Bessy Marie does Brattleboro, all alone.

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“You know.” said Olga, “not to sound corny here or like some greeting card, but indeed sometimes life does get in the way.” When one has to work for their own daily bread there is no time for play unless of course one has a job that includes playing. Once away back in the day I had a job that all I had to do was every once in awhile lift my head up and say “Goodnight.” and that was only for three people. Once they got out of my way I could do anything I wanted. Just lock the door and play, play, play. So for eight hours, sometimes eight long hours I played. Never invited anyone in to play with me as that was against the rules and there were cameras everywhere. Sure as shit Old CG would look at the camera’s every morning. Probably got off watching me play.

Well Bessy had a vacation all planned and Olga had no time off since this was a new job, no playing allowed, in this job, they watch us like hawks watching for their dinner, nosey that’s their name Mr. and Miss Nosey watching the cameras, make one false move, if they like you they will call you on the phone, if not announce for all to hear on the radio what you are doing that is against the rules. You know that power thing. Even all though not one of them have any right to power they have it by hook or by crook and now they wield it like tyrants. Petty tyrants as a matter of fact. Little pinching bugs of the first order.

Go Bessy Marie Go!

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Pick a spot, Bessy Marie, any spot and Bessy Marie chose Brattleboro Vermont. Not far away, just a bit over 3 hours, the lay over in Springfield is what gets to one, making all passengers in the Business Class irritable “a fucking 45 mins”, old Joe said, “is just too long to be hanging around in Springfield waiting for another train to come along the track that we need.” Yes folks getting to Vermont is on one track and nothing had better be coming down the track going the other way. “Good thing I don’t have a connection to make,” white hair with heavy perfume yelled out in the air. Nobody is listening, and everyone cares, as no one not Bessy Marie or anyone else riding the train, would want to be derailed and end up in gully, now that would be a delay.


Bessy Marie had reserved a room at the Latchis Hotel in downtown, a Art Deco place built in 1938 by the Latchis family as a testament to the life and work of Demetrius P. Latchis, the building was billed as “a town within a town — all under one roof” because of the multiple shops contained within. Situated in Brattleboro, this hotel is within a 15-minute walk of Brattleboro Museum & Art Center and Brattleboro Common right on Main Street for anyone who doesn’t have a car its a dream come true. Here is my review of the Latchis Hotel in downtown Brattleboro.

The Latchis Hotel

by Bessy Marie

First I must thank Olga for “finding” this hotel. I would be hard pressed to come up with much to complain about here. If anything ever was worthy of being called the cat’s pajama’s it is this Art Deco Style Hotel. I spent three nights as if a small bug in an elegant clutch purse. The lobby floors and furnishings, the glittery check-in desk area giving the absolute feeling of time travel to the late 1930’s were wonderful. The staff were all helpful and courteous. The bed room was very nice with two large windows to look out to Main and Flat Street. The intergrity of the 1930’s is maintained by the choices for furniture and a mirror framed in simple wood. Very clean but old fixtures in the bathroom and very good hot water in the shower. The bed was not at all lumpy, old or smelly as some have complained in reviews nor was there any loud noise outside in the street after dark. How happy I was to find 3 full boxes of tissue, one on each night stand and one in the bathroom. (most of the modern hotels have those thin boxes inserted in the bathroom wall that always run out in no time. Tissue in each room may sound like a minor point but it is really quite appreciated as usually in other hotels I have found that the tissue runs out after a short time. The hotel does allow dogs to stay over night. The room is specially cleaned after each stay. The policy allows one pet, 220lbs and the fee is $40.00 per night. For myself and some other folks who suffer from animal allergies we can only hope that the hotel does specially clean the rooms after each pet stay. Barking is not permitted I hope and that the pet must leave the hotel when its family goes out.

I must say that I have never stayed in a hotel where the front desk closes down at 10:00pm. No check in after that hour. All hotel guests are give keys, yes real keys to the front doors so if they arrive back at the hotel after ten they can let themselves in. There is an emergency number to call if anything happens after 10:00pm.

A real special part of this is the hotel is connected to the Latchis Theater an absolute jewel of a place and the crowing jewel of the Latchis experience. The Zodiac signs on the ceiling, the murals of Greek goddesses and gods, the elegant entry areas all added to the time travel experience. Yes indeed I am a bug in an Art Deco clutch purse; wearing the cat’s pajama’s so giddy that I’ve mixed up the metaphors. Bessy gives the Latchis Theater and Hotel FIVE BIG STARS and hope that this wonderful place goes on for another eighty years.

The wonderful Latchis Hotel in downtown Brattleboro

Part of the Art Deco Lobby

In March 2003, the Brattleboro Arts Initiative, in partnership with the Preservation Trust of Vermont, purchased the Latchis Memorial Building which included the four screen Latchis Theater, the 60-room hotel, a ballroom and various other businesses.

Next door is the Latchis Theater a treat all in itself. Went to see a Star is Born staring Lady Gaga. Well the theater is stunning.

OUT for a Walk

Walking is best when one is visiting a new town. Well its good anytime, not only for health reasons but for all the things one can see in a few city blocks, or out in the woods. A small sampler of what I saw while walking around the town.

The Strolling of the Heifers and the River Garden.

Strolling of the Heifers is headquartered at the Robert H. Gibson River Garden, a beautiful building prominently located at 157 Main Street in the heart of downtown Brattleboro.
The River Garden is a public resource for the Brattleboro region. This 4,500 square-foot space will continue to be available as a public resource for informal uses. On a daily basis, they host for free Brown Bag Lunch events at noon, and we offer free wi-fi to visitors. The Brown Bag Lunch the day I was there was on democracy.

Building a Peaceable Kingdom, Art Rat For Peace

One of my favorite pieces from the art show.

At the  Gallery at The Garden

Robt. H. Gibson River Garden, 157 Main St., (802) 246-0982,
“Building a Peaceable Community” by Namaya Art Rat for Peace includes works from a recent retrospective show at the New Orleans Art Center. These Peace & Human Rights projects celebrate Vermont and a variety of national and global issues through a decade of work—art, multimedia, poetry, and performance—”helped by a small legion of peace fairies, activists, fellow Veterans for Peace, and our amazing team.” A portion of proceeds from any sales will help the children of Ayman Nijim and assist him in bringing them here from Gaza. Further info and October events at The River Garden is open to the public Mon.-Fri. 9-5 and Sat. 12-4, except during event rentals. ( 1 )

The river garden view was wonderful. What a peaceful place to sit and relax and watch in the distance the Connecticut River Flow by.

Come on out for some Fun in the Streets

Now I didn’t get to witness the Strolling of the Heifers as that parade and festival happens in June but wanted to let all of our readers know about this wonderful event. Next year I know where Olga and I will be.


So what’s this strolling of the Heifers? A celebration of the farmers of Vermont and connecting people with healthy local food, encouraging and facilitating innovation and entrepreneurship in the farm/food sector, and supporting the development of stronger local food systems and health, sharing, connected and resilient communities is found in the mission statement of the Strolling of the Heifers. The event was founded by Orly Munzing in 2001 as she and farmer Dwight Miller strolled though his orchard, Mr. Miler said, “Farmers are slowly going out of business. People don’t know where their foods comes from. If they knew how hard farming is, they’d support their local farmers.”she took Millers words to heart and had an inspiration after recently visiting Pamplona, Spain the site of the Running of the Bulls. As a way of honoring and supporting local farmers she envisioned a slower, friendlier, female version of the Running of the bulls– The Strolling of the Heifers. Farmers would bring their heifer calves, lead them up the historic Mains Street of Brattleboro and afterward, there would be a festival where people could meet the farmers and learn about local foods. ( 2 )

You know the wonderful event is not until June but you can bet that both Olga and I will be on the train coming up here again to cheer on the famers, their Heifers and whatever else is in the parade and at the festival.

Three Lovely’s out for a stroll down Main Street. Oh Oh those eyes those big brown eyes.


Bessy Marie had spied a nice bridge crossing the Connecticut River. I wonder if I can get to the other side by crossing that bridge there must be a walkway. “Well,” said Olga on the phone, “just be careful of any trolls that sit under the bridge or in the woods on the other side. No telling what trolls can be up to exp. as now fall is starting and they get busy preparing for winter.” “Always the cautious one, that Olga,”  thought Bessy Marie and she went across the bridge anyway.

The Connecticut River from the Bridge.

On the New Hampshire Side of the River. Stopped off in the woods.

The Bridge and Brattleboro Museum and Art Center. (downstairs is the Amtrak train station)


Emily Mason: To Another Place

Brattleboro Museum and Art Center

October 5 2018-February 10, 2019.



















Marrow of the Day (2005), oil on canvas. courtesy of Miles McEnery Gallery, NY.

Cutting Edge, 2014, oil on canvas, 26 1/4 x 22 inches.

I was lucky to see such a wonderful show at the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center of work by Emily Mason. Not knowing who she is or what her work is like what a delight. Being a lover of abstract painting it was wonderful to just hang out with her work. This show reminds me of how I would love to be a security officer working in a museum or gallery looking at the art all day and everyday. One can learn so much more that with a half hour visit or whatever time folks spend in a show. Maybe two minutes at one painting. As an introduction to the exhibition the chief curator  Mara Williams had this to say, “On a fall evening some 25 years ago, I walked out the front door of the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center with Emily Mason just as the sun was disappearing in the sky across the plaza, behind the old, one-story Brattleboro Co-op. She stood still and gazed with a rapt expression on her upturned face and remarked with wonder in her voice, “Oh, the lavender!”
I stared at a sky streaked with gold, pink, and blue and thought, What is she seeing? Glancing at the buildings on Main Street, I saw golden light striking the bricks and deep maroon shadows, but no lavender. Nor was there any in the recesses of the yellow-toned Latchis Hotel and Theatre. As my eyes darted around the scene, the voice in my head kept asking, Where is the lavender? Then, slowly it bloomed in the subtly tinted air between the sky and our faces—lavender. Mason taught my eyes to see something they were unable to see. Her paintings do the same.”  I am so glad that this show will still be on so Olga can see it when we come up to Brattleboro.

Emily Mason has this to say about her painting from the documentary, Emily Mason: A Painting Experience by RAVA Films. I always begin a painting with a blank canvas and not any preconceived idea of what it’s going to look like. I just sort of react. I can’t predict it, so I let the materials suggest the next step and then take it from there.” It’s a process of letting a painting talk to you…I want painting to take me to a place I’ve never been.” Usually I just take a glance, captive by color I enjoyed spending time with these art works. These painting of Ms. Mason’s certainly do move us to another place and it was a joy to be with them if only for an afternoon.

One of my most delightful stops was at Delectable Mountain Cloth on Main Street. Olga would have gone wild in this store. Cloth and more cloth, silks never saw so many beautiful silks, linens, velvets, cottons, buttons, buttons, they got the buttons, and doilies beautiful lace doilies. I must buy a few of those for Olga to add to her collection.

Inside Delectable Mountain Cloth

One of the doilies for our collection.

Out to eat

You know Olga and I always love going out to eat. It gives me a day or night away from the kitchen which I well deserve since I have been at the stove for the last 40 years we have been together. Bessy Marie began cooking some 60 years ago the very first of so many at her mother’s knee. Yes she sometime licked the spoon but that wasn’t what attracted her to the kitchen. One has to eat so one might as well know how to cook and cook well. Olga cook, heaven help us if she even tries! Boil water maybe, can’t even soft boil an egg. You want to go on a forced crash diet let Olga do the cooking. Need to fill up the compost pile, let Olga work the kitchen. But everyone has their something and Olga does a heck of a job doing all of the laundry, dusting and cleaning, decorating and making sure our home is in order. One couldn’t find a more apt keeper of the linens than Olga and dear Olga has 1 Cedar Chest, 1 under the window chest, 3 draws in the buffet and a linen closet to maintain. Sorting and changing linens as the seasons change. So while I was out and about dear Olga stayed at home fending for herself, of course I left some nice homemade dinners and suggestions, hoping that peanut butter and crackers wasn’t all that she ate. Olga sometimes gets wrapped up in her art and writing that she forgets to eat.

Lunch at the Wonderful Turquoise Grille and Bar.

The Turquoise Grille & Bar certainly is a Turkish Delight. A real measured distance from the eatery below a world away in hygiene, service, and attractive presentation. Not disappointed at all. The Mint Tea was a beautiful pale amber color in a icy goblet with a steel swizzle straw and fresh sprig of mint leaves. Delicious! The owner as waiter was available but not hovering and knew just when to come to the table and when to stay away. Don’t you just hate it when the waiter comes over just when you have a mouthful of food and says, “How’s everything.” Answering could produce a choking incident and sure wouldn’t want to go to the great beyond while trying to tell a waiter how the food is, which most likely he could care less but is acting as trained as a waiter may be. For lunch I dined on a delicious chicken cabob with the right amount of charring and seasoning. (Saffron surely) The vegetables,Tomato, pale Green Frying Peppers, and sweet Onion pieces were grilled are expertly as the juicy chicken pieces. White Rice and a nice yogurt cup completed this savory lunch. Certainly on a roll today in this place. For desert I dinned on homemade pumpkin Cheese Cake pie made by the owners mother and a lovely cup of Turkish Coffee. “Please I said, tell you mother I could eat a half a pie such as this.” Four and 1/2 Stars for this wonderful dining experience.  A warning here maybe be “advisable. Possibly I am not use to Turkish Coffee but in any event about a half or 3/4 of an hour later I had an unblocking of any internal dam in my personal digestive canal. But to be fair the “beavers” who built the dam were probably down the road a piece at the Super Fresh Organic Café.   Dear Olga and I will certainly go to the Turguoise Grille & Bar for lunch or dinner when we come to Brattleboro over the Thanksgiving weekend.

You know some places are good and some places are not so hot. The Not So Hot Award goes to the Super Fresh Organic Café.

As Told To Olga by Bessy Marie

In so many of these types of restaurants there always is something that isn’t quite right that can turn you off and you wonder should I just get up and walk out the door. I strolled into the Super Fresh Organic Café to see what sort of lunch could be had. Music somewhat loud. The cooks and staff certainly didn’t appear all that fresh but then they wouldn’t be part of the menu as it is a vegetarian café. I took a seat near the window and was handed a wilted cloth napkin with utensils rolled up in it. Laughing to myself I remember what Peter had told Olga at one time, “I will still require a napkin even after the revolution.” I am a lover of soup as you well know Olga so I took a chance and ordered the mushroom soup which was brought rather quickly. Discovering that no soup spoon was in the roll of utensils I inquired at the work station counter for a spoon. The person behind the counter pulled out a spoon from down under and began to pick at the business end of the spoon. Dried food, rat turd, whatever? Looking at me he said, “I guess this is clean.” Surprised I said, “I would hope so, as I certainly do not care for a dirty spoon.”  Laughing nervously he almost magically produced another from below the counter. Back at the table I ordered a mushroom burger with side salad with vinaigrette dressing. A corked bottle of tepid water and a foggy looking Mason Jar was brought to the table. A mason jar for drinking, where do some people come up with such silly ideas. A this point I was beginning to become concerned about the basic hygiene of this establishment. Whetstone Brook is directly below the café and I wondered if the dishes, utensils and mason jar for water were all washed there and was the tepid water from the brook? It was a rather warm day and a shallow slow pool is the brook and could it possibly be the source of the drinking water as well? You know real down home organic, rough earth type, straight from the brook? The burger came on a concrete looking bun with seeds and such to give one the impression of sandstone and concrete combination. The Burger has a holding together firmness not totally unpleasant flavor and texture. There were just too many sprouts and other weeds in the salad and on the burger.

Now wouldn’t you know it! A fly came circling and buzzing around the table area. It seemed listless and landed on the table and very unimpressed with the fare before it. “Waiter even the fly is not going in the soup. (A sad sign I thought) I speculated that the fly got its signals crossed and was looking for a real hamburger. The fly needed no shooing as it climbed up the foggy window looking for an escape to maybe not so greener pastures. I ate only parts of the lunch and trying to wash it down with the brackish broth of what seemed like brook water. Now I can be as adventurous as the next gal and thought I’m in for the penny might as well go for the pound, not pound cake but a slice of pumpkin layer cake with vanilla butter frosting. Yes I thought this is more like it. The cake was flavorful and the frosting delicious.  The cake had nuts and probably plenty of fiber and my fleeting thoughts were that this dinner will produce plenty of B.M’s and hopefully not any late night dreams of forest fungi with fly paper, napkins and waitstaff creatures who equate dirtiness with earthiness and sanitation with conformity to Bourgeoise values. Rating of this place is 1 star out of 5 and that one star is for the cake.

And Another Place: The Brattleboro Food Co-op

Staying in a hotel room there isn’t all that much need for so much of the good stuff that the food co-op has to offer. Let me first offer this to them, “What a beautiful place.” My first night after arriving on a late train I went out to eat at their Deli. I dined on an excellent Fish Chowder, grilled in season root vegetables, not tough or hard at all, and to finish off this delicious dinner I had a brownie. I will be back to sample more of the food. The evening before the movie I went back to pick up something to eat in my room. The Turkey on sourdough bread came with thinly sliced cucumber and tomato fresh and tasty, along with a large chocolate chip cookie and a bottle of juice.  Since my room had a refrigerator I bought some yogurt, milk, crackers, spreadable Cabot cheese, and a few other items to have in the room. The store is open late which is nice and does change its hot buffet frequently.

But of course like everything else these type of food stores are expensive. I saw a jar of peanut butter for $9.99, I kid you not. This is a brand called Mara Natha with only as they say on the jar, two ingredients. Well now, now someone would say, it states right on the jar that “It all starts with the sun,” is gluten free, non GMO and the company is proud supporters of Bee conservation, and you still have to stir before using. The company is located in Lake Success New York. Now we are no fools and know that many so called “Health Foods” are the same. Out of reach for the working class or the poor. Out of reach as if only the rich, bourgeoisie, should be healthy. So far from the roots of the good food movement. You know we have gone on and on about this for years now and I guess we always will. As I stroll the store aisles I think back to Olga’s art work in the DADA show, After John Cage This Is Music, twenty two cans of beans stacked on a Pepto Bismol pink bench. Part of the booklet guide talked about BPA lining in cans of beans and how the cans without the BPA lining were so much more expensive compared to the other cans in the price comparison list.

Oh wait there is Dottie’s Discount where this and that is sent over from the Food Co-op, that old class layering, the hand me downs where those who want to be healthy and have not very much money can shop. Where the poor can look across Flat Street and see the glittering edifice of polished. Do they wish to be across the parking lot? Can they if they try hard enough pull themselves up by their own holey shoes stuffing in enough newspaper to keep out the water and lift them higher? Someone told me that if you shop at Dottie’s Discount be sure to check the sale by date and everything else you can think of. Damaged good, dents in cans, and all other indignities of tossing crumbs by those who have too much and think they are helping out. Fuck the rich.

Dottie’s Discount Foods is a department of the Brattleboro Food Co-op and is located on Flat St. next to Experienced Goods. Dottie’s offers discount prices on all types of food. Whether it be drinks, snacks, coffee, pasta, toiletries or candy the team at Dottie’s has a wide selection of delicious offerings. Every day save up to 80% off the suggested retail price. Every other Thursday we obtain a truck delivery of food so stop by to check out our delicious selection of foods. (every other Thursday, get that folks, line up with your bag, no plastic, and get healthy.)

Here is a review: “Now located in the Brattleboro Transportation Center, Dottie’s Discount Foods (operated by the Brattleboro Food Co-op) offers surplus organic groceries and other natural products at discounted prices. While I was in the area, I stopped in here recently on a nice Wednesday morning. The shelves were stocked with a decent selection of “generic/no-name” branded organic dry goods, canned goods, and jar goods such as pasta, rice, sauces, pickled vegetables, oils, dressings, cereals, snack foods, toaster tarts, and more. There are also natural beverages by the case lined up near the front window including Crayons Fruit Juices and a cooler section (looked half full) on the opposite side of the store. Most items have pretty good prices, while other items seem pricier. I picked up some packaged imported wheat potato pasta (outdated but looked fine) for $1.99 each.”

While some of the items thrown into the mix are pretty questionable, that’s part of the fun! Many items just have some minor cosmetic dings and dents on the packaging, and items nearing their expiration date are stored in the freezer. You never really know what you’ll get at Dottie’s, but I am consistently able to find good-quality yogurt (sometimes grassfed!), organic or pastured eggs, non-junky energy bars, and milk substitutes for a fraction of the Co-op price. Fresh vegetables are harder to come by, but they do occasionally carry sprouts and salad greens.

The poor will always be with us.

Think Local Buy Local
















There are no plastic bags used in Brattleboro. Such a treat not to see any caught in the branches of trees. Stores all use paper bags or you bring your own. No sweat off my brow as I always use my canvas bags and especially my little piggy goes to market bag sent all the way from London by our dear friend JET. The selection of cards below were purchased at Everybody’s Book Store and carried home in this wonderful paper bag.

Out walking around. Some of the things that I saw and liked.

Looking down Main Street. SAM’S is a great store.

The Vermonter at the Train Crossing. (late again)

The Hotel Pharmacy. A post card sent to Olga. (notice the dirt from the U.S mail. Always remember to wash your hands after viewing your mail.)

What a little wonderful place. Olga you are going to love to come shopping here.

From their site.

Vermont Hempicurean is dedicated to supporting hemp farmers and the products they produce. Our goal is to enlighten and engage people in the potential of hemp solutions for ourselves, and our shared planet. In doing so, we hope to facilitate a new market that allows rural farmers to prosper, and our communities to reap the benefits of hemp. Although our primary focus is on regional farms, we support all hemp producers. We have curated a collection of high quality items from CBD to fiber to food and hope you find the perfect product for your needs, and maybe find something new in the process. Keeping it “Simply Hemp”. We have gathered what we believe are some of the best hemp based products available, supporting local farmers and producers whenever we can. Check out all we have to offer and let us know what your favorites are. We are always interested in testimonials from our customers.

Brattleboro Church at Pedestrian Crossing.

Going Home I Never Thought Going Home Could Be Such A Chore. 

The train was a half hour late reaching Brattleboro. Something about water and leaves on the track. Water and leaves on the track? Well its been raining and leaves have been falling for thousands of years. Time to update the trains and tracks to accommodate this natural occurrence. I am not sure how one can get leaves off the tracks as I would think it would be like removing and then more leaves blow or fall landing on the track or wherever else they land. I can picture a team of men operating a handcar with a large leaf blower and wet vacuum attached to clear the tracks. The postage stamp size waiting room was full of people and a unisex bathroom from which all tinkling, grunting and other biological relief sounds could be head without much listening, (doesn’t anyone know any cleaver disguising sounds such as coughing and other cover tricks) Entertaining an overflowing waiting room full of pissed off people with the sounds of nature calling is not artistic to say the least. It was pouring rain outside so there was no escaping. At last the train came and everyone piled on walking through 5 cars to the business class trying not to fall as the train took off. Bessy Marie an Olga always prefer the Business Class section of the train even if their business is mostly monkey business. The trip was going along quite smoothly no loud over bearing white men trying to show off their non-intelligence by quoting from Google on the towns we were passing through. As usual on landing in Springfield Mass the game of musical track, changing from one to the other began and after 20 mins or so we were again on our way. Then it happened a few miles out of Springfield, the lights flickered and went out the train suddenly stopped. Over 10 mins later an announcement was made, that the engine had died. We sat there and sat there while the engineer tried to figure out what to do. (anyone have a procedure book).  One hour, two hours, three and at last an engine came to rescue us. The conductor told us that the engine was going to push the train to New Haven and then people going further would change trains. So it started to push, bumping along the tracks, making funny sounds and then it stopped again and started to go backwards, back to Springfield. We were all confused. Whose knows North from South in a dark raining night way out in the trees. Who knows up from down in such a situation. Where the heck are we, where are we going, we know where we came from. At last Hartford was announced and I badgered the cutest conductor to be sure to let me get out at the correct door with no delay. I should have been home at 3:30 and instead we got in Hartford at 6:40.  The photo is one I took out the back door of the train of the rescue engine coming to help us. Of course the conductor said, “This has never happened before.” “Well,” snorted Bessy Marie, “this train has a lay over in St. Albans all night, doesn’t anyone inspect the engine and the cars to be sure that it is running right?” It would have been delightful if we stopped on that rickety old wooden bridge and then another engine had to come along and rescue us? Would we have found ourselves in the raging stream below? In a gully among the ferns and leaves? Dangling from the bridge wishing to escape but nowhere to go? But down!

Now I’m no fool. I nearly came off that train without my full head of hair and looking for the nearest wig shop. The Silver Lining came the next day when Olga did some polite badgering on the phone with Amtrak and congratulations and thanks go to her for securing a good complimentary travel voucher. A $50.00 voucher good for one year for my next trip up North which will happened over the Thanksgiving weekend for a weekend of seeing, shopping, eating and having a fun filled weekend. Special thanks to Olga for support and for getting this issue resolved. “You know honey I wasn’t going to let them hang up until I said what I needed to say, to work it out of my system and let them no, Don’t fuck with Bessy Marie and Olga.

Yes Olga is no fool, our friendMelissa would be proud of her. Here is the information for anyone who is one day stuck on a train.

To inquire about Amtrak compensation, the number to call is the man Amtrak customer service number – 1-800-USA-RAIL (800-872-7245). Tell the reservationist who you speak to why you are calling, be sure to state you want to open a case. The reservationist will then direct your call to the Amtrak Customer Relations department.
When I spoke to someone I said, “I was on an Amtrak train the other day that was delayed for over 3 hours and would like to open up a case”. You’ll want to have the reservation number from your ticket, and be nice. The women who wrote out a full complaint and assured me when I asked that the problem will be looked into after saying that these trains should be inspected each night on the layover in either D.C or in St. Albans Vt. She agreed and said that Amtrak would be doing everything it could to assure the safety of the passengers.

So Olga and I will be returning over the Thanksgiving weekend. Bringing our modified Thanksgiving dinner in a cooler and renting a suite at the Latchis Hotel. Weekend after Thanksgiving shopping in a new place should be fun in a town that has so much to offer.


( 1 ) Building a Peaceable Community, Art Rat for Peace has this to say:

Namaya Art Rat for Peace will show works from his recent New Orleans retrospective show Building a Peaceable Community at the New Orleans’s Art Center. This exhibit includes work that celebrates Vermont in combination of word and art, and Peace & Human Rights Arts Namaya is an internationally known poet, performance & multimedia artist who has performed on tour on five continents as a storyteller, jazz poet, and with his band “the Jazz Beat Blues Poetry Ensemble.” Namaya is a multimedia artist, writer, and story teller whose work spans across the creative arc.
Author of books of poetry, memoirs, and CDs –Celebrate Life, Eros to Godhead; God.Sex.Politics., Vermont My Home, and the CD’s Green Mountain Radio Hour, Best of the Jazz Beat Blues Poetry ensemble: and the children’s CD – On the Island of Binga Bonga the war that never was. He is the author of – New Journal of the Plague: Living and working with AIDS and the Novella “Thirst”
He is a US Navy veteran, member of Veterans for Peace, and has focused his creative energies for peace and peacebuilding through art and performance around the world.
Peace Arts Projects- Namaya’s poetry and multimedia installations of 100 Flowers of Peace have been presented around the world garnering the “European Language Day Award for poetry.”
At you will see a number of the peace arts projects we have done around the world for example, MEMORIA. HABLAR.DIGNIDAD as a residency at Villa Grimaldi the Human Rights Center in Santiago, Chile; installation arts at Clearwater Festival; or the community building arts workshops in Algeria this past winter. The foundation of our work is – Art, word, performance, and community engagement. Namaya and Zoe have presented their workshops and discussions on Peace Arts and community development at Universities and schools around the world most recently University of Algiers, Catolica Universidad in Chile, and School for International Training.

( 2 )  The Founding of the Strolling of the Heifers. Our Mission and Story.

Strolling of the Hefiers, Strolling of the Heifers’ 10 reasons to consume more local foods:
1. Supports local farms: Buying local food keeps local farms healthy and creates local jobs at farms and in local food processing and distribution systems.

2. Boosts local economy: Food dollars spent at local farms and food producers stay in the local economy, creating more jobs at other local businesses.

3. Less travel: Local food travels much less distance to market than typical fresh or processed grocery store foods, therefore using less fuel and generating less greenhouse gases.

4. Less waste: Because of the shorter distribution chains for local foods, less food is wasted in distribution, warehousing and merchandising.

5. More freshness: Local food is fresher, healthier and tastes better, because it spends less time in transit from farm to plate, and therefore loses fewer nutrients and incurs less spoilage.

6. New and better flavors in each season: When you commit to buy more local food, you’ll discover interesting new foods, tasty new ways to prepare food, and a new appreciation of the pleasure of each season’s foods.

7. Good for the gene pool and the soil: Local food encourages diversification of local agriculture which preserves genetic diversity and reduces the reliance on monoculture — single crops grown over a wide area to the detriment of soils.
8. Attracts tourists: Local foods promote agritourism — farmers markets and opportunities to visit farms and local food producers help draw tourists to a region.

9. Preserves open space: Buying local food helps local farms survive and thrive, keeping land from being redeveloped into suburban sprawl.

10. Builds more connected communities: Local foods create more vibrant communities by connecting people with the farmers and food producers who bring them healthy local foods. As customers of CSAs and farmers markets have discovered, they are great places to meet and connect with friends as well as farmers!

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