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Joint statement from Radical Women and Freedom Socialist Party

Christine Blasey Ford and Anita Hill

It is time for swift-striking gender insurgency. Time for
women guerrillas, [21st] century Amazons, mad shrieks of
protest, and careful mobilization of political battalions.
Goddammit, sisters: Let’s get revolutionary. Let’s understand
that the private profit system is at the bottom of all this horror,
and let’s catapult ourselves on to the mainstage of history.
–Clara Fraser, Radical Women and Freedom Socialist Party co-founder

The system has only begun to get a taste of U.S. women’s anger. The Kavanaugh nomination hearings call out women’s outrage against the sexual violence that every woman is subject to. In addition, it lays bare the whole system of class, race and gender privilege in this patriarchal capitalist system. Who but these super-wealthy white males could engage in such brutal, gang-rape activities and not only get away with it but have it tolerated as “boys will be boys”? And even find women willing to defend them!

The Senate Judiciary Committee hearings were an utter sham, as is Jeff Flake’s last- minute call for an FBI investigation. Does he want the truth to come out? No, he just wants to cool things off. But women won’t calm down like “good girls.”

It is time for protest in the streets, time to go beyond limited “Give Now” activism. Radical Women and Freedom Socialist Party applaud the 200 feminists arrested so far in Washington, D.C. We need to keep the pressure on with more and bigger actions. So where do we go next?

The rage against blatant sexual violence needs to fuse with the righteous anger of women of color whose communities are under daily attack by murderous police; with immigrant families fleeing violence and poverty only to be denied sanctuary or imprisoned in U.S. jails; with women denied access to their full range of reproductive rights, including support for families in poverty. Sisterhood needs to embrace Syrian women and their children who are dying from U.S. bombs, and it needs to reach out to transgender people and indigenous women who face astronomical rates of rape and murder.

The fight won’t end with Kavanaugh or the mid-term elections. Let’s not forget the casual abuse of sexual power that also typified the Democratic figureheads – from J.F. Kennedy and Ted Kennedy to Bill Clinton. A system based on women’s subjugation does not deserve our loyalty or our adherence to laws that oppress us.

We must wreak women’s rage on all pillars of sexist, racist patriarchy and end the rule of the rich. Our freedom lies in building a socialist world of true equality, where the formerly oppressed rule on behalf of all, where collective wealth is used wisely and democratically to end the poverty, wars and violence of this criminal system.

Let’s bring the future that Clara Fraser predicted: “a new global upsurge of women like you have never seen, one that will engulf every economic relationship, every institution, every government.” Use the contact information below to share your ideas and let us know about your actions. Let’s find ways to work together to mount this offensive for all of humanity!

Let us never forget.

Video by Orin Blomberg. Music by Dave Rovics, Song We have Fed You All For A Thousand Years, written by an unknown Proletarian, music composed by Rudolf von Liebich.

Gay Historian Will Roscoe has written about Frank Little and we want to share the links to his essays.

The Murder of Frank Little found HERE.

The Murder of Frank LIttle. An Injury To One Is An Injury To All. HERE.

Butte A Photo Essay found HERE.

Unsolved Mystery. Write delves into controversial 1917 death of union leader. Montana Standard: Found HERE.

Historian Will Roscoe’s page is found HERE.

We could never post an article about Frank Little without also posting our favorite poster of him. Our words to live by.


“In 1981, ten Irish Republicans jailed in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh staged a hunger strike to win status as political prisoners. Margaret Thatcher’s government refused. Beginning with Bobby Sands, all ten died as a result of British intransigence.
The Hunger Strikers Memorial on Maple Avenue in Hartford, Connecticut is the only monument of its kind in the United States. Established by the Hartford Unit of the Irish Northern Aid Committee and local Irish-Americans, the monument features a bed of green, white, and orange flowers that form the Irish flag. The Celtic Cross is surrounded by a half-circle of 32 small bushes representing the 32 counties of Ireland.
The cross has Bobby Sands’ name on the front. On the sides and back are the names of the other republican martyrs: Patsy O’Hara, Francis Hughes, Raymond McCreesh, Kieran Doherty, Kevin Lynch, Thomas McIlwee, Mickey Devine, Joe McDonnell and Martin Hurson. The memorial also includes Frank Stagg and Michael Gaughan who died on hunger strike in England.
It’s said that ex-prisoners in Northern Ireland carry pictures of this monument in their wallets.”

In memory



Moca, Dominican Republic – September 12-13, 2018

The Continental Meeting of Peace Organizations attached to the World Peace Council (WPC) in the region of the Americas and the Caribbean was held in Moca, Dominican Republic, on September 12 and 13 of 2018, under the presidency of Socorro Gomez, WPC President, and Regional Coordinator Silvio Platero with the participation of representatives of peace organizations from 10 countries of the continent.

This important biennial meeting was attended by peace leaders and fighters from the Dominican Union of Journalists for Peace (UDPP, the Spanish acronym), host organization of the meeting; the Canadian Peace Congress (CPC); the Movement for Peace, Solidarity and Sovereignty of Argentina (MOPASSOL); the Peace Council of Brazil (Cebrapaz); the Cuban Movement for Peace and Sovereignty of the Peoples (Movpaz); the Peace Council of the United States (USPC); the Mexican Movement for Peace and Development (MOMPADE) and the Peace Council of Guyana. It was also recognized the presence of delegates from Chile and Puerto Rico.

The meeting approved the Report presented by the Regional Coordinator summarizing the work in promotion of peace in the continent since the last meeting, held in Toronto, Canada, in July 2016. It was appreciated that multiple and diverse actions and initiatives of denounce and social mobilization were carried out by the organizations in these two years of hard fight against the strategies of imperialism and its NATO allies that stubbornly try to impose their geopolitical and economic order in the world and particularly in this continent.

Each one of the peace organizations attending the meeting presented its Report on the work displayed during this period and informed in detail its actions in favor of peace in its own country and the continent as a whole.

The relevance of the WPC Meeting held in Sao Luis, state of Maranhao, Brazil, in November 2016 for the coordination of the struggle for peace at world and continental levels was also highlighted. Said meeting had an ample representation of organizations from several world regions that reiterated their condemnation of imperialism and its NATO allies and the imperialist aggressions in several parts of the planet. (more…)

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Police Cmdr. Jon Burge, whose name became synonymous with torture, a web of tainted court convictions and more than $100 million in settlements with wrongfully convicted defendants who lost decades of their lives in jail, has died in Florida at 70, according to Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police.
Burge, who had battled cancer, was a commander at Area 2 on the South Side. He headed a “midnight crew” of officers accused of systemic abuse of more than 100 African-American suspects. The cases stretched from the 1970s to 1991 and drew the attention of the London-based human rights organization Amnesty International, which called for an inquiry.

September 23 has been celebrated around the world as Bi Visibility Day or International Celebrate Bisexuality Day since 1999. The day aims to provide a platform to the bisexual community and their supporters and to bring global attention to the social, economic and cultural prejudices and challenges faced by bisexual people.

As we always have, from the early days to now support our Bisexual comrades. Today and everyday we thank our comrades, Jennifer Hadlock, Alice Liebowitz, our dear friend Cheryl Linnear, Alvin, and many others in the Bi community who brought awareness to their issues. We celebrate all of you. We remember quite well the arguments in our movement about inclusion of the Bi community and have always stood with them. We felt then as we do now, that when that knocking is heard in the community we respond and open the door. Here is a few items from our timeline Challenging and Changing America; The Struggle for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Civil Rights 1900-1999 about the Bisexual Community in the Hartford area.

In 1984 the first East Coast conference on Bisexuality is held at the University of Connecticut. This conference is attended by Bisexual activists from the Hartford area.

1989: A proposal brought to the Connecticut Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights to include the Bisexual community in the title of the organization is met with debate over Bisexual strength or the lack of it to warrant inclusion into the title. Members of the Coalition who were opposed to the addition stated that the Coalition would still conduct outreach and educational programs on bisexual issues. The Coalition agreed to add the term bisexual to any brochures as well as to discussion topics.

1992: A lobbying campaign to include Bisexuals in the title and organization of the upcoming March on Washington begins. Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay and Trans activists sign a letter in support of Bisexual inclusion. Many of us in the Hartford Community signed on. Openly Bisexual people take key leadership roles in local and regional organizing for the march. The title of the march then is changed to the 1993 March on Washington for Lesbian, gay, Bisexual Equal Rights and Liberation.

1993: Out and Open Bisexual Democratic City Council candidate Susan Hyde wins election in Hartford.

1993: A Bisexual married Women’s group is formed in Boston and in Hartford.

1995: Members of the newly formed Bi-Conn raise the issue of inclusion of Bisexual and Transgender in the name of the Congress of Lesbian and Gay Organizations. The demand is answered with a newly formed organization called the Stonewall Congress.

1995: Bi-Conn meets in Norwalk and changes its name to Conn-Bi-Nation-BI.W.A, “Bisexuals with Attitude.

1995: Conn-Bi-Nation-BI.W.A is the first out and open Bisexual Group to march in Connecticut’s Pride parade.

Cheryl Linnear as Pride’s Grand Marshal. (forgot the year but how we did yell for her as the convertible came rolling by)

1997:  3rd year law student and Bisexual activist Jennifer Hadlock asks for the inclusion of Bisexual and Transgender in the UCONN Gay and Lesbian Law Student Association and the group votes to change its name to the Lamba Law Student Association. The group was the first out and open Bisexual Group to march in Connecticut’s Pride Parade.

1997: State Representative Evelyn Mantilla comes out as a Bisexual woman and proposes to her partner Babette at LGBT Pride in Hartford. Mantilla was elected to represent Hartford’s 4th House district in a special election in 1997 and came out as the state’s first openly Bisexual representative. (To have this happen at a event attended by many from organizations that bisexual and Trans* people felt were paying them only lip service pushed the outsider minority status right out the door. We were very proud of Evelyn that day and proud to be counted among her supporter and workers on her campaigns. Viva Mantilla we use to yell whenever Evelyn took the stage.)

1998: The Bisexual Pride Flag is unveiled in December.

1999: International Celebrate Bisexuality Day is founded by three Bisexual Activists in the U.S. The main purpose of the day was to bring visibility to a community that has for long been ignored, marginalized and discriminated against. This was the first time that an observance solely for the Bisexual community was instituted.

1999: On July 22 Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual elected officials from around the nation meet with President Bill Clinton to educate him on local and federal issues facing the community. Hartford’s 4th District representative Evelyn Mantilla attends the meeting and talks about the second parent adoption bill, the addition of a DOMA like amendment to it and the need for inclusion of Transgender issues in civil-rights legislation.

1999: Con-Bi-Nation and BiNet USA host the First International Celebrate Bisexuality Day at the Macaroni Grille in West Hartford. The event is held to promote visibility of Bisexuals in mainstream society. The day is celebrated nationwide as a day for members of the Bisexual Community and their supporters to recognize and celebrate Bisexual history, the community and culture.

So happy day and week to all of you.



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How about some jerks of the week. You know the award we give out every once in awhile to some rather fucked up people. Well Pink News had an article that we knew we had to share with all of you and then take it one step further by giving out our award. Are you ready folks for some big jerks from up in Maine who want to ban banned books.

Anti Gay Preachers want LGBT Books Banned.  

Pink News UK
By Nick Duffy
19th September 2018

Local church leaders tried to censor a library’s display of banned books, in order to remove books referencing homosexuality.

The coalition of preachers took exception to the display at Rumford Public Library in Maine, which marked the American Library Association’s annual Banned Books Week.

Annual rankings for Banned Books Week are consistently dominated by LGBT-themed books, which still face disproportionate censorship and complaints across the US.
In a bitterly ironic twist, the display standing up against book censorship has itself faced calls for book censorship, after attracting attention from conservative church leaders.
You got that?

They want to ban the books that are banned!

Here is a list of those books.

My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness by Kabi Nagata and Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan.
And Tango Makes Three, based on the real-life story of a gay penguin couple, and lesbian-themed classic The Color Purple.”

Nowhere in the letter did the men object to the BDSM-themed erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey, which was also part of the display, despite their explicit objection to PG-themed children’s books.
So BDSM is okay, but LGBTQ is not.

What did the library say?
Fournier [a library employee] said: “I’ve been coming to this library just about every day since I was five years old, and I now work here.

“Those complaining, you don’t come here. I don’t see you. This is the first time I’ve seen any of you show up to a meeting.

“Where were you when we were talking about what we’re going to do for the troubled kids that come here? Did you know that we feed these kids?

Fournier continued to point out misleading and hypocritical claims that were made in support of censoring the display.

She said: “I’m getting frustrated. I’ve been yelled at for doing my job. The library code of ethics says we are not supposed to censor.

“This display, you’re all saying you don’t want it in the eyes of your children. But it’s upstairs in the adult section!
Some rabble-rouser sent out a call to action and once again they protest not knowing the facts.

We have to protect the kids! they scream, (Heard that before!)

Oh it in the adult section… not important… We have to protect the kids!

Furbirdsqueerly stands up for the right of everyone to read any book they want. Our people certainly know our history and if anyone reading this doesn’t we take this from our timeline:  The National Socialist Party begins its war against homosexuals in Germany. In May, The Institute for Sexual Science and Magnus Hirschfeld’s library are ransacked, and the books burned in the street.

Students of the Deutsche Studentenschaft, organized by the Nazi party, parade in front of the Institute for Sexual Research in Berlin on May 6, 1933. They later attacked it, looting the archives, and setting afire much of the material.

Interesting note: The charter of the institute had specified that in the event of dissolution, any assets of the Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld Foundation (which had sponsored the Institute since 1924) were to be donated to the Humboldt University of Berlin. Hirschfeld also wrote a personal will while in exile in Paris, leaving any remaining assets to his students and heirs Karl Giese and Li Shiu Tong (Tao Li) for the continuation of his work. However, neither stipulation was carried out. The West German courts found that the foundation’s dissolution and the seizure of property by the Nazis in 1934 was legal. The West German legislature also retained the Nazi amendments to Paragraph 175, making it impossible for surviving gay men to claim restitution for the destroyed cultural center.

Note: An excellent article re-published recently in Freedom Socialist is Guerry Hoddersen’s article, The High Price of Ignoring Teenage Fascists. This article was first published in 1999 after the Columbine High School massacre but remains relevant today. The article is found HERE.

Flagrant Violations of Voting Rights in CT

Nominating petitions for Iraq War Veteran and socialist Senate candidate still not checked
Signatures illegally rejected
Town clerks beginning to revise signature count

For Immediate Release

Contact: Ernie Gotta: 860-967-9836

Dozens of nominating petitions for US Senate candidate Fred Linck (an Iraq War veteran and Socialist Action candidate) are still in the hands of town clerks, weeks after their deadline (possibly containing hundreds of uncounted signatures), and initial examinations of counted signatures suggests that clerks have been illegally rejecting hundreds, if not thousands of signatures.

With more than 6,700 signatures already verified, it is clear that there are easily enough valid signatures among the remaining uncounted or rejected signatures (some 4,200) to bring the total above the 7,500 needed for ballot status. Registrars and clerks in Hartford and New Haven have already admitted to serious errors and have begun to revise their signature counts.

Since Wednesday, September 12th campaign volunteers have been reviewing rejected signatures on nominating petitions.

Within the first two hours they found that:
71 voters were ruled off by Hartford town clerks for being unaffiliated – which is not a legal reason to reject signatures for an independent candidate.
25 voters were ruled off in New Haven for being inactive – not a legal reason to reject signatures unless the date of birth is missing (these voters have included their birth-dates)
72 legible signatures were ruled off in New London for being illegible

Volunteers have since found numerous signatures on Bridgeport petitions that were ruled off for being inactive as well. They are also finding that a very high percentage of signers marked as unregistered are in fact registered. For instance, in a sample of 27 rejected signatures from Wethersfield, 12 show up on the voter rolls (or 44.4%).

The violations discovered so far in the sample suggest that hundreds, and likely thousands of signatures have been illegally rejected by town clerks. Even a conservative estimate provides enough signatures to qualify Linck for ballot status.

Volunteers also found that 56 petition sheets are missing, presumably still in town clerk offices where they were supposed to be checked weeks ago. 56 petition sheets can contain up to 1,680 signatures.

Even half-filled, the 56 missing sheets alone would provide enough signatures to qualify Linck for ballot status.

“We have been astonished to find such obvious and glaring errors in the validation of our signatures” said Fred Linck. “We fully expect to qualify for the ballot when the signatures are reviewed and counted properly.”


Nikki Janelle Enriquez was a 28 year old translatina who died at the hands of a U.S Border Patrol agent last Friday, September 15th. The agent has been arrested and charged with murder.

Our friend Polly sent us a note the other day how appalling it was to take a walk down the Via Veneto in Rome. She is there for a short visit with a friend and they went out walking. Being lovers of Federico Fellini’s work and knowing of a plaque dedicated to him on the street they went out in search of it. Fellini had filmed La Doice Vita in 1960 mostly centered in the Via Veneto area in a movie where the street became the star. Well before they could come upon the plaque they came upon a jewelry store. In the window was a cigarette lighter price $10,000. It was made of gold and diamonds. “I find it astounding that anyone would pay $10,000 for a cigarette lighter,” said May, Polly’s friend. “Well,” said Polly, “I find it astounding that the poor or the working poor haven’t broken the window and stole the damn lighter, or at least burned down the store and killed the owner of such a place.” “But you know May, its coming, yes and no one will be able to stop it when it does.  Remember the words of Madame Defarge when she said, “But when it is ready, it takes place, and grinds to pieces everything before it. In the meantime, it is always preparing, though it is not seen or heard. Yes that is your consolation. Keep it.”

and so we heed the words, Revolution can happened suddenly, our job is to be ready for it.