTQ people, Slavic peoples, Soviet prisoners of war, Gypsies and others not of the “Aryan race,” the mentally ill, the disabled, people, and religious dissidents such as Jehovah’s Witnesses and Catholics. Holocaust Remembrance Day aims to help prevent future genocides.
Approximately 100,000 men were arrested from 1933 and 1945 under Paragraph 175, the German law against homosexuality. They were imprisoned or sent to concentration camps. Only about 4,000 survived.
The defeat of the Nazis brought liberation for most prisoners in the concentration camps, but some of those accused of homosexuality were re-imprisoned in post-war Germany based on evidence found by the Nazis.

To read the rest of the article go to HERE.

There is art work, videos, and good links in this article.

The Legion of Queer Anarchists have been doing some research on the group of Nazi’s that marched in Hartford last December. We thank them for sending this out to all of us. We will publish from the Legion of Queer Anarchists research. This is what the Legion of Queer Anarchists has to say.

Please know that this is the group that came to Hartford, CT on Dec. 29th. We’ve been doing a lot of research on these people and would like to share some of the results. They have a platform. It includes eugenics and white nationalism as core pieces. It also includes things that would absolutely bring in moderates – they really like healthcare reform, sustainable energy, and utilizing resources from space to help the planet. These are the kinds of things that made the National Front in France and Golden Dawn in Greece popular. Remember your Bernie Bro friend that voted for Trump because of how he felt about the primaries? That’s the guy that these people are looking for. They will be in your streets, maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow, but sometime soon. These are your neighbors, your lawyers, your healthcare professionals, and your garbage men. They are also fascists.

Pieces of their platform, and an image of their flag, saying that “Feminists Get The Rope” are included.


For the original article on their march in Hartford go to HERE.