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“I am not going to lie, you freak me out”..Lee Linvengood speaking to a Transgender student and a parent.

Everything about the looks of this JERK says brute. Fire his ass and fire him now. Change him with whatever one can charge him with, send him to a rehabilitation site as quickly as possible. He is a threat to our LGBT youth and a threat to society.

Read all about it here.

The superintendent of Harrison County Schools said it is his “early conclusion” that an assistant principal at a Clarksburg high school acted “inappropriately” and “was insensitive” in an encounter with a transgender student in a school bathroom late last month.
Harrison County Schools Superintendent Dr. Mark Manchin said county school administration will meet Tuesday with Liberty High School Assistant Principal Lee Livengood after the American Civil Liberties Union of West Virginia alleged in a letter that Livengood “cornered, harassed and intimidated (a transgender student) in a public boys’ bathroom.”
According to the letter, a student, who identifies as male, went into a boys’ restroom at the high school following the conclusion of classes and before a scheduled bus trip to Morgantown.

While the student was still using the facilities, Livengood entered and began to question the student on why he was using the restroom, the letter alleges.
The student responded that he was a boy and that the restroom was empty when he went in, according to the letter.
Livengood “challenged (the student) to ‘come out here and use the urinal’ if he was really a boy” and blocked the exit as he “continued to berate” the student loudly enough for classmates to hear from the hallway and cafeteria outside the restroom, the letter alleges.
When the student left the restroom, an adult parent was waiting outside and advocated for the student, the letter alleges.
Before the student left with the parent, Livengood told the student, “I’m not going to lie. You freak me out,” according to the letter.

“At the end of the day, all I want is to feel welcome and safe in my school,” the student said in a statement. “Mr. Livengood’s behavior in the bathroom that day was terrifying and no student deserves that kind of treatment. I’m telling my story so that high school doesn’t have to be a scary place for kids like me.”
The letter also alleges that some teachers have failed to address the student by his preferred pronouns and name.

“Meeting (the student) and his family, we quickly learned and determined that this would be a case that could provide a much-needed learning opportunity for schools in West Virginia,” said Loree Stark, legal director for ACLU of West Virginia and author of the letter.
The student said he has been misgendered and called by his birth name rather than his chosen name since he started going to school at Liberty, but the alleged bathroom incident was worst he had experienced.

“The worst thing I thought was going to happen to me using a male restroom was me getting beat up, not yelled at by an assistant principal for using the bathroom,” he said.
“I have a lot of questions why,” said the student’s mother. “This is someone who’s to provide safety and provide a safe place for my son, and not to belittle him, not to misgender him, not to degrade him, not to make him feel uncomfortable and create phobia in him, and not to talk to him that way and tell him the things he told him. … I’m just picturing my son in a situation with this man humiliating him, degrading him, misgendering him, harassing him. It just boggles my mind that someone could be that way. He works for the school system.”
He has experienced severe anxiety at school since the encounter, particularly when he has to use the restroom or sees Livengood.
The letter alleges that the family addressed the bathroom incident with school administration and a county assistant superintendent “within 24 hours following the event.”
Manchin said the incident was brought to his attention last week.

“I was made aware that there was an incident, so we investigated. It was brought to me,” he said. “People are entitled to due process, but my early conclusion is that one of our employees did act inappropriately and was insensitive, and he will be in (Tuesday) for further discussion.”
Manchin declined to outline what specific actions may be taken relating to the incident.

According to the letter, the student and his parents issued three recommendations to the school system to resolve the matter. They are as follows:
— Promulgate and implement best practice policies in the county school system for handling unique issues faced by LGBTQ+ students.
— Provide annual training for administrators, teachers and staff in Harrison County schools on how to appropriately handle LGBTQ+-specific issues.
— Enact appropriate and commensurate discipline of Livengood.
Manchin said all of the recommended measures “are on the table.”


A West Virginia assistant principal has been suspended after a complaint that he harassed a transgender male student inside a high school bathroom.

News outlets report Lee Livengood was suspended with pay after a meeting with Harrison County school administrators Tuesday. The suspension runs through the end of the semester on Friday, when the holiday break begins.

The American Civil Liberties Union’s West Virginia chapter called the four-day suspension “not sufficient.” In a statement, the ACLU says the county school district “needs to make significant changes to its culture.”

The ACLU had complained to county schools Superintendent Mark Manchin about Livengood. Student Michael Critchfield says Livengood harassed him for using a boys’ bathroom Nov. 27 and told him, “you freak me out.”
So the official has been given a paid four day vacation, this is not even a slap on the wrist. Instead he should be arrested for unlawful restraint, kidnapping, or sexual assault.

Bullshit on this. This is not even a tap on the finger. He must be loving a four day holiday with pay. So if anyone in West Virginia wants to stay home and get paid follow the lead of this asshole.

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