A friend of the political and religious right. A divider. A BIG JERK OF THE WEEK.

Posted: January 21, 2018 in Be on your guard, Call to Action, Fight Back, jerk of the week, Queer Thoughts, To the Guillotine

 I say how dare she bring such a sign to the Women’s March. Just think what the political and religious right can do with that sign. She shows to me that she is in bed with them and not the queer / trans community friend or comrade. She is a divider not a person who is interested in forming a united front against the political / religious right, trump, his boys and this dirty rotten system.  She think she is cute. Well she is not. I wish someone had grabbed her sign an ripped it up. She is a pawn for the right. I wish she had been at the same march as us. We would have told her off. Can’t say we would have knocked her cold as that would not be very nice. But you know once this shit from the right really gets rolling there will be no time for silly signs such as this. No time for such people who are in the way of the new day. Off her some would say. We can only say we are glad she doesn’t live near us. Glad she wasn’t near us. There is a war going on and I intend to fight for all of my people. The person in the photo need not apply. She sleeps with the bosses. She sleeps with those who would be delighted if they could get rid of us. No she is not our friend and not our comrade.

I will never forget back at NYC PRIDE in 1973 when folks like her tried to boo our sister Sylvia Rivera off the stage. Some of us tried hard to fight back. All I could think was how dare they. How dare they do this to one of our revolutionary sisters. How dare they do this to one of our liberation warriors. How dare they do this to our trans sister who had always been out front in the fight when some of these white suburban gays and lesbians where just coming out.

In 1999 as a member of the Ct. Stonewall Foundation and Congress I had the privilege of introducing Sylvia at our forum. Nasty letters had been circulating via the G & L rag the Metroline denouncing drag queens, trans folks and the Bi-community. We were honored to bring Sylvia to town who spoke to a crowd. Somewhere out there in You Tube land is a video of me introducing Sylvia and her speech. All in all what I want to say is that for me whenever I hear a knocking from our people I fight like hell to open the door. I stand up against anyone who tries to bring our trans sisters and brothers down. ( I don’t give a rats ass who they are as I can make noise with the best.) You try to tell us shit like the women in the photo. Nah, I don’t sit down for it. I stand up and fight. I thought that someday it would get better. Well it hasn’t.

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